December 5, 2022

How to Link Trello Cards Across Boards

Trello, a project management tool based on Kanban, uses cards and lists to group complicated tasks into a logical sequence. Trello is a collaborative application that divides your projects into boards. It gives you a quick overview of what is being worked on, who is working on it, and where it is in the process. Trello is a well-liked, straightforward, and user-friendly collaboration application that enables you to arrange projects and everything associated with them into boards. Additionally, you can also link Trello cards across boards. How many Trello boards and cards do you belong to? The response is a lot for many of you! Maintaining all of your boards can become extremely difficult when you work on numerous projects or with numerous teams. You can also have your Trello link card to another card, so you can find yourself switching between boards frequently and perhaps forgetting which board contains which card. Here, we’ll go over a few methods on how you can link Trello cards across boards.

How to Link Trello Cards Across Boards

How to Link Trello Cards Across Boards

Continue reading the article to know how to link cards between boards in Trello.

Features of Trello Cards

Trello is a visual solution that equips your team to manage any project, workflow, or task tracking.

  • Through the use of card covers and colors, Trello boards and cards can be made even more aesthetically pleasing. You can configure the front cover display on your Trello cards using either your own photos or images from the Unsplash Gallery. Simply select Cover from the menu that appears on the card back to determine whether you want the attachment to appear above the card name, as it did in the past.
  • Trello is a visually appealing and well-organized way to handle projects and tasks, but occasionally your project boards may become crowded with too many cards. Advanced Checklists enable you to clearly map out these moving pieces when you wish to dive into the specifics of a task or have numerous due dates and parties involved in carrying out the said activity.
  • Butler is the one Trello feature that will genuinely alter the way you work. You can reduce repetitive work by setting up automation, rules, and instructions on your Trello boards using Butler.
  • Your eyes might still feel the strain of your work when you’re operating at your highest level of productivity. The Trello app for iOS and Android has a dark mode feature that you may enable.
  • Although productivity and effective collaboration are ongoing projects, you may position yourself to work effectively from anywhere in the world with some time and effort. Trello is packed with useful tools that can help you do more with less effort.

Steps to Link Trello Cards Across Boards

Follow the given steps.

1. Open the right-hand menu on the WIP board, click More, and then paste the URL in link to this board.

2. Create a new list called Move to WIP and paste the URL as a new card on the Ideas board.

Note: A special card that links to the WIP board is available. Trello automatically generates a thumbnail image of the board, making it very easy to find and attractive to look at.

3. To keep both boards connected, copy the board link for the ideas board and put it into a new list on WIP to keep both boards connected. The board linkages make switching between the two Trello boards simple.

It’s simple to connect Trello link Cards between boards. It’s not difficult or confusing to manage several Trello boards. You may set up and maintain a network of connected boards using these techniques. You can connect Trello with your email as well. After that, you can respond to emails from within your Trello board. You become more productive and save time as a result.

Steps to Connect Cards on Trello

Cards in Trello can be used to organize ideas, projects, queries, and other forms of data on your board. There may be cards that relate to or have a similar purpose to other cards while working on a project.

Option I: On Mobile

1. Open Trello and log in to your account from your home screen or app drawer.

login to Trello app

2. Approach the board you want to control and take a look at one of its cards.

3. In the Quick Actions section, select Add attachments.

4. Then, Choose Trello from the menu that opens.

5. Now, type the name of the card you wish to attach and choose it from the list of results.

On your Trello board, that is how you can connect your cards. When you open the card, you will discover all the associated cards in the Attachments area.

Option II: On Desktop

1. Open the Trello web app on your browser and log in to your account.

Trello login page. How to Link Trello Cards Across Boards

2. Navigate to the boards and choose the card that you want to edit.

3. Under the Add to card section on the right side of the card click on Attachment.

4. Then, Choose Trello from the menu that opens.

5. Now, type the name of the card you wish to attach and choose it from the list of results.

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How to Link Card to Another Card in Trello

Trello has a card type known as Trello link cards. When a URL is included in a card’s title, they are automatically generated. A Link card is produced by adding a URL from a compatible service to the card’s title. If your account supports Link cards, it will instantly transform into a Link card and offer a thoughtful preview of the material. Trello Link cards are only available when an Atlassian account is connected to your Trello account.

Authorization for a linked card

You must sign in to the service you are linking to in order to view any content that isn’t accessible to the general public.

1. Put the URL in the card’s title.

2. Now, click on Connect.

3. Finally, you’ll see a window for logging in. To grant access, click Allow.

How to Archive Link Cards

link cards behave exactly like regular cards and can be unarchived through the Board menu. In order to archive a Link card.

1. For the quick menu to appear, right-click the link card.

2. Now, select Archive card.

How to Convert a Link card to a Regular Card

Links are placeholders that let you access content from other websites right on your board. Instead, you are more than welcome to use a typical Trello card.

1. To access the quick menu, right-click the Link card.

2. Select convert to Regular Card.

How to preview link cards

The majority of the time, clicking a Link card will direct you away from Trello and to the related material. A button with the label Preview may be included on the face of several Link cards kinds. Without leaving Trello, click that button to see a bigger glimpse of that material.

Sometimes the simplest instrument is the best. Trello resembles a virtual bulletin board. You can also link Trello link card to another. It’s free and simple to use. You can definitely give it a try if you’re managing several projects and searching for a method to be more organized.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can Trello boards be linked to one another?

Ans. Yes, links between Trello boards are possible.

Q2. How do you transfer cards to boards?

Ans. Simply put the card or board’s name in the search field at the top of the page and press enter to link to it in Trello.

Q3. In Trello, how do I connect two cards?

Ans. In Trello, you can connect cards by dragging them close to one another.

Q4. On Trello, what does Butler do?

Ans. Butler creates boards, lists, and cards to assist teams in managing and tracking tasks. Furthermore, it has capabilities for cooperation and chat.

Q5. In Trello, where do archived cards go?

Ans. Cards that have been archived are listed on the Archived board in the “Completed” column.

Q6. Can cards be synced in Trello?

Ans. In Trello, you may sync cards. Open Trello and select the card you want to sync to get started. Then, click the three lines in the card’s lower left corner. The Sync Settings dialogue box will appear as a result. Select the cards from your account that you want to sync in the Sync Settings dialogue box, and then click OK.

Q7. Can you move cards between boards in Trello?

Ans. Yes, you can move cards between boards in Trello. Wherever you wish to move the card, open the board. Move from Board can be chosen by clicking the card you want to move. Click OK after choosing the board on which the card should be moved.

Q8. On Trello, how can I share a card?

Ans. On Trello, dragging and dropping a card into a chat window is the simplest way to share it.

Q9. On Trello, how do I merge boards?

Ans. In Trello, select the boards you want to combine by going to the Boards area of your account. Click the Merge Boards button after that.

Q10. Can Trello be used offline?

Ans. Yes, it can be used offline too.


Trello is effective because of its flexibility and simplicity. It can act as a place to keep track of ideas, a to-do list, or a workflow you create. It’s possible that you have to link Trello cards between boards for various purposes and use them for everything mentioned above if you manage numerous Trello boards. To be a board, card, remark, or action in Trello, you may quickly retrieve and share a link. We sincerely hope that this article was useful in some manner and that you now understand how to link Trello cards across boards. Please use the comment area below to contact us with any questions or suggestions you may have.