November 29, 2022

How to Get YouTube Music Premium for Free

YouTube launched music premium which involves a paid subscription payment to be made by the user. The premium offers provide an Ad-free music listening experience, background music options, and you can listen to music even when the phone is locked. You can also save music you always listen to in the offline mode. If you are wondering how to get YouTube music premium for free, you are at the right place. Keep reading to get a YouTube premium account free, Let’s get started to know about YouTube premium 3 month trial.

How to Get YouTube Music Premium for Free

How to Get YouTube Music Premium for Free

Below listed are some of the methods which will help you to get YouTube music premium for free.

Note: Every smartphone is different since each of the UI is different, always ensure you are inputting the correct settings before making any changes to your device. The Android smartphone used for certain methods is – Moto g(8) Power Lite – Stock Android 10.

Method 1: Download and Install MOD Apk (Not Recommended)

Various sites offer MOD APK downloads that claim to be unlocked and offer full premium features for free. Beware of these MOD APKs as some of them are prone to be a scam.

Method 2: Opt for YouTube Music Trial

If you are a new subscriber to YouTube music, you may be eligible for a trial YouTube music and get YouTube music premium for free.

1. Open the YouTube app on your Android smartphone from the Home Screen.

open youtube from the homescreen

2. Tap on the Profile Picture to access YouTube options.

tap on the profile picture. How to Get YouTube Music Premium for Free

3. Now, tap on Get YouTube Premium.

tap on get youtube premium

4. Tap on try it free. This option requires you to add payment details, and you won’t be charged until the expiration of the trial period.

tap try it for free. How to Get YouTube Music Premium for Free

Your trial YouTube premium will be activated you can also see different plans and determine which plan fits you the best.

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Benefits of YouTube Music Trial

The benefits of this membership are the same as opting in for YouTube premium content as you get all the features from YouTube premium. Ad-free music, background listening to music, saving music, and also listening to music offline are available. You can continue using YouTube music premium until the trial period, you may need to cancel the trial subscription before the date of expiry, or you might be charged for a subscription.

Trial Eligibility Criteria

Go through the points listed below to know about the eligibility criteria of YouTube premium, also know about YouTube premium 3 month trial.

  • When signing up for YouTube music for the first time, you get a trial subscription.
  • So, YouTube 1 month trial is available for first-time premium users, sometimes YouTube premium 3 month trial is also available depending upon the region of the individual.
  • During sign-up, you may be asked for a payment method to be saved on your account.
  • An initial Authorization charge is placed to ensure the payment method is genuine.
  • The Authorization charge is not processed and will disappear within 14 days.
  • There is also a YouTube premium free trial 6 months present as an offer, this trial is an extended trial period offered by youtube.
  • This trial is also offered to first-time users on special occasions.
  • YouTube 1 month trial period is only allowed per 12-month period of time.
  • Extended trials are allowed only once per 3 years.
  • Sometimes, users say they are not eligible for the said premium pack. You can check for eligibility for YouTube premium on your respective devices.

How to Check for Trial Eligibility

Here are the steps to check for the trial eligibility.

Option I: On Android and iOS

1. Open the YouTube app from the Home Screen.

open youtube from the homescreen. How to Get YouTube Music Premium for Free

2. Tap on your Profile Picture.

tap on your profile picture

3. Now, tap on Purchases and memberships.

tap on purchases and memberships. How to Get YouTube Music Premium for Free

4. Under the Offers from YouTube, you can view all the eligible offers.

youtube premium offers

Option II: On Computer

1. Sign in to your YouTube account.

2. Visit YouTube paid memberships page, under the Offers from Youtube, you can check your eligibility.

under the Offers from Youtube, you can check your eligibility

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Method 3: Through Flipkart Plus Super Coins

If you are a Flipkart Plus member, you can claim YouTube music premium for free easily as it will only cost you 150 Flipkart plus super coins. Super coins are earned by buying items from Flipkart. If you are a member, you might have not noticed the super coins that are accumulated while buying items, but they can be used to redeem youtube music premium for free.

1. Open the Flipkart app from the Home Screen.

Note: You need to be logged in as Flipkart plus member for this method to work.

Open the Flipkart app from the Homescreen. How to Get YouTube Music Premium for Free

2. Go to the Categories tab and under More on Flipkart tap on Plus zone on the app.

tap on Plus Zone

3. Now, see for Claim exclusive reward, you may find youtube premium reward which is present under the Exclusive reward side.

4. This will cost you 150 SuperCoins, you can choose the offer by redeeming it.

5. Now, go to the YouTube Premium subscription redemption page. Here you will be asked for a voucher code. Enter the code you received from Flipkart and tap on Next.

YouTube redeem your code page

6. The redemption code activates the YouTube free-trial extended pack.

7. After clicking Next, click Get YouTube Premium to activate the pack.

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Method 4: Use YouTube Vanced App

You can use an external app for gaining access to youtube music premium for free

1. First, download the Vanced MicroG app.

Note: You need to install the Vanced MicroG app first before proceeding any step further.

2. Click on Download Vanced MicroG (11 MB) button to download the app.

click download vanced microg

3. After downloading the Vanced MicroG app, install it on your device.

4. Now, download the latest Vanced app manager and install it on your device.

5. Click on the Vanced Manager download button to download the Vanced Manager.

click on Vanced manager download button. How to Get YouTube Music Premium for Free

6. Now, Open the Vanced Manager App on your Android phone.

7. Download and install YouTube Vanced and YouTube Music Vanced from the Vanced Manager App itself by clicking on the Download icon.

tap on download icon to download the youtube vanced

8. After downloading, you can launch YouTube Music Vanced or YouTube Vanced by clicking on the arrow icon.

tap the arrow icon to launch youtube vanced. How to Get YouTube Music Premium for Free

Note: YouTube Vanced is YouTube with Premium features, and YouTube Music Vanced is YouTube Music with premium features.

9. Finally, sign in with your account by clicking on Sign in.

Tap on Sign in

You can now enjoy the features of YouTube music premium for free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can I receive Youtube Premium for Free?

Ans. Youtube provides free trial packs for first-time users, the duration of the trial depends from person to person, read our article to know more.

Q2. How much does a Youtube Music Premium Cost?

Ans. YouTube music premium costs 9.99$ and 4.99$ for students, both monthly. The family music plan costs $14.99 monthly. The price for a year is $99.99.

Q3. Can two people use the Youtube Premium account?

Ans. YouTube Premium with a family premium plan will let more than one individual access YouTube premium on the same account.


We hope the above article on how to get YouTube Music Premium for free was helpful to you and you were able to get YouTube music premium for free. Let us know which method worked for you and if you were able to get YouTube premium 3 month trial or not. And don’t forget to drop a comment about any queries or suggestions.