April 23, 2022

Top 9 Best Free Unlimited VPN for Android


Free Unlimited VPN for Android

While we normally use a VPN to protect our data and information on our PCs, it’s as important to take the same precautions with our mobile devices, especially Android phones. We have shown the list of best free unlimited VPN for Android, along with their most popular features and website URLs to download best free VPN for android 2021.

Best Free Unlimited VPN for Android

Top 9 Best Free Unlimited VPN for Android

A free Android VPN is a tool that enables you to connect to a virtual server network without having to pay anything. It lets you send and receive data across a public or shared network. It also lets you visit websites that are restricted on your network or due to your location. VPN programs allow you to access the internet anonymously while still protecting your personal information.

1. NordVPN

nordVPN android app playstore. Best Free Unlimited VPN for Android

NordVPN is a tried-and-true option that’s worth considering on almost any device. It is one of the best free VPN for android 2021. NordVPN is domiciled in Panama, so it is not a member of any multinational monitoring coalitions like the Five Eyes,1 Nine Eyes, or 14 Eyes.

  • NordVPN has a total of 5500 servers located in 59 different countries.
  • It has a dual VPN, which allows users to connect to several servers and surf anonymously.
  • It provides wireless device security software that is basic and straightforward to use.
  • When utilizing public Wi-Fi, it helps keep you safe.
  • It provides 24-hour, seven-day-a-week client service.
  • Multi-hop encryption is used by NordVPN to ensure that your internet traffic is safeguarded across many servers.
  • It can be used to access a streaming service, a chat platform, or a social media site.
  • It maintains a consistent level of security, performance, and functionality.
  • It’s one of the VPNs that lets you watch Netflix and other streaming services.
  • It runs on RAM-only servers, meaning that none of your data can be physically kept for an extended period.
  • The Android app has a kill switch, as well as split tunneling, pause, and auto-connect options.
  • In terms of tunneling protocols, NordVPN’s Android app supports both OpenVPN and NordLynx, a lightning-fast WireGuard-based protocol.

NordVPN has four different price categories. To be clear, the service is the same for each choice; the only difference is the amount of time commitment required.

  • The month-to-month, no-strings-attached alternative is $11.95.
  • We could save $3.49 each month if we joined up for three years and paid $125.64 upfront.
  • There are other mid-tier alternatives, which start at $6.99 per month for a year ($83.88 total) and cost $6.99 per month for a year.

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2. ExpressVPN

expressVPN android app playstore

ExpressVPN and its Android app provide a lot of positive features. After you’ve launched the Express Android app, it’s quite easy to use and it’s nearly identical to the PC version. It is one of the best free unlimited VPN for android.

  • The program comes with a superb location picker, unsafe network detection, split tunneling, a dedicated privacy tools menu, and a kill switch for further security.
  • It has a new Protection Summary feature that allows you to assess the strength of your connection and informs you what IP address it’s linked to.
  • It contains an On/Off button and a simple-to-navigate list of servers that spans 94 countries, from Albania to Vietnam.
  • Live chat customer assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • When you’re on the internet, it protects you against three-letter agencies and crooks.
  • The ioXt Alliance has recently authorized the Android app, which uses AES 256-bit encryption.
  • It allows you free access to music, social media, and video.
  • The specialized program is basic and straightforward to use, but it also contains several advanced capabilities.
  • The program is currently available in 16 different languages.
  • When connecting to the VPN, there are no bandwidth limits.
  • Our IP addresses and surfing history are not logged by ExpressVPN.
  • When travelling, you may use it to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and other streaming services, as well as our domestic sports coverage.
  • It may also be used to generate safe passwords.
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee is in place so you may test it risk-free.
  • It allows you to watch geo-restricted movies and programs on devices that don’t have VPN capability.
  • It uses leak proofing and encryption to secure users online.
  • Pay using Bitcoin and use Tor to gain access to hidden websites.
  • Its monthly membership, which starts at $8.32, may appear to be a bit pricey.

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3. IPVanish

IPVanish android app playstore. Best Free Unlimited VPN for Android

IPVanish is a paid virtual private network provider and comes under the best free VPN for android 2021. It provides customers with a strong Android VPN that includes all of the features of the desktop client. It’s certainly one to consider if you’re seeking a highly techy experience as well as the potential to protect all of your gadgets.

