April 17, 2024

Twitter Can Now Default to Following Timeline


Twitter can now default to Following timeline on iOS and Windows, as announced on 6th Feb 2023. Last month Twitter announced the alterations it had made to its default timeline, thereby leaving its users startled. With the introduction of For You and Following tabs in their timeline interface, users would no longer have to set their teeth on edge about losing track of tweets once they shut their browsers, or close the website window.

Twitter Can Now Default to Following Timeline

That being said, Twitter has now finally rolled out the update for users on their iOS and Android app, can set the Following timeline as their default Window as well. That means, the last timeline whether the algorithmic For You tab or the reverse chronological Following one selected by the user earlier before he or she closed the app will now be remembered and be shown by the app when the user once again launches it. The system to select the timeline has been upgraded by the company now, as expected and wanted by the majority of its users.

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A tweet from the Twitter Support team reading, “iOS and Android coming soon“, resulted in a sigh of relief among its app users on smartphones who will now be able to access the convenience of this feature on their phones as well.

Twitter website can now default the Following timeline

After months of hearsay going around the platform under different news headlines, this move would be appreciated. After lots of backfire and resistance to their previous move to switching back to only the chronological timeline, finally, the company now has decided to show both the algorithmic and chronological timeline on their homepage, leaving it to users what they opened last, as confirmed in this tweet.

Twitter can now default the Following timeline

Additionally, the pinned lists would show up along the top bar. However, users would not be able to set them as default. If a user was active on the For You page, before shutting the application, Twitter’s algorithm would remember and set the tab as the default homepage. Similarly, when the Following timeline tab was being accessed earlier, that would be set as default and when the user returns back, it would find the same launched already.

Earlier, with the star icon on the app, one was able to set a default but later that was disabled by the developers and switched to a swipe model of choosing a timeline, but Twitter can now default the Following timeline on their app for iOS and Android as the feature is back again.

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