December 13, 2022

14 Best Fixes for WhatsApp Web QR Code Not Working Issue

14 Best Fixes for WhatsApp Web QR Code Not Working Issue

WhatsApp has connected people around the world on the web. Communications on WhatsApp are extremely simple to do. Not to mention the ability to video call and voice call on the platform. While there is a dedicated app for WhatsApp to use on Android or iOS, desktop users can also enjoy chatting on their systems with WhatsApp web. WhatsApp web allows users to send messages and operate calls right from their computers. It is an internationally available freeware application that requires the internet to work. Using WhatsApp web is as simple as using the app. While it is a great asset, sometimes features of the web platform can cause some issues like WhatsApp web QR code not working on Windows PC. If you are someone facing the same error on your desktop then you have come to the right place. In our today’s doc, we will be covering different methods that can help you resolve WhatsApp web QR code not loading problem. Also, we will discuss the reasons that lead to this error beforehand. So, let us begin right away with our guide and find you a perfect solution to resolve the QR code issue for your WhatsApp web.

14 Best Fixes for WhatsApp Web QR Code Not Working Issue

How to Fix WhatsApp Web QR Code Not Working on Windows PC

QR code error on WhatsApp web is common to occur. There are a few reasons that have been seen to cause this familiar issue:

  • Hardware issues with your device.
  • WhatsApp server issues.
  • Internet connectivity problem.
  • Corrupt browser cache of your device.
  • Enabled VPN or Proxy connections.
  • Outdated version of the browser.
  • Enabled ad-blockers on your device.
  • Linked devices with WhatsApp account.
  • Antivirus and browser extensions in your device.

Now that you are aware of the issues that trigger QR code not working on WhatsApp web, it is time to resolve these issues with the help of some efficient fixes that are given below:

Method 1: Resolve Hardware Issues

In case of QR code issues in WhatsApp web, you must start by checking the hardware of your device. If your device camera is somewhat not able to work, it will not scan the black and white squares of the QR code. Hence, you must follow the instructions given below to resolve this issue:

  • Clean the monitor screen of your device to ensure there are no dust particles on it.
  • Also, ensure that the mouse cursor is not on the QR code to resolve the error.
  • You should also clear the camera lens of your phone to allow the scan without any interruption.

Method 2: Monitor WhatsApp Server Outage

You must also check the WhatsApp server status and wait if there is any outage to resolve WhatsApp scanner not working. Most of the time, WhatsApp faces technical issues due to which some features of the application stop working. If so, you must wait for the technical issue to be resolved by the professionals and then retry using the QR code on WhatsApp web. To check the server of the software, you can visit sites like Downdetector which will provide you with the outages reported with the app in 24 hours.

Wait for WhatsApp Time Out

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Method 3: Resolve Internet Connectivity Issues

Using WhatsApp web requires a good internet connection. Both your mobile phone and computer should have strong internet connectivity. In case a device is not connected to the internet or has a weak connection, you must resolve the issue right away. In case you are facing issues with the internet on your system, you can take the help of our guide on Can’t Connect to the Internet? Fix your internet connection! The article will guide you well and help you resolve internet issues right away.

Resolve Internet Connectivity Issues. 14 Best Fixes for WhatsApp Web QR Code Not Working Issue

Note: We have shown Google Chrome browser as an example in the methods below.

Method 4: Restart WhatsApp Web

If WhatsApp web QR code not working on Windows PC problem persists you must restart WhatsApp web on your system. This method will rule out the possibility of glitches with WhatsApp web. It will also eliminate the possibility of something wrong with WhatsApp web software. So, you can simply do this on your browser by clicking on the reload icon present beside the URL link.

Restart WhatsApp Web. 14 Best Fixes for WhatsApp Web QR Code Not Working Issue

Method 5: Clear Browser Cache

The next method to resolve QR code error on WhatsApp web involves clearing the browser cache. The browser you are using to load WhatsApp web can be at fault due to a build-up cache in it. This cache is basically stored data that the browser uses to enhance its performance. However, it can become corrupt with time and prevent certain applications from working well, as is the case of the QR code in WhatsApp web. So, you must clear the cache of your browser which you can attempt by going through our guide on How to Clear Cache and Cookies in Google Chrome.

Clear Browser Cache. 14 Best Fixes for WhatsApp Web QR Code Not Working Issue

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Method 6: Disable Browser Extensions

Inference from browser extensions can also be possible for WhatsApp QR code not working, therefore, you must disable extensions in your browser. There are a number of extensions that have been seen to stop QR from working. So, you must disable them using the steps given below:

Note: You can also delete the extensions if they are unimportant by clicking on the Remove button.