  • It has approximately 1,400 servers in 75 different countries.
  • This utility provides the fastest Virtual Private Network service across a wide range of devices.
  • The VPN on Android keeps the scrolling connection speed graph from the desktop version.
  • It announced a change to its connection policy in July 2020, going from a ten-device limit to a genuinely unlimited number of devices available with each package.
  • It provides over 40,000 IP addresses and servers in 75 countries.
  • Protocol selection, a kill switch, split tunneling, and Scramble, which hides the fact that you’re using a VPN, are just a few of the options accessible.
  • It does not keep track of the user’s actions.
  • It is capable of supporting a wide range of VPN protocols.
  • Live chat, email, and phone are the options for customer service available 24*7 every day.
  • The fastest VPN server will be suggested automatically.
  • A 256-bit encryption mechanism is employed, and you have the opportunity to swap servers at any time.

IPVanish also has great beginning pricing on both one-month and 12-month subscriptions, making it a very cost-effective method to get a solid Android VPN. However, rates will climb after that, and SugarSync cloud storage, which was previously free, will now be a chargeable extra.

4. CyberGhost

cyberGhost vpn android app playstore

CyberGhost’s developers have spent a lot of time and work producing an Android VPN that is on par with what you’ll get on your PC.

  • All streaming services may be unblocked, and safe peer-to-peer (P2P) torrenting is possible.
  • With CyberGhost, you may choose between OpenVPN and WireGuard, with a toggle to connect immediately whenever your smartphone connects to a potentially dangerous Wi-Fi network.
  • This program also includes split tunneling.
  • It automatically protects you when you connect to a new internet connection.
  • It encrypts your internet connection, boosting your online security and privacy.
  • A Content Blocker is one of the software’s capabilities, which restricts URLs that might lead to malware or trackers.
  • CyberGhost has an automated kill switch so you don’t have to worry about your IP address or online activity being disclosed if you lost your VPN connection. Although there isn’t a specific kill switch available, a simple workaround may be used to obtain one.
  • Tracking activity will be considerably more difficult because IP addresses get shared with other users on the same server.
  • It gives the user access to the NoSpy server.
  • With over 7,000 servers across 91 countries, it has a big server count.
  • CyberGhost can connect up to seven devices at once.
  • It employs the industry-standard AES-256 encryption algorithm. The amount of data that may be supplied is likewise unrestricted.

A month-to-month membership costs $12.99 per month, while a six-month subscription costs only $7.99 per month. Even better, an 18-month commitment is only $2.75 each month, which is a fantastic value. And, regardless of the membership duration we choose, we’d get all of the same benefits.

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5. TunnelBear


TunnelBear is next on the list of the best free VPN for android 2021. It is a Canadian-based virtual private network provider. McAfee, Inc. owns it. It enables the user to access the internet securely and privately.

  • It’s simple to use, and you don’t have to register with a credit card.
  • Those who tweet about the provider, download the TunnelBear program on their PC, or recommend a friend who later signs up for the service will receive an additional month of free bandwidth. Data isn’t carried over from month to month if it isn’t used.
  • You may use this tool to hide your IP address and protect your privacy.
  • You will receive 500MB of data each month as a result of this.
  • For your safety, TunnelBear has a rigorous no-logging policy.
  • It is not ad-supported, even though it is free.
  • Tunnelbear is the greatest solution for Android users since it offers 2048-bit DH on Windows, 3072-bit DH on macOS and iOS, and 4096-bit on Android.
  • You may pick from a total of 23 countries, including the United States, Germany, Australia, India, and others.
  • TunnelBear uses AES-256 to encrypt data and SHA-256 to authenticate it, providing the highest degree of data protection.
  • It protects you from hackers by hiding your real location.
  • They use the Diffie-Hellman Exchange (DH) to transfer cryptographic keys across the internet.
  • It links the server to secure data continuously.

TunnelBear does not track our web activity, even though all VPNs are required to log some data, such as our purchase details and email addresses. If you need more data than 500MB per month, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium plan. If you prepaid for two years, the price starts at $4.17 per month.

6. Surfshark

surfshark vpn android app playstore

Surfshark is also one of best free unlimited VPN for Android. It may be the way to go if you’re searching for a VPN that’s a little less pricey. With millions of users worldwide, it has already carved out a considerable portion of the VPN market.

