August 17, 2022

Fix Hulu Switch Profile Error in Windows 10

Fix Hulu Switch Profile Error in Windows 10

Hulu is a quickly growing subscription-based streaming service based in the United States. Disney is the parent company of Hulu; the platform provides users with many entertainment options. However, while using the service, many users come across Hulu switch profile errors. This is because Hulu offers its users to use the services with multiple profiles on Hulu. Sometimes, Hulu account profiles cause this error. However, you can fix these errors with various easy methods.

Fix Hulu Switch Profile Error in Windows 10

How to Fix Hulu Switch Profile Error in Windows 10

There can be multiple reasons for Hulu account profiles error; some possible reasons are mentioned below.

  • Log in/out issues can cause multiple profile errors
  • Cache memory and browser issues
  • Logging in from other devices can also cause issues during Hulu streaming
  • Unused active devices

The following guide will provide the methods to fix Hulu account profiles.

Method 1: Log Out and Log In to Your Hulu Account

The Hulu switch profile error can often be fixed by logging out and into your Hulu profile. You can follow these simple steps to log in and out of your Hulu account on your computer.

Step I: Log out of your Hulu account

1. Click over your name at the top-right corner of the Hulu window.

2. Click on Log out option.

Step II: Log in to Hulu account

1. Open the Hulu homepage.

Go to Hulu website on a browser

2. Click on the LOG IN button at the window’s top-right corner.

3. Enter your correct log-in credentials and click on LOG IN.

Enter your credentials. Fix Hulu Switch Profile Error

4. Select your profile and start streaming on Hulu.

Method 2: Use Incognito Mode

Most users who encounter Hulu account profile errors were able to fix the error by logging in to their Hulu account using the incognito mode of their web browser. You can follow the steps to use the incognito mode in your web browser.

1. Press the Windows key, type Google Chrome, then click on Open.

launch the Google Chrome app. Fix Hulu Switch Profile Error

2. Click on the Menu options button at the top-right corner.

Click on the Menu options button

3. Click on the New private window/new Incognito window.

Note: You can also open a new Private/Incognito Window using Ctrl + Shift + N keys simultaneously.

Click on the New private window new Incognito window. Fix Hulu Switch Profile Error

4. In the search bar of the private window, type

In the search bar of the private window type Hulu com

5. Log in to your Hulu account. Using the Private/Incognito window in most cases should resolve the issue.

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Method 3: Clear Browsing Data

Excessive browser Cache and conflicting Cookies can cause errors while loading webpages. This can also cause errors with users having multiple profiles on Hulu. However, it is easy to resolve these issues by simply clearing your browsing data. Clearing browsing data will also clear your browser’s Cache and Cookies memory. Follow the steps in the link given here to clear the cache files on the Google Chrome app.

Delete Google Chrome Cache. Fix Hulu Switch Profile Error

Method 4: Log Out From Other Devices

If you are operating Hulu services on different devices, you may often receive a Hulu switch profile error while logging in to your account. To avoid this error, you should log out from all the other devices you use to stream Hulu. Follow these steps to log out from all computers.

1. Visit the Hulu Log In page and enter your account credentials.

Enter your credentials

2. Go to Your Account menu.

3. Then, select the Protect Your Account option in the Privacy and Settings section.

4. Finally, click on Log Out Of All Computers to log out from all the browsers. 

Similarly, you should log out from all other devices too.

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Method 5: Disconnect Old Facebook Account from Hulu

When you log in to your Hulu account using a Facebook profile, ensure you have not previously logged in to Hulu using an old one; this causes conflict between two log-in profiles. If this is the case, you must log out from the old Facebook account to prevent the Hulu switch profile error.

Method 6: Remove Unnecessary Active Devices

If you have a lot of active devices on your Hulu account, then unnecessary devices that are no longer in use may cause Hulu account profile errors. If this is the problem with your Hulu account, then remove the unnecessary active devices from your Hulu account. You can follow the steps to remove devices from your Hulu account.

1. Open your Hulu account and navigate to the Your Account icon.

2. Navigate to the Watch Hulu on Your Devices section.

3. Click on the Manage Devices option associated with Watch Hulu on Your Devices section.

4. Click on Remove option for all the unnecessary devices you want to remove from your account.

hulu remove device

This is an effective fix for the multiple profiles on Hulu error; however, if you continue to receive hulu account profiles error, move on to the next method.

Method 7: Update Windows

Window’s time to time update can help fix many bugs and errors on your computer. Always ensure if you have updated your Windows Operating System and if any updates are pending in action, use our guide How to Download and Install Windows 10 Latest Update

This can help resolve the Hulu switch profile error.

Update Windows

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Method 8: Reinstall Hulu

Sometimes, the Hulu app may show you a Hulu account profile error due to installation errors. To avoid this, you can uninstall and reinstall the Hulu app on your device. Follow these steps to reinstall the Hulu desktop app from your computer.

1. Hit the Windows key, type apps and features, and click on Open

type apps and features and click on Open in Windows 10 search bar. Fix Hulu Switch Profile Error

2. Search for Hulu in Search this list field.

Search avast software from the list

3. Then, select Hulu and click on the Uninstall button shown highlighted.

click on Uninstall

4. Again, click on Uninstall to confirm.

5. Restart the PC after uninstalling the app.

6. Visit the Hulu Microsoft Store page.

7. Click on Get in Store app to open it in Microsoft Store and click on Install option.

Click on Get in Store app. Fix Hulu Switch Profile Error

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Method 9: Contact Hulu Support

If none of the methods works for you, you can try contacting the Hulu team for support. Address the issue to them and you can use the methods provided by the official team.

Hulu support page

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why can’t I stream Hulu?

Ans. There can be multiple reasons for you not being able to steam Hulu on your device. Some possible reasons include network connection issues, excessive Cache and Cookies memories, etc.

Q2. How to stream movies on Hulu?

Ans. You must have an active Hulu subscription to stream movies and shows on Hulu. Then, you can select a subscription package and watch movies and shows.

Q3. Can I use multiple profiles on Hulu?

Ans. Yes, you can use multiple Hulu profiles and stream Hulu on different devices.


We hope this guide was helpful and you were able to fix Hulu switch profile error on your system. Let us know which method worked for you. Also, if you have any comments and suggestions, please write them below.