December 2, 2022

What are Best Instagram Birthday Story Ideas?

What are Best Instagram Birthday Story Ideas?

Birthdays are one of the most important days in one’s life. We are always excited to share the fun and merriment with our friends and family. Amazingly, we have Instagram. So our relationships with friends and family are not limited by distance. The newest fashion is to share adorable and humorous photos of friends on their birthdays. Are you bored of posting mundane HBD posts? Today we will help you with some interesting Instagram birthday story ideas. Reading further, you can also learn how to put your birthday on Instagram story and if there is any Instagram birthday story maker.

What are Best Instagram Birthday Story Ideas?

What are Best Instagram Birthday Story Ideas?

You will get to know what are the best Instagram birthday story ideas and Instagram birthday story maker further in this article. Keep reading to learn more about it in detail.

What are Good Stories for Instagram?

Today, we have a digital portrayal of ourselves. We want our Instagram posts and stories to resonate with that image of ours. So, we need good stories for Instagram. If you struggle with finding apt and exciting story ideas for the gram, you can use the following tactics to increase your reach:

  • Share your post: Have you observed that your stories have a higher reach as opposed to your post? This is because most Instagram users just swipe through the stories and do not scroll through their feeds. This would surely take a toll on your peace of mind as a content creator. To enhance your post views, you should post it on your story with some stickers and a quick one-liner. To ignite curiosity within your viewers, you might want to hide the post visual on the story using stickers.
  • User-Generated Content: User-Generated Content (UGC) helps a brand to cut down on marketing expenses and allows the user to review the product. That is roughly the concept of a paid partnership. Brands and Influencers bilaterally benefit from UGC- brands get customers, and influencers get the audience. So, next time you discover a new product, review it and tag the brand.
  • Make your stories viewer interactive: One of the best ways to increase traffic on your page is by making it more interactive. To do so, you can put a poll on your Instagram story for any upcoming event. You can also upload a quiz related to your posts, products, or something trivial. You can use user-interactive stickers like a scale that allows viewers to rate the content in your story. This not only increases your outreach but also helps you to understand your audience.
  • Upload countdown: If there is any upcoming event of great significance for you, you can share its details with your followers using countdown. You can upload a countdown for any Black Friday Sale offers, new year countdown, or even your birthday countdown!
  • Express your gratitude to your followers and viewers: Business and Content creators on Instagram thrive on views and followings. So, it’s important to take a moment and express your gratitude to your followers via your Instagram story. You can pen down a heartfelt message for them, or record a grateful video. 
  • Share coupon codes and links: Humans are materialistic creatures. We always want instant benefits in whatever ways possible. Sharing coupon codes and links for various brands and products will lure more audiences into viewing and sharing your stories with their family.
  • Share niche content: Prioritizing your viewers helps you up your Instagram game. So, it is important to keep your stories mainstream and relatable for your viewers. You need to know your audience well. Subsequently, focus on your niche while uploading any story.
  • Give a quick life update: Focusing on niche content while posting good stories for Instagram can be slightly boring for you and your people. So, you must give them a break from the conventional stories and give a sneak peek into some aspects of your life- like a vacation, or a day at your work. Occasionally you can boast your skills or any new hobby.
  • Share others: A good influencer applauds and exhibits others’ craft too. You must use your story to call out budding influencers, artists, and businesses to help them enhance their outreach.
  • Share customer testimonials: Seeking feedback from your viewers and adapting them to improve your game will show your humility. Sharing customers’ words of affirmation will encourage more people to give you unbiased constructive criticism. Thus, encourage a larger audience to interact with your page by Sharing customer testimonials on Instagram story.
  • Use appealing layouts: You must experiment with new designs, collage layout collage, and layering methods on Instagram, or Photoshop to add novelty to your story. Use single pictures while sharing some serious message regarding disaster management, or social issues that need attention. Use layouts that speak for you.
  • Introduce your team: A noteworthy Instagram page requires the creativity and efforts of many people. Introducing the core team to your Instagram family will acknowledge and motivate your team to work harder.