1. Open the Google Chrome browser and click on the three-dotted icon at the top of the screen.

Click on three-dotted icon

2. Now, select More tools from the drop-down menu and click on Extensions.

Select More tools and click on Extensions

3. Now, toggle off the extensions present, in this case, Google Meet Grid View has been turned off.

Toggle off the extensions present. 14 Best Fixes for WhatsApp Web QR Code Not Working Issue

Method 7: Update Browser

WhatsApp scanner not working issue can also be fixed by updating the browser you are using. The possibility of an outdated driver interfering with the QR code of WhatsApp web is there. Therefore, you must update your browser right away to rule out this possibility. Updating the browser also helps in fixing bugs and other minor glitches that can interrupt WhatsApp web working. So, you can update your Google Chrome browser using the steps given below:

1. Open Google Chrome in a new tab.

2. Select the three-dotted icon present at the top and expand the Settings menu.

Select three-dotted icon and expand Settings

3. Click on About Chrome from the side panel. In case there is an update pending it will automatically start. If it is Nearly up to date, click on Relaunch to execute it.

Click on About Chrome and Relaunch. 14 Best Fixes for WhatsApp Web QR Code Not Working Issue

Method 8: Disable VPN or Proxy Connections

Another thing that you should keep in mind is VPN or Proxy connections on your device. WhatsApp web is not optimized for these connections and they might interfere with its working as well resulting in WhatsApp web QR code not loading. Therefore, you must disable them and for that, you can check our guide on How to Disable VPN or Proxy on Windows 10.

Disable VPN or Proxy Connections. 14 Best Fixes for WhatsApp Web QR Code Not Working Issue

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Method 9: Disable Adblocker

If you have enabled ad-blocking on your PC, it can disrupt the QR code and stop it from working on WhatsApp web. Therefore, you must disable any ad-blocking browser extensions or apps installed on your system and then reload the page.

1. Hit the Windows key, search for your web browser (e.g. Chrome) and click on Open.

open google chrome from Windows search menu

2. Select three vertical dots at the top of the screen to choose More tools and then Extensions from the menu.

Select More tools and click on Extensions

3. Now, turn off the toggle button for the AdBlock extension.

Turn off the toggle next to the U-Block or U-Block origins extension to disable it

4. Finally, reload the page you are using WhatsApp web on and check if the QR code error is resolved.

Method 10: Switch to Different Browser

If the browser issue persists and you are still encountering WhatsApp web QR code not working on Windows error then you should try switching to a completely different browser. Changing the browser can help you in many ways and certainly in resolving the QR code error. So, in case you have been using Google Chrome to launch WhatsApp web, you can switch to Opera or Firefox.

Switch to a Different Browser. 14 Best Fixes for WhatsApp Web QR Code Not Working Issue

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Method 11: Disable Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration in a computer uses the GPU of your system to run graphics on your Google Chrome browser. So, if WhatsApp QR code not working issue is still not fixed, try disabling hardware acceleration on your device using the steps given below:

1. From the Start menu, launch Google Chrome.

2. To open the Menu, click on the three-dotted icon.

Click on the three-dotted icon

3. Launch Settings from the menu that appears.

Launch Settings

4. Select System from the menu given in the left panel.

Select System. 14 Best Fixes for WhatsApp Web QR Code Not Working Issue

5. Now, toggle off Use hardware acceleration when available option.

Toggle off Use hardware acceleration when available

Method 12: Unlink Other Devices

You can also encounter a WhatsApp scanner not working issue if you have linked your WhatsApp account to other devices or browsers that you own. Therefore, you must unlink all these devices from your WhatsApp account using the steps below:

Note: The following steps have been performed on iPhone.

1. Launch the WhatsApp application on your device.

Launch WhatsApp

2. Tap on Settings at the bottom.

Tap on Settings. 14 Best Fixes for WhatsApp Web QR Code Not Working Issue

3. Now, go to Linked Devices and tap on it.

Tap on Linked Devices

4. Next, tap on the browser or device that you want to unlink and hit LOG OUT.

5. Once done, try using the QR code for your WhatsApp web.

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Method 13: Download WhatsApp for Desktop

If using WhatsApp web is not working for you then you can try downloading the WhatsApp application for your desktop. The official WhatsApp web software will help you in bypassing the QR code issue that you are facing while using the software on your browser.

Download WhatsApp for Desktop

Method 14: Contact WhatsApp Support

If none of the methods seems to be working for you and you are still facing issues with using the QR code for WhatsApp web. Then, you should contact WhatsApp Support and forward the issue to a professional. You can contact WhatsApp Messenger Support, describe to them the problem you are facing and wait for a professional solution from the technician.

Contact WhatsApp Support


We hope that our guide on WhatsApp web QR code not working on Windows PC was of help to you and you were able to fix the issue using different methods that are given in detail above. Let us know about your valuable suggestions and send us your queries by leaving them in the comments section below.