August 29, 2022

18 Best Auto-clicker Apps for Android Games

Best Auto-clicker Apps

Why straining your fingers while gaming when you’ve auto-clicker apps? Of course, it’s a lot of fun and part of the gaming enjoyment. But, some games have plenty of such areas that require rigorous and continuous tapping, which can be monotonous and pretty boring sometimes, or maybe your phone’s touch is in bad shape.

Auto-clicker apps for Android games are lifesavers for all such times. Keeping that in mind, and since you’re here, let’s mention some apps that perform multiple auto clicks wherever required. Before listing the click assistant auto clicker APK, let’s understand how auto clicker apps work.

Best Auto-clicker Apps for Android Games

Best Auto-clicker Apps for Android Games

Knowing about hotkeys is the most important thing to get a clear picture of the working of auto clicker apps. A hotkey is a brief word or keyboard sequence. A hotkey may normally be entered into the relevant area by tapping the matching key on a keyboard. The operator can set a list of frequently used hotkeys using the hotkey management program, which is often used with the auto clicker. When the user begins typing a certain hotkey, an auto clicker will start clicking the matching term automatically by employing a clicker and the proper key combination.

Each auto clicker can track a limited number of milliseconds before switching back to the latest hotkey discovered. The auto clicker will keep looking until it finds another word or key combination if the last hotkey it identified is not utilized. The clicking sound typically lasts between three and seven milliseconds, with no maximum or minimum. The gadget will be less successful in starting the suitable activities the longer the gaps between clicks. After getting a precise idea of how it works, let’s move to the list of auto-clicker apps for Android games including Click Assistant auto clicker APK.

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1. Game Master

Game Master Play Store webpage

The first on the list is Game Master that can easily record gestures. To use it, you need to press the button and start the movements you wish to use.


  • You may quickly show or hide the touchpoint by adjusting the click or swipe frequency settings.
  • It also offers anti-detection and loop mode for timing features.
  • It also prevents game developer detection and tapping on the same locations again.

2. AnkuLua

Ankulua official website

AnkuLua is another best auto-clicker app that operates by executing scripts that simulate user activities in a game or app. Don’t be scared of running scripts. This app is suitable for all who have no knowledge of coding or in-depth programming language expertise.


  • You must record your actions and define any additional criteria to use.
  • Also, this app provides a community to post scripts and ideas and receive help from the creator.
  • This app is available in two versions: free and Pro version.
  • It is compatible with devices of Android versions 4.0 and higher.

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3. AutoInput

AutoInput Play Store webpage. Best Auto-clicker Apps for Android Games

Next on the list of auto-clicker apps for Android games is AutoInput. Since this is an add-on, you cannot use it separately, and you need to install Tasker. You must thus be familiar with the various Tasker profiles to utilize this software to its full potential.


  • The plug-in offers a two-week trial period so that you may check out its functionality and features.
  • Additionally, AutoInput has a seven-day trial period so that you may determine whether it is what you require.

4. Auto Clicker – Tapping

Tapping Play Store webpage. Best Auto-clicker Apps for Android Games

Next is Auto Clicker, one of the best tapping specialists among many auto clicker apps.


  • You can easily turn on and off the app from the menu bar.
  • You can add click point or swipe action to your screen.
  • In addition to this, automatic clicks can be easily controlled via the control panel in case of starting or stopping.
  • This application can keep the game active.
  • This auto-clicker app is a better choice since you don’t need root access.

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5. QuickTouch

QuickTouch Play Store webpage

The QuickTouch software will reliably click and swipe on any screen area at any interval.


  • It functions well with the full-screen application since it does not require root access.
  • It is, interestingly, ideal for multiple-clicking games.
  • All you have to do is to repeatedly tap the same spot quickly to keep the game going, and the application will do the job for you.
  • Like tapping, QuickTouch contains a floating panel that serves as the app’s start/stop controller.
  • This panel can be adjusted for aggressive and repetitive tapping mobile games.
  • Besides these, you can alter the timeout length, click delay, and click rate.
  • The app is also available in the premium version, which offers an ad-free version. But it would not be very pleasant to see ads in the free version.

6. MacroDroid

Macrodroid Play Store webpage. Best Auto-clicker Apps for Android Games

MacroDroid is one of the simplest methods to automate tasks on your Android device. Although this app is considered one of the auto-clicker apps for Android games, you can use its existing macros for automated tasks.


  • The major feature of this app is that you can automate your Wi-Fi, data, and profiles.
  • You can customize macros apart from pre-coded macros.
  • It would help if you first chose a trigger for the macro to get it running.
  • The next step is to select the actions you wish to automate.
  • MacroDroid is capable of carrying out more than a hundred different actions.
  • Finally, restrictions may be set up to allow the macro to execute whenever you like.
  • There are more than 50 restrictions within the app to operate and use it.
  • The free version allows you to use only five pre-coded macros.

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7. Auto Clicker Master – Automatic tap

Auto Clicker Master. Best Auto-clicker Apps for Android Games

The Auto Clicker Master provides another unique set of features like every other auto clicker app on this list.


  • You can adjust the click duration to ensure the exact interval between taps.
  • Additionally, you may effortlessly click anywhere on your screen using the floating point.
  • The app offers two modes: single and multiple.
  • The single mode allows you to repeat only one click.
  • At the same time, the multiple mode allows for several taps that can be repeated.
  • While not many users have given this one a try, you should be the one giving it a thought since it is a worthy click assistant auto clicker APK.

8. E-Robot

E Robot Play Store webpage. Best Auto-clicker Apps for Android Games

E-Robot offers a vast array of features to alter and control.