There can be an unending list of other ideas for good stories for Instagram. However, remember good stories for Instagram must be based on trending but be distinctive.

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What Should I Put on My Story on My Birthday?

Birthdays celebrate the wonderful time one has spent in the world and the good days yet to come. So, we want to share our big day with everyone in our connections conspicuously or inconspicuously. You might want to drop a subtle hint of your birthday on the gram. Of course, you must put your birthday on your Instagram story. You can inform your Instagram family about your birthday by uploading a birthday countdown story, a midnight celebration story, or a time video compilation of your delightful days.

What Can I Say Instead of Happy Birthday?

Saying Happy birthday to anyone is just another formality. You have all the valid reasons to refrain from saying Happy Birthday to your close ones. A genial way to wish them on their day is by saying happy birthday in different languages say, German, Italian, Hindi, Korean, or even Kashmiri. 

Instagram birthday story ideas without saying happy birthday can include using phrases like:

  • It’s your daya beautiful day to be born on,
  • I am glad you were bornit’s my crime partner (best friend’s) day,
  • Don’t count the candles today, etc.

You don’t need to think twice before using cute and cool phrases like Happy Appy birthdaydon’t be crabby- it’s your birthday. You can write anything with love and admiration for the person. Post merry and optimistic messages for your kith and kin on their birthday.

Is There Any Instagram Birthday Story Maker?

Personalized birthday wishes always cheer the recipient, no matter how basic they are. It is always a good idea to upload a birthday story for your loved ones and acquaintances. For all the extroverts out there, this can be a tedious task with the never-ending list of followers. For introverts, posting an Instagram birthday wish can be a strenuous task with inability. Putting Instagram birthday stories for your teammates on their special day is also a great way to acknowledge their contribution to your team. 

How can you find new Instagram birthday story ideas every time, especially in a formal environment? Have you ever wondered if an Instagram birthday story maker exists? To your relief, yes! There are some Instagram birthday story maker websites like Wishmedear available online. Using some other websites and applications like BrandCrowd and Canva, you can also customize the story better.

Wishmedear | What are Best Instagram Birthday Story Ideas?

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What are Some Best Instagram Birthday Story Ideas?

The birthday of a remarkable person in your life is equally exciting as yours. You invest weeks into planning their birthday. You can’t wait to tell the world about the upcoming birthday in your circle. It must be a trendsetter, no? Of course! To help you with this colossal task, here are some brilliant Instagram birthday story ideas:

  • A video wish: You always have hilarious videos and adorable photographs of your loved ones. Don’t shy away from posting any or many of these on their special day. You can upload a video compilation of the photographs exclusive to your gallery. Recording a birthday wish video and sharing it on your story is one of the incredible Instagram birthday ideas. This is one of the most endearing personalized ways to proclaim the significance of the day.
  • Birthday countdown: To notify the globe about the forthcoming celebration beforehand, you can upload some good photographs from the previous birthday and add a countdown sticker named birthday in, the celebration begins in, or happy <age>.
  • A glimpse of pre-birthday surprise: You can begin to give small surprises and presents a week before the actual day. This affirms your affection for the person. You can upload these presents on your story as photographs or boomerangs. This keeps your Instagram Family in the loop and lets you advertise products you have gifted.
  • Post aesthetic picture: With aesthetics being the new trend, you can plan and execute an aesthetic photoshoot. It is always a genius idea to exhibit these photographs when the celebration is around the corner. This is an excellent opportunity to navigate your galley and flex your bond with the person.
  • Use some creative templates: You must try quirky and gripping templates from Wishmedear to dodge the lengthy creative process yet set the bars high. It’s always wise to add an essence of yourself into your posts to stay relevant to your audience while updating them about your acquaintance’s birthday.

How to Put Your Birthday on Instagram Story?