  • This android VPN has a nice UI and increased functionality, however, it’s still not robust and simple to operate.
  • It has over 3200 servers in 65 locations, allowing users to access web information quickly and securely.
  • GPS spoofing is a useful function in the Android app. It allows you to fake your physical GPS position, which allows you to deceive the other applications on your phone.
  • It protects your important data safe while keeping your location confidential.
  • It enables you to circumvent the VPN for some apps and websites.
  • It protects your privacy by masking your genuine IP address.
  • This application supports secure tunneling protocols such as OpenVPN and IKEv2.
  • This program does not save your IP address, does not support WebRTC, and does not protect you from DNS leaks.
  • End-to-end encryption is provided via AES 256.
  • Surfshark not only works with the Fire TV Stick, but also with Netflix and torrenting, as well as Prime Video, Disney+, and Hulu. Apart from ESPN+ and Youtube TV, Surfshark supports all of the main streaming services and offers three VPN protocols: OpenVPN, WireGuard, and even Shadowsocks.
  • A single account may be used on as many devices as you like at the same time.
  • If you sign up for a multi-year plan, the monthly cost will be less than $2.50.

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7. Kaspersky

kaspersky app

Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection is a simple-to-use tool that lets you surf anonymously with just one click. It comes under one of the best free unlimited VPN for Android 2021.

  • It provides 200MB of data each day or around 6GB per month.
  • With only a single tap, you may begin browsing anonymously.
  • Your IP address is not shown.
  • Kill switches are included in all Kaspersky premium programs.
  • Your wireless network may also be protected using this software.
  • It chooses a virtual place for you automatically.
  • The signup process for a VPN is straightforward, and the charges are modest.
  • It helps to keep your data and communications secure.
  • France, Germany, Hong Kong, and Japan are among the 49 nations with servers.
  • It may also safeguard online banking, shopping, media streaming, and other activities.
  • All data is transmitted and received through a secure network.
  • It helps to keep your communications and data safe.
  • It also protects your Wi-Fi network.
  • Netflix does not operate on all of Kaspersky’s servers, although it does on the ones in the United States and the United Kingdom.
  • With AES-256, which governments and armies around the world regard to be the finest of the best, it is up to date when it comes to encryption technologies.

8. Hotspot Shield


Hotspot Shield is also one of best free unlimited VPN for Android. This program allows you to access content privately and securely. It’s one of the most effective free VPN programs for encrypting your Internet traffic. If you want speed and security without having to do anything, this might be best free VPN for android 2021 for you. While it’s known for its high-quality free VPN, the subscription version takes it to the next level.

  • The Android version of Catapult Hydra uses the same protocol as the PC clients, with over 3,200 VPN servers in over 80 locations.
  • On a 1Gbps line, the service offered connection rates of roughly 400Mbps. Your VPN won’t slow you down here if you’ve already switched to 5G.
  • You’ll be able to connect with only a single tap and have access to a list of multiple worldwide servers.
  • Every day, it gives you 500MB of data, which works up to around 15GB each month. While not enough for intense use, it is more than most other free virtual private networks provide.
  • If you want to take advantage of the upcoming 5G speeds, Hotspot Shield can be a smart option.
  • Getting started is very straightforward because you don’t have to give the supplier your email address or credit card information.
  • This program protects your privacy by not recording VPN surfing behaviour.
  • Hotspot Shield has the same no-logging policy as the other services on this list.
  • Malware and phishing websites can be blocked.
  • It allows you to link up to 5 devices to one account.
  • It provides live technical support seven days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • It employs a military-grade encryption standard with 256-bit keys.

It also offers premium subscriptions that start at $7.99 a month and remove the ads and other restrictions.

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9. Hide.me


Hide.me is an Android application next on the list of best free VPN for android 2021 that provides security and privacy. It’s a well-rounded VPN with top-notch privacy, fast speeds, and impenetrable security.

  • You may begin utilizing this service by just pressing a single button.
  • It has cooperation with the i2Coalition, an organization committed to internet security, and has a watertight privacy policy that offers trust that no substantial logs are taken.
  • Among the five server locations available are the Netherlands, Canada, Singapore, and the United States (east and west coast).
  • It features a straightforward user interface on all of its apps. Setting up your app is a breeze using this app.
  • This program supports both the OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols.
  • This Android VPN offers a reasonable monthly data cap of 10GB, and you are free to use any app or website you choose.
  • It allows you to access the web or download stuff while being anonymous.
  • Unblocking Viber, Tango, Skype, and other VOIP services are possible.
  • You can stream live video from anywhere on the earth.
  • It aids in the protection of your online identity.
  • You can utilize Auto-reconnect if your internet connection is lost.
  • It’s easy to set up and use, and you don’t have to give them your credit card number.

There is a Hide.me free plan, however, it has restricted functionality. If you want more data, there are a few premium solutions to choose from. Depending on the length of the membership, prices start at $4.99 per month and go up to $12.95 per month.


So, today we learned about best free unlimited VPN for Android. From the above, we can conclude that VPN gives us complete privacy while surfing the internet along with numerous other benefits.

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