  • There are more than 170 events and 150 actions that can be customized.
  • This app allows you to manage running applications in several places, Wi-Fi networks, or times.
  • It also displays the app’s performance to ensure how well it will function.
  • The app is compatible with Android 4.0 and above versions.
  • Also, the app doesn’t use up a lot of your resources.
  • It also supports JavaScript and third-party support features such as action plug-ins, profile activation, and Ipack icons.

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9. HabiTap – Auto Clicker No Root Automatic Tapping

HabiTap Play Store webpage

Next on the list of auto-clicker apps for Android games is HabiTap.


  • You can automate everyday tasks without much effort.
  • Users can specify the number of repetitions, control the clicks’ frequency and pace, and change the clicked area’s size.
  • This app is capable of making any amount of clicks.
  • You can also use this app to play the game’s most difficult levels.
  • Also, it allows users to click on two different spots simultaneously.
  • The app is compatible with Android versions 7 and higher.

10. Automate

Automate Play Store webpage. Best Auto-clicker Apps for Android Games

With the help of Automate app, you may create a flow chart to get the desired result. Though it is an auto-clicker app, it can be turned into one with a few simple sequences.


  • This app is helpful for various phone activities like alarms, account sync, alerts, Bluetooth, contacts, calendar, camera, Gmail, map, ringtone, and more.
  • Automate is the best choice if you want to schedule the inputs or create a plan that will trigger exact clicks at a predetermined time.
  • You can also access applications and carry out tasks quickly.
  • The app also has an in-app community to discuss custom flows and usage suggestions.
  • There are no adverts on this software.
  • The premium edition only allows the usage of more than 30 blocks.

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11. Click Assistant – Auto Clicker

Click Assistant Play Store webpage. Best Auto-clicker Apps for Android Games

Click Assistant Auto Clicker APK focuses mainly on ordered gestures. If you want the app to work on automated clicks, you need to design a mind map, and the app will do the job for you.


  • This Click Assistant auto clicker APK has a stunning and excellent interface concept and design.
  • You can set up the interval and cycle time between the clicks.
  • The software’s reviews make it one of the best auto-clicker apps for Android games.

12. Auto Clicker – Automatic tap

automatic tap app. Best Auto-clicker Apps for Android Games

Auto Clicker – Automatic tap is a simple app that can handle various actions, including repeated clicks, numerous taps, and swipes.


  • The interface of the software is clear and user-friendly.
  • You can also set a global timer to make the app execute the actions in a predetermined amount of time.
  • You don’t need root access to utilize this app.
  • This app is compatible with Android version 7 and above.

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13. Auto Clicker – NVQ Std

Auto Clicker NVQ Std Play Store webpage

Another Auto Clicker – NVQ Std app from the list is here with a different framework.


  • This app doesn’t require root access.
  • The app is simple to use, but the users might find the app initially complex.
  • You need to choose the language, milliseconds, intervals, and locations where the auto-click feature will work in the same order.
  • After selecting the required options, tap on the enable button and close the app so that the background-working settings may begin.
  • You can choose from available configurations individually as per the need.

14. Blue Point

Blue Point Play Store webpage

Next on the list is Blue Point. Though it is a still developing and beta app, it has already met the standards of legitimate auto-clicker apps for Android games. The interface is simple to use.


  • The first step is to place the Blue Point on the location you wish to click.
  • Then, choose the click rate by long- or short-tapping the arrows on the Blue Point after touching it.
  • Additionally, you can control the app using Start and Stop buttons.
  • Also, you can be displayed over other applications.
  • It is compatible with only devices running Android OS version 7 or later.

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15. Auto Clicker – Super Easy UI

Super Easy UI Play Store webpage. Best Auto-clicker Apps for Android Games

The name Auto Clicker – Super Easy UI might look similar to other apps on this list, but this one is quite special due to its Super Easy user interface.


  • The app doesn’t require any permissions to work.
  • The interval, the cycle, and the swipe time may also be changed.
  • Furthermore, you can save the settings and target location and use them later.
  • Never set the goal interval, cycle, or swipe time at extremely short lengths, as your device might stop working.

16. Auto Clicker app for games

Auto Clicker app for games Play Store webpage

Even though this application isn’t the greatest available, the Auto clicker app for games is one among the list and has a lightly designed interface. You can still comprehend how each button works, even though the main objective still appears to be a great challenge. By using the app’s clicking functionality, you may test it out and see if it works for you. If it does, the app may receive updates or make other enhancements.

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17. Auto Clicker – Automatic Tapper, Easy Touch

Automatic Tapper Easy Touch Play Store webpage. Best Auto-clicker Apps for Android Games

Using Auto Clicker – Automatic Tapper, Easy Touch, you can easily set particular time intervals for slow or quick clicks. Furthermore, by selecting the appropriate period, you may create automated clicks, and the program will automatically repeat the clicks wherever the device is located.


  • Interestingly, there is a flat spot to ease the process, which allows you to edit the target location, pause and resume the automatic click at any time, and move the floating widget throughout the screen.
  • Next, you can adjust the length so the interval between clicks is proper.
  • The layout is user-friendly and does not require root access.

18. Automatic Tapping – Auto Clicker

Automatic Tapping Auto Clicker Play Store webpage

Automatic Tapping is another in the list of best auto-clicker apps for Android games.


  • It offers limitless click intervals and does not require root access. You can automate up to 1,000 clicks in a single second.
  • You can stop the action using the Halt button, regardless of how quickly you press it.
  • It also offers a recording function to capture additional movements, such as extended presses or swipes. This recording feature allows you to customize actions with a more complex sequence.
  • The paid version of the app is also available for enhanced performance.


Plenty of auto-clicker apps for Android games are available on the Play Store, and these are some of the active and latest apps which are still available, while many have been discontinued recently from the store. Do comment down your experiences in the comment section below. Also, tell us if the article helped you with it. That’s all for this time, and we’ll see you in the next one.

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