November 21, 2022

9 Solutions to Fix Discord Krisp Not Working

Discord is a popularly used voice, text, and video chat app that was released in 2015. This instant messaging social platform is a great place to communicate for gamers and developers. The platform is used by millions of users around the world every day. Discord’s calling feature is used greatly by gamers and other users to communicate with their friends daily. To make sure the calls (video or voice) are uninterrupted and smooth, Discord has come up with a new noise-cancelling feature known as Krisp. While this feature works without any issues for most users, it is seen to be not working for others. If you are someone who is currently struggling with Discord Krisp not working, then you have landed on the right page. In today’s guide, we will be discussing Discord noise suppression and how it works. Along with it, we will also explore reasons behind noise cancelling not working Discord. So, without delaying any further, let us begin with our guide on Discord Krisp noise suppression and different methods to fix it if it’s not working on your PC.

9 Solutions to Fix Discord Krisp Not Working

How to Fix Discord Krisp Not Working

Continue reading to know about the solutions for Discord Krisp not working problem in detail.

What is Discord Krisp Noise Suppression?

Discord Krisp is a third-party software program that removes background noise and echoes during calls on the platform.

  • It is an in-built feature of the latest version of Discord.
  • Krisp lets users have clear conversations without any interruptions.
  • This smart software eliminates all background noise with a single click.
  • It helps to remove noises like keyboard clicking, dogs, creaky doors, and more.
  • Krisp supports millions of users including enterprise organizations, small businesses, contact centers, and business processes to create clearer communications.

What are the Reasons behind Noise Cancelling Not Working Discord?

Whether you are using Discord on the web or via an app, the noise cancellation feature not working can arise anywhere, irrespective of the device you are using it on. There are several reasons that can trigger the Krisp issue:

  • Disabled noise suppression on your Discord app can be one of the first reasons why it is not working.
  • Default voice processing is the next reason that can cause Krisp to not work at all.
  • The automatic input sensitivity detection can also interfere with Discord’s noise cancellation feature.
  • Older Discord versions do not support Krisp and hence, you must update the application if you are running its outdated version.
  • The next reason can be outdated sound drivers that can inhibit Krisp from working.
  • A bug issue can also trigger the Krisp not working situation in Discord.

Ways to Fix Discord Krisp Not Working

While there are a few reasons that can cause the noise cancelling feature of Discord to not work, there are a few fixes as well that can help you resolve the issue with ease. Let us have a look at some of the tested & tried methods that will get Krisp working again:

Method 1: Troubleshoot CPU Usage

Discord Krisp is known to use machine learning to filter out background noises. Sometimes, it consumes high CPU power that can cause other applications and programs to slow down in a computer. This is why Discord tries to shut down the Krisp feature until the CPU usage is down to normal. So, you can try to fix the CPU usage of your system. If you don’t know how to do so, you can check our guide on How to Fix High CPU Usage on Windows 10.

Check CPU Usage

Method 2: Restart Discord

If none of the methods have worked for you till now then it is possible that Discord Krisp not working is due to minor glitches or bugs, if so, the best possible solution, in this case, is to restart the app on your PC. You can restart Discord on your computer by ending it as a task from Task Manager window. Learn more about How to End Task in Windows 10 in our thorough guide.

 Restart Discord

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Method 3: Enable Noise Suppression

Just like all applications on a PC or other device need updates, Discord needs to get regularly updated too. However, its update can come with some disadvantages, one of which involves Discord features getting disabled automatically. Hence, if you have made a recent update, check is Discord noise suppression has been disabled. If so, enable it using the steps below:

1. Launch the Discord application in the browser of your computer.

2. Now, in your Discord account, click on the settings icon at the bottom left corner.

Click on the settings icon

3. Next, from the side menu, click on Voice & Video.

 Click on Voice & Video. 9 Solutions to Fix Discord Krisp Not Working

4. Now, scroll down and navigate to the Advanced section.

5. In it, toggle on the Noise Suppression option.

Toggle on Noise Suppression

Method 4: Disable Automatic Input Sensitivity

There are many features of Discord that can interfere with noise cancellation. One of these features is automatic input sensitivity, which is quite useful but has been seen to cause Discord Krisp noise suppression errors. So, you must disable this feature to get rid of the Krisp error using the steps below:

1. Open your Discord account and launch User Settings.

Click on User Settings. 9 Solutions to Fix Discord Krisp Not Working

2. Now, click on Voice & Video tab.

 Click on Voice & Video

3. In it, toggle off the Automatically determine input sensitivity option.

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Method 5: Disable Default Voice Processing

Discord app also has in-built features like noise reduction and echo cancellation. These voice processing tools when enabled interfere with Krisp and do not let it work smoothly. Thus, these default voice processing features must be disabled.

1. Launch Settings in your Discord account.

Launch settings

2. Now, select Voice & Video option from the side menu.

Select Voice & Video. 9 Solutions to Fix Discord Krisp Not Working

3. Next, scroll down and navigate to the VOICE PROCESSING section.

4. Under it, toggle off Echo Cancellation.

Toggle off Echo Cancellation

Once done, check if Krisp is working fine now.

Method 6: Update Discord

Discord Krisp not working is also common to encounter on an older Discord version because of its incompatibility with the noise cancellation feature. If so, it is important that you update your Discord to the latest version to avoid such an issue. You can learn all about How to Update Discord from our elaborative guide, so check it out.

Update Discord

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Method 7: Update Sound Driver

Noise cancelling not working Discord is also common to face if something is wrong with the audio driver that you are using on your PC. Hence, you must make sure that your audio driver is not outdated. In case it is, you must update your sound driver. You can learn about how to do so with the help of our guide on How to Update Realtek HD Audio Drivers in Windows 10.

Update realtek driver

Method 8: Reinstall Audio Drivers

In case your sound drivers are already updated, there must be an issue with their files, either they are corrupt or some files are missing. In such a scenario, you can try reinstalling the audio driver on your PC. You can take the help of our guide, How to Reinstall Audio Driver in Windows 11.

Reinstall audio driver. 9 Solutions to Fix Discord Krisp Not Working

Method 9: Contact Discord Support

If you still are not able to fix Krisp not working problem on Discord after trying out all the possible methods, then you must contact Discord Support and elaborate them the issue you are facing to get the best possible solution from the professionals.

Contact Discord Support. 9 Solutions to Fix Discord Krisp Not Working

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How can I fix suppression issues on Discord?

Ans. You can fix suppression issues on your Discord account by tweaking voice processing settings in the Voice & Video section.

Q2. Why does Discord use Krisp?

Ans. Krisp is a useful feature of Discord that helps users by filtering their background noise and echo. This feature can be enabled with the sound wave icon when you are connected to a voice channel. This feature cancels out any noise in the background and thus is an important part of Discord.

Q3. Why is the mic on Discord so loud?

Ans. If your mic on Discord is loud or acting up, it can be due to Automatically Determine Input Sensitivity feature that makes the mic jump from too loud to too soft. It also cuts the voice at the end of sentences; therefore, this feature must be disabled in the settings section of Discord.

Q4. Does Krisp on Discord use CPU?

Ans. Krisp noise suppression is an advanced feature of Discord that is known to use machine learning to filter out background noises & sounds. Krisp does rely on the CPU of the system to run the suppressing algorithm.

Q5. Why do I hear a weird sound on Discord?

Ans. If you happen to hear weird sound from the other person you are talking to on Discord, it is highly due to the server issues. Hence, you can try to have your server or admin switch the server region to resolve the issue.


We hope that our guide on Discord Krisp not working was thoroughly informative and successful in stating the reasons why noise suppression does not work properly and the different ways in which you can fix it. If so, let us know which one of the methods helped you the most in resolving the Krisp issue. Also, you can leave your queries or suggestions with us in the comments box below.