April 14, 2020

How to Delete Messages on Tinder

How to Delete Messages on Tinder

You don’t have to be a long time Tinder user to have some messages or entire conversations that you’d like deleted and forever forgotten. However, it’s not extremely easy to delete messages in Tinder, but we’re here to lend you a helping hand tell you how to do it.

We’re now spending more and more time indoors and away from each other, but social interaction is still high and this can result in some conversations – or at least messages that you might want deleted. Who knows who will get their hands on your phone and especially Tinder account, so it’s best to delete the messages you no longer want to have saved for eternity.

And if you are going on a Spring cleaning spell and you have more apps where you want to delete old or horrible (or both) conversations, we’ve also written a guide on how to delete messages on Facebook Messenger.

Now back to today’s topic: how to delete messages or conversations on Tinder?

As I told you, it’s not an easy thing to achieve and unfortunately Tinder doesn’t allow you to delete individual messages in a conversation, no matter what. This makes sense, as you have to learn to live with your mistakes (wink-wink).

However, you do have the option to delete entire conversations and that is a lot easier to be done. It’s a bit drastic, as you will see, but extremely easy to do and sometimes exactly what you need to literally start afresh.

So, in order to delete an entire conversation in Tinder, all that you have to do is to simply go to the conversation you want to delete and tap the menu button in the upper right corner.

There, you will have the option to Unmatch the user. As soon as you do so, you will obviously no longer be a match with them and the entire conversation will be deleted.

The good news is that the conversation will be deleted on their device as well, so if you said something, sent something or did something you now wish you hadn’t, you can make it magically disappear and hope that the other person didn’t make any copies!

There are voices that claim that Tinder stores these messages on their servers for legal reasons, but they do not access them or read them or check them out or anything like this. So by unmatching somebody, you will delete that conversation completely and neither you, nor your partner will ever have access to it.

As I was saying earlier, it’s a bit of a drastic move and it’s permanent. Even if you match the same person again in the future, you will start over. All the previous conversations will be gone, so there is absolutely no way for you to get the deleted messages on Tinder back.

However, chances are that if you want to delete some messages from a conversation, you no longer want to be a match with that person, so hopefully it’s not that much of a big deal. It’s the only way to do it at the moment, though, without deleting your account.

Because you also have this option: if you completely delete your Tinder account (so not just uninstall the Tinder app, but delete your entire account), all the stored conversations and matches will be lost and even if you create a new one, you will start from scratch.

This is even more drastic than the previous method and this DOES NOT delete the conversations on your matches devices! So just hitting that uninstall button or cancelling your Tinder account will still not save you – deleting conversations will!

And this is it! You know now how to delete messages – or, better said, how to delete entire conversations on Tinder and get rid of the things you said or did and never want to be reminded about. Pretty easy, after all!

Now only if Tinder could somehow work a bit of magic and let us delete individual messages… that would be even better but at the same time that might make us even less careful in the future… so we’re going to play with what we have. Happy swiping and matching!

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