December 12, 2022

Why does Netspend Need My SSN?

Netspend is an American financial company that offers financial services like cards and banking solutions to its users all over the United States through offline and online mediums. Netspend is not an actual bank, but the debit and credit cards provided by Netspend are issued by The Bancorp Bank, Axos Bank, and Pathward. And only the residents of the US or US citizens can avail of these services. As these cards are Visa and Mastercards, you can use them anywhere in the world. Several people are new to Netspend and are looking for a guide to activate a Netspend card without SSN and with SSN. But is SSN really important in activating a card, and Netspend require Social Security number? And if it doesn’t, why does Netspend need my SSN, and how do the Netspend services work? This article will help you to resolve all these queries. Stay tuned until the end to find out!

Why does Netspend Need My SSN?

Why does Netspend Need My SSN?

Activating a Netspend card can be done online by visiting the official website of Netspend. And if you don’t have a Netspend card, you can easily purchase them online from the website or by visiting the nearest Netspend center. Using the Netspend service, like their mobile app, you can manage all your banking finances and transactions in just one place without any extra charges. The Netspend mobile app is available for both Android and iOS devices. You will get to know why does Netspend need my SSN further in this article. Keep reading to learn more about it in detail.

Is Netspend Safe to Use?

Yes, Netspend is safe to use. Netspend safeguards all their user information and provides a secure environment for their users while accessing their accounts online. Only registered Netspend users can access their accounts online. If you have not registered yet, you must. The Netspend account is manageable from the website and makes it more convenient for users to avail of the services from their homes. As many users use the Netspend online service, their information and data need to be secured, and with Netspend, it is. All the user data and their online transactions are encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) so that users don’t need to worry about security.

Is Netspend Legit?

Yes, Netspend is completely legit and safe. Since 1999, Netspend has been running its services and is the leading provider of prepaid debit Mastercards and Visa cards in the United States. Netspend services are availed by more than 10 million users around the United States. And this proves their legitimacy and that they are not a scam. All the services are offered online, which makes it much easier for users to manage their accounts from their homes. To manage your Netspend account and cards, you can use either the Netspend mobile app or their official website.

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Can Netspend be Trusted?

Yes, Netspend can be completely trusted. Netspend has been running its services since 1999 and has over 10 million users across the United States, and this proves its legitimacy. All the online banking services done on Netspend are protected by SSL, which is a security protection layer that encrypts the data from cyberattacks and keeps the data of the users safe from hackers. Netspend doesn’t hide any charges while availing of its cards, and if there are any charges, they will let you know about it. If you are someone who wants to avail of Netspend cards, you can surely do that, as it is completely trusted and secured.

Is Netspend Safe for Social Security Number?

Yes, Netspend is safe for Social Security numbers. Social Security number is an acronym for SSN, which is required while activating a Netspend card online. As Netspend uses SSNs to encrypt their user’s data, their social security number is also kept secure. Netspend sends reports to credit bureaus that require your SSN. So, only credit bureaus have access to your SSN for preparing the credit reports. Now you know if is Netspend safe for Social Security numbers.

Does Netspend Require Social Security Number?

Yes, Netspend requires social security number. The Social Security number is essential information that is required for taxation and other banking services. The SSN is assigned to those who live in the United States and those who are here for work and are temporary citizens. A Social Security Number is required for activating a Netspend card online. Using your SSN Netspend can generate your Credit reports. Now you know why does Netspend need my SSN.

What is Netspend Direct Deposit Time?

Netspend direct deposit time is two days earlier than your actual payday. Suppose your payday is on the fourth of every month. But if you have signed up for Netspend direct deposit, you will get your paycheck amount directly to your bank two days before your actual pay date. Direct deposit saves your time, and if you have any bills to pay, which are at the beginning of every month, you can pay them too.

Why does Netspend Need My SSN?

The reason why does Netspend need my SSN is pretty clear. Netspend only needs your SSN to set up your online account and to activate your Netspend debit and credit cards. Netspend takes care of your personal information and makes sure that no one can get their hands on their user’s personal information. To generate your credit report, Netspend sends your SSN to the credit bureaus. Other than that, Netspend keeps your SSN secured and protected.

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How to Activate a Netspend Card without SSN?

To know how to activate a Netspend card without SSN, you can follow these steps:

1. Visit the Netspend Activate your card page on your browser.

Open the browser on your device and visit Activate your card Netspend.

2. Enter your card number and a security code and click on the CONTINUE option.

Enter your card number and a security code and click on the Continue button.

3. Enter your email, username, password, select a security question and enter its answer and click on the CONTINUE option.

4. Enter your first name, last name, address, postal code, and date of birth in the respective fields.

5.  In the SSN field, enter either 0’s or 1’s and agree to all the conditions.

6. Click on the CONTINUE option to activate your card.

How does Netspend Verify Your Identity?

To verify your identity on Netspend, you should first follow the steps mentioned above. When you enter all your personal information, like your address, SSN, and other data, Netspend will verify your identity immediately from their database. It is how does Netspend verify your identity.


We hope that this article has helped you in knowing why does Netspend need my SSN and how to activate a Netspend card without SSN. You can let us know any queries or suggestions about any other topic you want us to make an article on. Drop them in the comments section below for us to know.