January 12, 2023

8 Easy Ways to Fix Blinking Blue Light of Death on PS4

PS4 is a popularly known video gaming console that is used by millions of users around the world. Even after the release of its successor PS5, the craze of PS4 has not fallen. The device helps you get in touch with the virtual reality world and enjoy playing different games on it. It is three times better than Xbox One Series, has better exclusives, is more robust, and offers a 4K gaming experience. Although, it is not devoid of minor errors, one of which is blinking blue light PS4. If you are also struggling with a recurring blue light on your PS4 console then you have come to the right place. In our today’s guide, we will talk about blinking blue light PS4 controller in detail, different reasons that can trigger it, and how to fix blue light of death PS4 console. Also you will know some effective methods that can help you fix PS4 blinking blue light no picture issue. So, continue reading the article to get rid of this problematic error right away.

8 Easy Ways to Fix Blinking Blue Light of Death on PS4

How to Fix Blinking Blue Light of Death on PS4

Here, we have shown the troubleshooting methods to solve PS4 blue light of death symptoms in detail.

What Causes Blinking Blue Light PS4?

Users may commonly experience seeing blue light on their PS4 either due to a software problem or a hardware issue. Let us look into these reasons in brief below:

  • A random glitch in the system.
  • Issues with the power supply unit.
  • Outdated TV firmware.
  • Faulty HDMI cable.
  • A software bug in PS4.
  • Hardware issues with PS4.

PS4 Blue Light of Death Symptoms

  • On encountering blue light on the PS4 console, it becomes difficult to communicate with the television.
  • There can be many reasons behind this problem including network problems, cable issues, firmware problems, or software glitches.
  • A blue light on PS4 is usually accompanied by the message stating, Weak or No Signal.
  • In some cases, the screen goes black too.
  • The blue light of death is also indicated by blinking or pulsing light.
  • It also prevents you from using any menu or safe mode.

Usually, the main problem behind blue light on PS4 is a bad connection. Other than that, various technical and hardware issues can also trigger this issue. You must also check if your TV is compatible with your PS4 console and this is not one of the reasons behind this problem. Now that you know of PS4 blue light of death symptoms, let us get started with fixing the issue with some easy-to-attempt methods:

Method 1: Restart PS4 Console

The first fix for solving the blue light issue involves restarting your PS4. It is possible that your PlayStation has not completed the boot process and got stuck in between. Therefore, restarting it can wave off any minor glitch preventing you from accessing and operating PS4.

1. Navigate to the home screen of PS4 and select the Power option from the menu.

Restart PS4

2. Next, select Power Options.

3. Finally, select Restart PS4 out of the other options.

Select Restart PS4

Method 2: Replace Damaged Cables

To fix PS4 blinking blue light no picture, you must make sure that your cable connection is intact and not faulty. To check a damaged HDMI cable, follow the steps below:

1. On your PlayStation 4, press and hold the power button until you hear two beeps.

2. Now, disconnect all the cables from your PS4.

3. Next, check if the cable connection is faulty or cables are damaged.

4. In case a cable is torn, try using another HDMI cable to check if the blue light issue resolves.

hdmi cable

Method 3: Ensure PS4 HDMI Port is Working

PS4 blinking blue light no safe mode issue can also result from a bent HDMI connector on the PS4 console or TV. Therefore, you must manually check the HDMI ports of both devices. In case any damaged or bent PIN is noted, the only possible solution is to get the device repaired.

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Method 4: Ensure PS4 Hard Drive is Working

Hardware issues in PS4 are not uncommon and it is possible that an issue with the hard drive of your console has resulted in blinking blue light PS4 controller. If so, you must check the hard drive which requires you to open the console and look for the signs of hard drive damage. If damage is noticed, get your hard drive fixed by a professional.

Method 5: Reconnect PS4 Console

The power supply problem is another reason that can trigger a blinking blue light PS4. In order to check any possible power supply problem, ensure that the cable is plugged properly into the power strip and at the back of the console. If the connection seems to be fine, move ahead with the steps below to rule out the power supply problem:

1. On your PS4, press the power button and wait for about 5-10 seconds.

play station console
CLUJ-NAPOCA, ROMANIA – 25 FEBRUARY: Illustrative editorial image of Sony Playstation 4 console with Dualshock 4 controller and a hand showing the PS$ logo

2. Once the system beeps twice, release the power button.

3. Now, disconnect the power cable from the power socket and the console.

4. After some time, plug the cable back into the console and power socket.

Method 6: Update TV Software

If you are still wondering how to fix blue light of death PS4 then try updating your TV software because sometimes the issue can be from the TV side. Updating a TV with an internet connection is required to keep your device bug and error-free. To rule out TV firmware issues, follow the steps below to update its software:

Note: The following steps are for Samsung TV firmware.

1. Launch the Smart Hub by pressing the Home button on your remote.

2. Now, select Settings from the presented menu.

Settings menu

3. Next, select the Software Update option.

Select Software Update. 8 Easy Ways to Fix Blinking Blue Light of Death on PS4

4. Finally, select the Update Now option and wait for the process to complete.

Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software firmware and check if the blue light issue has been resolved.

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Method 7: Restart PS4 in Safe Mode

Software issues that result in PS4 blinking blue light no picture can be resolved by restarting PS4 in safe mode. Safe mode helps in fixing faulty applications and minor bugs in the software. You can perform this method in safe mode using the steps below:

1. First, use the Power button to turn off PlayStation 4.

2. Press and hold the PS4 Power button until you hear two beeps.

3. On entering Safe Mode, press the PS button on your controller.

4. Now, select Change Resolution, Rebuild Database, or Restore Default Settings, and finally select Restart.

Select Rebuild Database

Method 8: Restore PS4 to Factory Settings

Finally, you can try restoring your PS4 to factory settings if you still cannot fix PS4 blinking blue light no safe mode. Not to mention, performing this method will erase all the saved data on your console, so you must back up all the data before initiating with the steps given below:

1. Launch the Settings menu of your PS4.

2. In it, select the Initialization tab.

Select Initialization

3. Next, select Initialize PS4 from the list of options.

Select Initialize PS4. 8 Easy Ways to Fix Blinking Blue Light of Death on PS4

4. In the next window, select the Full tab.

Select Full. 8 Easy Ways to Fix Blinking Blue Light of Death on PS4

5. Finally, to confirm the process, select Initialize.

Select Initialize

6. At last, move forward with selecting Yes to begin initialization.

Select Yes. 8 Easy Ways to Fix Blinking Blue Light of Death on PS4

Once your console has been reset to its original settings, check if PS4 blinking blue light no picture issue has been fixed.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What does it mean by a blue light on the controller?

Ans. A blue light on the controller means that it is trying to connect itself with the console. This has nothing to do to the blue light of death.

Q2. Is it possible to fix the blue light on PS4?

Ans. It is possible to fix the blue light on PS4 by changing the HDMI cable and fixing connection issues.

Q3. How can I know if my PS4 is damaged?

Ans. A damaged PS4 is indicated by a pulsing blue light that continuously blinks without turning into white light.

Q4. Can I uncorrupt my PS4?

Ans. Yes, you can uncorrupt your PS4 by rebuilding its database.

Q5. How long can a PS4 last?

Ans. A PS4 kept and used under suitable conditions can last for about 5 years at the least.


We hope that our doc on blinking blue light PS4 was helpful in clearing all your doubts regarding what blue light is, what causes it, and how can you fix it. You can drop your queries, suggestions, or doubts in the comments section below to contact us.