You desire to broadcast your birthday on your social media. You want your birthday announcement to be interesting and engaging. However, you need some mind-blowing ways to put your birthday on Instagram story. Don’t worry! We have got you covered. Here we have enlisted some ways to put your birthday on Instagram Story:

  • Birthday Countdown: A birthday is a big event in everyone’s life. So, it’s plausible if you wish to share your zest for your birthday with your community. Like any event, posting a Countdown for your birthday is an appreciable way to put your birthday on Instagram story.
  • Midnight Celebration: Midnight celebrations are one of the most common scenarios on any occasion. Why not put a picture of a late-night celebration on display? Without any thoughts, just put those insane pictures online. Flaunting your crazy side once in a while is okay.
  • Go Live: Your Instagram family also deserves your attention on your big day. So, take a moment from your busy celebrity day and go live. Interact with your audience, talk to them about how excited you are about your birthday, and cut a cake with them. If your audience feels involved in your birthday celebration, your birthday celebration was worthwhile.
  • A Glimpse of your Birthday Bash: A photo dump of your glamourous birthday party is regarded as one of many good stories for Instagram. So, select the choicest pictures you have from your birthday celebration and put your birthday on Instagram using some aforementioned layout ideas. 
  • A Video Compilation of your Delightful days: Life is an ECG graph with unending peaks and drops. On your day, you can share momentous days in a video compilation. You can upload a time-lapse video showing you enjoy the different phases of life.
  • Offers: A rather inconspicuous way to put your birthday on Instagram can be to roll out exciting offers near your birthday if you own a small business.

Let’s see the steps to put your birthday countdown on your IG story:

1. Launch the Instagram application on your Android and iOS devices.

Open the Instagram app on your device.

2. Tap on Your story from the top left corner.

Launch Instagram and tap on Your story at the top left corner |

3. Choose a picture and tap on the sticker icon from the top.

Tap on the sticker icon at the top |

4. Choose the countdown sticker.

Choose the countdown sticker

5. Enter the Countdown name and set the end date and time.

6. Tap on Done from the top right corner.

Tap on Done at the top right corner

7. Tap on Your story to share the story.

Tap on Your story to share the story | What are Best Instagram Birthday Story Ideas?

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How Do You Make a Cool Birthday Story on Instagram?

Sometimes the birthday wish needs to be quirky and goofy to indicate your affection for someone. A cool Instagram birthday story can also express your cool side that people show off on Instagram. Good stories for Instagram need you to be creative but cool stories need you to go wild. Just follow your instincts and play with all the tools you can imagine. Channel the wilderness of your thoughts and ideas using the methods mentioned earlier. However, for starters, some cool Instagram birthday story ideas to try can be:

  • Meme: Memes remain the undisputed rulers of social media. Some impressive Instagram birthday story ideas are inspired by memes. This is your calling to create a meme with comic pictures of your folks. Upload it and affirm to them how amazing they are. You can use the pre-existing templates as well. However, creating your own is highly recommended. 
  • Video edit: A video wish is a foolproof way to wish someone. But it’s always fun to mess with the easiest of tasks. So, follow your instincts and play with all the edit options while making the video for the best results.
  • Pun or Jokes around birthday person: For cool Instagram birthday story ideas you should rely on your wit. A catchy comical one-liner adds your element to your Instagram story. So, next time you put a birthday story, do use one-liners
  • A Photograph Dump: The key to cool Instagram birthday story ideas is in your gallery. Yes! Using layouts and templates, array amusing pictures in your story.

There are templates and layouts galore on the web. You must experiment with these to find the best one for you. Remember, to put any cool Instagram story, you need to be creative, witty, and carefree.


The takeaways from this post are some impressive Instagram birthday story ideas and Instagram birthday story maker. We hope you now have some modernist ideas to put your birthday on Instagram story. Try these out and let us know which you liked the most. Acknowledge if you found this article helpful. All your queries and honest feedbacks are always welcome. Let the comments section flood in with them. Happy Instagramming!