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June 2, 2009

How to Increase Tomcat’s Memory Allocation

If you are experiencing performance issues with Tomcat, a common cause is the lack of JVM (Java Virtual Machine) memory allocation. The default setting of the maximum heap size is 64MB or 128MB. You can increase the maximum heap size of applications by setting the -Xmx JVM parameter. For example, -Xmx512m allows maximum 512MB heap to […]

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May 15, 2009

How to Register a DLL File in Windows

Ever run into a Windows problem where you have to register a DLL file on your computer? A DLL file, aka Dynamic Link Library, are files that contain functions used across multiple applications. For example, Microsoft Office has hundreds of DLL files that can be used between the various Office programs to perform certain certain […]

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May 12, 2009

HTML Code to Wrap Text Around Image

Need the code to wrap text around an image? Normally when you create an HTML page, everything flows linearly, meaning one block directly after another. All of my previous posts are an example of this, i.e. text, then picture, then text, etc. Sometimes you may want to include text next to an image instead of […]

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