April 23, 2024

How to Get Amazon Prime Discounts for Teachers

How to Get Amazon Prime Discounts for Teachers

Amazon Prime Discounts

Getting Amazon Prime discounts for Teachers is a great way to save money. Teachers often spend more money than they should on the supplies they need for their classrooms. Getting discounts for teachers will help eliminate those unnecessary costs. There are a few different ways to qualify for these discounts, and this article will go over each one of the ways you can get it and answer some of the questions you might have, like is there any Amazon Prime membership for teachers and what are Amazon Prime best teacher discounts.

Unfortunately, Amazon itself doesn’t currently offer a specific Prime discount for teachers. However, there are still ways educators can benefit from Amazon when it comes to saving money:

1. Amazon Business for Education:

This free program specifically caters to educational institutions. While not a direct teacher discount, it offers benefits that can translate to savings:

  • Business-only pricing: Schools and educational organizations can access potentially lower prices on a wide range of educational supplies, technology, furniture, and more.
  • Tax-exempt purchases: Eligible institutions can make tax-exempt purchases where applicable.
  • Simplified purchasing: Streamlined workflows for schools to manage purchases and approvals.

2. Teacher Discount Websites:

Several websites offer teacher discounts for various retailers, including Amazon. These websites typically require teachers to verify their employment status. Here are a couple of examples (be sure to search for reputable sites in your region):

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3. Prime Student:

While not specifically for teachers, students with a valid .edu email address can qualify for a Prime Student membership. This offers a free trial period, followed by a discounted monthly subscription rate compared to the regular Prime membership. Keep in mind student eligibility requirements may vary.

4. Utilize General Discounts and Sales:

  • Amazon Coupons: Amazon frequently offers coupons and promo codes for various products and categories. Keep an eye on their website or subscribe to their newsletter for updates.
  • Deal Sections: Amazon has dedicated sections for “Today’s Deals” and “Warehouse Deals” where you can find discounted products across various categories.
  • Prime Day and Other Sales Events: During Prime Day and other sales events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, be on the lookout for deals on products you need or want.

5. Explore Alternative Retailers:

  • Teacher Supply Stores: Teacher supply stores often have dedicated discounts and promotions for educators, especially on classroom materials and teaching resources.
  • Online Marketplaces: Consider other online retailers that might cater to teachers or offer competitive pricing on educational supplies.

Remember, while there’s no single “teacher discount” on Amazon Prime itself, exploring these options can help you save money on various Amazon purchases or find similar benefits through alternative channels.

How to Get Amazon Prime Discounts for Teachers

How to Get Amazon Prime Discounts for Teachers

You will get to know how to get Amazon Prime discounts for teachers further in this article. Keep reading to learn more about it in detail.

Can Teachers Use Amazon Prime Student?

Yes, teachers can use Amazon Prime Student as long as they have a mail with a .edu mail extension. Once the teacher signs up for the Amazon Prime Student program, the first six months are a free trial period. Amazon Prime allows us for faster shipping of our orders, stream movies, music, TV, and other prime services.

Is There Any Amazon Prime Membership for Teachers?

No, there is no Amazon Prime Membership for teachers. Amazon only provides discounts to those with Edu mail or pursuing a degree. Teachers with no education mail need to pay the full price of Amazon Prime Membership. Now a petition for Amazon Prime discount for teachers is running on change.org, so you could check that for getting discounts from Amazon as a teacher.

petition for Amazon Prime discount for teachers

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Is There Any Deals for Amazon Prime Teacher Day?

Yes, there are many deals for Amazon Prime Teacher day. Throughout this day, members can buy many kinds of product offers and deals. There will be discounts on classroom items for teachers.

How to Log In to Amazon Teacher Account?

Currently, Amazon doesn’t provide any discounts to teachers through Prime discounts.

Rather, they offer a program to educational organizations called Amazon Business. Through this, teachers can always order items on time. However, the login instructions are given by the educational institute to teachers. Here are the ways to sign in to Amazon business.

1. Visit the Amazon Business website.

2. Click on Sign in from the top right corner.

Click on Sign in at the top right corner | How to Get Amazon Prime Discounts for Teachers

3. Now, enter the account credentials provided by the institute to you via mail and click on Sign in.

enter the details provided by the institute to you via mail and click on Sign in

How to Get Amazon for Teachers?

Currently, Amazon doesn’t provide discounts on Prime membership for teachers. However, if you have a .edu mail address, you can get a discount. Here are the steps to get Amazon Prime for teachers with .edu mail address.

1. Navigate to the Amazon Prime Student page in your browser.

2. Now, click on the TRY PRIME STUDENT option.

click on the TRY PRIME STUDENT button

3. Enter your login credentials and click on Sign in to get into your Amazon account.

Note: If you don’t have one, create an Amazon account.

Enter your login credentials and click on Sign in to log in to your Amazon account | How to Get Amazon Prime Discounts for Teachers

4. Enter the email with .edu and graduation year.

5. Verify your registration by clicking on the verification link sent to your .edu email.

6. Enter personal details and payment info.

Now, you have got your Amazon Prime membership at a discounted price.

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How to Get Amazon Prime Discounts for Teachers?

Amazon Prime doesn’t offer discounts to teachers directly. They need a .edu email address to get Amazon Prime for students through the steps mentioned above in the article. Or, they must be enrolled in an institution where they use Amazon business through which they can get the things they require in a timely manner. This would have clarified your doubts about Amazon Prime discounts for teachers.

How to Get Amazon Prime Education Discount?

You can follow the steps mentioned above to get an Amazon Prime Education discount. Amazon doesn’t offer prime membership discounts to teachers. They are only available to students or someone with a .edu email address. You can get Amazon Prime discounts by following the steps mentioned earlier in the article.

What are Some Amazon Prime Best Teacher Discounts?

Amazon is very serious regarding education, and they provide all the helps that they can provide to students and teachers. Some of the Amazon Prime best teacher discounts are listed below:

  • Discounts on educational e-books
  • AWS Educate: It helps teachers make their students know about cloud services and helps them learn about AWS, the most famous cloud service provider.
  • Education Publishing: It helps teachers publish their books, e-books, and audiobooks directly to their students. They will have complete control over the product that you have finished.
  • Amazon Inspire: It is a great platform for teachers to collaborate and share valuable resources. Also, it is the right place for thousands of students and teachers to develop their knowledge.

Along with all these, there are discounts on products that can be availed through Amazon Prime membership.


So, we hope you have understood how to get Amazon Prime discounts for teachers with the detailed steps to your aid. You can let us know any queries or suggestions about any other topic you want us to make an article on. Drop them in the comments section below for us to know.