January 12, 2023

How to Install Same App Twice Without Parallel Space

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You might need to download the same app twice if you are an Android user. However, is there an app to do it? Yes, there was a famous Chinese app, Parallel Space, but now it is unavailable for download. In this article, we will share with you how to install the same app twice without Parallel

Space. If Parallel Space isn’t available in your country for security reasons, then you can install other apps, which we will share in this article. However, if your question is, how do I install the same app twice, then read this article till the end, and I will share with you a detailed method. But first, let’s answer an important question, can I download the same app twice on Android?


How to Install the Same App Twice Without Parallel Space

In this article, you will get to know the different ways to install the same app twice without using the Parallel Space app.

Can I Download the Same App Twice on Android Without Using Parallel Space?

Yes, there is no doubt left that we can’t use twice apps in our Android without using parallel space. You can install as many apps twice according to your phone memory and use them simultaneously without any parallel space, for example, the Facebook app. You can use two Facebook apps on your Android and can use them in various ways, like one for personal use and the second app for business use, etc. It’s possible to have two apps in one smartphone android, and here the doubt is cleared of question can I download the same app twice on Android?

Before, it was only feasible for users who used Android phones and were rooted, but many people didn’t like to root their phones because of their personal information or data. As per the growing demand, the issue was resolved, and people can use two apps in one phone without getting their androids rooted.

And here, we will discuss How to install the same app twice without parallel space.

How Do I Install the Same App Twice Using In-built Features

A few manufacturers of Android phones have begun to include the capability of creating a second duplicate of the app on your phones. All the leading phone companies- Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and many other brands- have the App cloning feature built into the very systems of the latest smartphones. So, you can copy apps on your device without using or installing any third-party apps.

Method 1: Use App Cloning Feature

Android Smartphone generally offers a built-in feature to clone the installed apps. If your device also has this feature then, you can follow the given steps to install the same app twice on your phone.

Option I: On Samsung Phone

1. Open Settings on your phone.


2. Select the Advanced features option displayed on your screen.

3. On the Advanced Features Menu choose the Dual Messenger option.


4. Select the App you want to copy twice on your Android.

Next: Here, we have chosen Telegram.


5. Click on the Install option.


Your App has been successfully Cloned on your Android.

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Option II: On Oppo Phone

Note: These same steps are applicable to Oneplus.

1. Tap on the Settings of your phone.

2. Tap on the Apps option.


3. Select the App cloner option.


4. Select the App you want to copy on your Android.

Note: Here, we have selected Messenger


6. Toggle on the Create app clone.


Your App has been successfully installed twice on your Android.


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Method 2: Use Guest Profile

If you do not own an oppo smartphone, then there is a trick that you can use.

Note: Since smartphones don’t have the same Settings options, and they vary from manufacturer to manufacturer hence, ensure the correct settings before changing any. The following methods were tried on the Motorola handset with Android 13.

Android users can use a guest profile to solve their problem of not being able to use two apps on one device. Please follow the steps below to know more.

1. Open Settings on your smartphone.

2. Scroll down and locate System.


3. Now, tap on the Multiple user’s option.


4. You’ll see your name; below that, there will be Add guest option.

Note: You can also create a new user by tapping Add user.


5. Now, click on Switch to Guest.


By following the steps now will get a completely fresh device. Now you can download the apps you want to copy from the Google Play Store. And don’t worry; you can easily switch to your previous profile from multiple user settings.

This is the ultimate option that solves your problem. It doesn’t matter if you own an oppo phone or not. Also, you don’t need to install any external apps. That’s why we highly recommend you use this method.

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Method 3: Use Third-party Apps

To install the same app twice, smartphone brands already have a developed built-in feature presently that can install the same app twice. However, technically, one cannot install the same app twice, one after another, directly from the device’s Google Play Store or proprietary app store. Nevertheless, they can replicate the same app into two and use it as two different heads with different credentials.

Do not panic if you cannot find a feature like this on your phone. We are here to help you solve your queries on how to install the same app twice. Here are some apps you can use other than Parallel Space to get your work done hassle-free.

1. Parallel App

Parallel App is one of the most popular apps for this functionality in Google Play Store. After installing it, the user cannot just clone the social media app but legit any app on the phone. It brings all the clone apps under one roof, making the experience better with no clusters.


2. Clone App

Clone App also performs smoothly to replicate applications on your device for you while keeping them inside the app. The user can directly access the clone from inside the Clone App.


3. 2Accounts Dual Apps Space

This 2Accounts Dual Apps Space app is similar to the Parallel App. However, a premium app service is available that allows the user to lock the replicates of their apps for security and privacy reasons. The only downside is the autogenerated ads, which would not trouble the paid service.


4. Multiple Accounts: Dual Space

This Multiple Accounts: Dual Space app also has a paid feature for privacy and security. Even the free version can smoothly do the job.


5. Super Clone: Multiple Accounts

With the latest fixes and support for Android 12, Super Clone: Multiple Accounts app is super useful for anyone looking to clone and have dual applications on its device.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How to know if the feature of copying apps is available on your android phones?

Ans. As it is a relatively new function that is only accessible on the newest Android phones, the feature might or might not be available on your android phones. All you have to do is go to the settings menu on your phone, then look under the applications management area for the cloning feature.

Q2. Are third-party apps for cloning safe to install?

Ans. Yes, Most cloning applications may be installed without danger, inflict no actual damage to your phone, and do not compromise its security. But be careful while selecting which program to install. Install the app on your devices after reading the reviews and considering if it has helped other users or just crashed (many people claim that the abundance of advertising hampers the app’s functioning).

Q3. Can I install same app twice without Parallel Space?

Ans. Yes, you can install the same app twice on your device without using Parallel Space, but it is not the only one you can use. There are many other cloning apps that you can use to copy apps on your device. Besides that, many of the latest smartphone companies are integrating the cloning feature on their latest launches.


The availability of alternatives has made it simpler and faster to duplicate an Android app. You could already have this function on your phone, or you might need to add it by downloading a cloning program. Whatever the case, it doesn’t take much work or time to copy the program. We hope that this guide was helpful and to know how to install same app twice without Parallel Space issue. Let us know which method worked best for you. If you have any queries or suggestions, then feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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