November 30, 2022

How to Export MS Teams Conversation

Microsoft Teams is a great online platform for remote workers and businesses trying to access & monitor their employees. Since its release in 2017, it has become an important part of IT companies, especially during COVID times when most of the companies relied on such online applications to keep their businesses running. While MS Teams is a reliable tool for work, lately some people have been facing issues with the chat feature of the platform. This issue involves old chats being disappeared and if you have been facing the same problem where you want to know about MS Teams export conversation, then you have come to the right place. In today’s guide, we will cover details about how to save Teams chat as PDF and export Teams chat to PDF. So, let us begin with our thorough guide on how to export Teams chat history and know all about different methods to do so.

How to Export MS Teams Conversation

How to Export MS Teams Conversation

Here, we have explained about the ways to export MS Teams conversation in detail.

What is Export Teams Chat History?

  • Microsoft Teams’ Export APIs allows you to export 1:1, meeting chats, group chat, and channel messages from your MS Teams account.
  • You need to export the messages using Teams Export APIs if your organization needs to export them.
  • Export messages include individual chat messages within a channel or chat.
  • All MS Teams chats, channel information, and files are saved indefinitely by default on Teams.

How to do MS Teams Export Conversation

There are some easy and commonly opted methods that you can try to export your MS Teams chats. Other than that there is an officially dedicated method to export chats from this platform too that we will uncover in the upcoming methods:

Method 1: Copy Teams Messages

The easiest way to export Teams chat is by copying the chat history if it is not too long. You can paste the copied chat into a text editor like Notepad, WordPad, or Word. This method is perfect if you want to get a copy of the chat quickly. However, this method is not efficient if your chat history is long.

Method 2: Take Screenshots

Another easy way for MS Teams export conversation is by taking screenshots of your whole chat history. This method is easier than copy-pasting the chat. You can save the screenshots as .JPG or .PNG files once you are done taking screenshots.

Method 3: Use MS Teams Export Feature

You can simply choose to use the dedicated Export Page by Microsoft Teams which is highly used to export messages and media files. The only drawback of this method is that it is very time-consuming, other than that, it is a great official way to export conversations.

1. Launch the Export Page in your Microsoft Teams account.

2. Now, select Chat history on the Export my data page and click on Submit request button.

select Chat history on the Export my data page and click on Submit request button

3. Click on Continue to finish the process of exporting messages.

4. Now, under Available Exports, check the status of your export page.

under Available Exports, check the status of your export page. How to Export MS Teams Conversation

5. When your message files are ready, you will find a link on the screen, click on Download to get your chat history.

click on Download to get your chat history. How to Export MS Teams Conversation

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Method 4: Save Teams Chat as PDF

In case you want to immediately get hold of all chats and information without any need for processing you can try the print option. Until your file is available for download, Microsoft Teams takes time to complete the export of chat history. It is a reliable method that you can rely upon. On downloading the chat, message history is saved as a portable document file AKA PDF that can be accessed later. To perform this method, you don’t need any third-party application. Follow the step-by-step instructions to duplicate the conversion history below:

1. Launch Google Chrome on the browser of your choice on your PC.

2. Now, launch the web version of Microsoft Teams.

3. Next, Sign in using your email ID and password.

Sign in using your email ID and password

4. Then, click on a conversation to open the chat history that you want to export.

5. Scroll up to the conversation to load all the chats properly.

6. Next, press Ctrl + A keys together on your keyboard to select the messages in the chat.

7. Now, open the printing window by pressing Ctrl + P keys simultaneously.

8. Next, click on Save as PDF from the drop-down menu on the Destination option.

click on Save as PDF from the drop-down menu on the Destination option.

9. Finally, click on the Save button and select the destination folder to save the file.

click on the Save button and select the destination folder to save the file

Once the steps are performed and you are done with export Teams chat to PDF, you will be able to access the messages whenever you want. Hence, this is how you can save Teams chat as PDF.

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Method 5: Export Chat Through Google Chrome Extension

To save Teams chat as PDF is a great way to export conversation from MS Teams, however, you can also try another method that involves exporting a chat using the Google Chrome extension. Under this method, you can take a full-page screenshot and then further convert it into a PDF.

1. Visit the Chrome web store page.

Navigate to Chrome Webstore. How to Export MS Teams Conversation

2. Here, in the search bar enter GoFullPage and click on it.

Enter GoFullPage

3. Then, click on Add to Chrome.

Click on Add to Chrome. How to Export MS Teams Conversation

4. In the pop-up menu, click on Add extension.

5. Now, with the help of the camera icon at the top, you can take a screenshot by using Alt + Shift + P.

Using this method, you can save the full-page content in the form of an image on your device.

Method 6: Use Share to Outlook Feature

The next method that can help you with MS Teams export conversation involves using an Outlook account. To know more about how you can use Outlook to share chat history, check the steps given below:

1. Open MS Teams software on your PC.

2. Now, select the chat that you want to share and save.

3. Then, click on the three dots in the chat to open More options.

click on the three dots in the chat to open More options

4. Next, click on Share to Outlook from the list.

5. Finally, enter the email address with which you want to share the chat.

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Method 7: Use Exchange PowerShell

The last method to export Teams chat history involves using Exchange PowerShell. The Exchange Management Shell helps you to access your group mailbox by Office 365. To export your Teams messages using Exchange PowerShell, you can follow the steps below:

1. Launch Exchange PowerShell Command Prompt on your device.

2. Now, execute the given command in it.

Get-mailbox – groupmailboxname | get-mailbox statistics | select-object identity, itemsinfolder, foldersize

get mailbox statistics command in powershell

3. You can also execute the following command if you don’t have permissions to access the folder.

Get-mailbox – groupmailboxname | get-mailboxfolderpermission

get mailbox folder permission command in powershell

4. Now, you can access -conversationteamchat folder in the Teams mailbox in your Onedrive web application to access its contents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can I export the whole MS Teams chat?

Ans. You can only copy the whole conversation from a single chat, but MS Teams does not allow you to export whole chats from the platform due to security norms.

Q2. Where is chat history stored in Microsoft Teams?

Ans. Chat history in Microsoft Teams is stored in a secret file that is accessible by users who have access to their mailboxes. Also, Exchange PowerShell can send the chats to an Outlook account even if the files are not publicly accessible.

Q3. For how long MS Teams conversations are saved?

Ans. MS Teams conversations are saved indefinitely by default on the platform.

Q4. Do Teams messages get deleted?

Ans. Messages or conversations become eligible for automatic deletion if a retention policy is configured to delete chats.

Q5. Do chats or conversations in MS Teams get recorded?

Ans. Yes, meetings or calls in Teams can be recorded and can be checked in the future.


We hope that our doc on MS Teams export conversation was successful in guiding you well about different ways in which you can export multiple conversations from Teams to your device. If you have any other doubts or suggestions then please drop them below in the comments section.