December 13, 2022

9 Ways to Find a Book Using a Vague Description

9 Ways to Find a Book Using a Vague Description

Bookworms might be familiar with the feeling of searching for a book desperately with its vague description. Especially ones who have a collection of books and read a new one every day. For those, it is rather more difficult to find a book that is embedded deep in their memory yet brilliantly fresh. You might only remember the book’s character name, plot, or a twist in the story that caught your attention. It is indeed a daunting task to remember its name, title, or author’s name for that matter. If you are someone who is going through the same situation and want to find a book using a vague description then we have brought a perfect guide for you. In our today’s doc, we will get you familiar with different unknown ways in which you can find a book title by plot website. Also, you can find a book you forgot the name of using the given platforms. So, without delaying any further, let us get started with our guide and find you your most awaited & impossible to find a book on the internet.

9 Ways to Find a Book Using a Vague Description

How to Find a Book Using a Vague Description

If you have been trying to get your hands on your favorite book and are unable to find it even after searching for it everywhere and digging your memory deeply, then let us explore different ways given below that will help you find it easily:

1. Gather Book Details

  • The first thing that you must do is gather as many details as you can about the book.
  • Even minute detail matters in finding a book on the internet.
  • You can also write down anything that you remember, from book genre (thriller, romantic, sci-fi), character name, personality traits, a memorable quote, book cover, distinct plot, where you read it, and a lot of other information.
  • You can also note down the time or the decade the book came out in.
  • All of this gathered information can increase your chances of tracking down the book easily.

2. Google It

If you want to know how to find a book you forgot the name of then Google is the answer for you.

  • Google is a search platform on the internet that has an answer to all of your questions.
  • Now that you have gathered enough information on the book, you can simply search for that information on Google.
  • Google goes through millions of search pages to locate the information required by you.
  • You can also narrow down your search on the platform with details such as the topic of the book, publisher, and others.
  • Using the right keywords for Google searches is also beneficial.

3. Use Google Advanced Book Search

 Google Advanced Book Search

If a simple Google search was of no help to you then you can try using Google Advanced Book Search.

  • The advanced search helps in entering specific information to find results.
  • These specific words also help in narrowing down the results.
  • Using the platform, you can search a few times to refine your search.
  • You can narrow down your search to publication date or publisher name.
  • You can keep trying different keywords until you find your book.

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4. Use Keyword Translation Tools

Google Books Library Project

You can also make use of keyword translation tools in order to conduct a book title search by keywords.

  • On getting all the possible details about the book, you can try making searchable keyword phrases.
  • There are a number of online tools like Google Books Library Project that will help you to easily find a book through an extensive database of scanned works be it covers, indexes, or tables of content.

5. Use Amazon’s Product Database

 Amazon Advanced Book Search. 9 Ways to Find a Book Using a Vague Description

Another method that can help you find a book title by plot website is Amazon’s product database. Use this platform to find a book you forgot the name of on Amazon.

  • There are high chance that your book is in Amazon’s book database.
  • You can do the search by visiting Amazon Books page and entering the details about the book that you remember in the search bar.
  • You can also get the help of Amazon’s Advanced Book Search to enter keywords, the subject of the book, and other possible information that you might have.

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6. Use Social Media

Twitter book community. 9 Ways to Find a Book Using a Vague Description

To find a book using a vague description is also possible with the help of social media.

  • There are a number of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others where there are active book communities that can help you find your book.
  • You can post a query on these platforms and wait for a response from professional book readers out there.
  • Along with this, there are also genre-specific groups on sites like Facebook and Twitter that can help you out with the book description that you have.
  • You can ask people on these platforms to assist you and help you find your book.

7. Ask Librarian

If you have a library nearby, the librarian can also help you with answering how to find a book you forgot the name of.

  • Even though using the internet for search is fast & reliable, taking the help of a professional such as a librarian is even more helpful.
  • You can rely on the experience and knowledge of a librarian and ask them to help you in finding your book.
  • A librarian can help you with finding a book even with its vague description due to their persistence.

8. Ask Reddit

 What’s That Book Called Reddit page

Reddit is a well-known platform where a number of discussions take place which can help you with book title search by keywords.

  • It is also one of the places on which you can rely in finding a book.
  • There are two Reddit pages that you can join for help, one is What’s That Book Called, and the other one is Tip Of My Tongue.
  • You can join these subreddits that are specifically made to find books, movies, songs, games, or anything that you need to find.
  • You must also follow rules and regulations about posting on these subreddits.
  • Posting a query will help you find your book even with a vague description.

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9. Ask Goodreads Members


Goodreads is one of the most popular sites where you can find a book using a vague description. You can use this platform to find a book you forgot the name of.

  • You can make your search based on the book title, author, or ISBN.
  • The website also has a separate group named What’s the Name of That Book that helps readers to refine their search.
  • The group has hundreds of members that are quite active.
  • You can provide book details, descriptions, or plot to figure out the title of the book.
  • You must provide all the relevant information that you have on the book you are trying to find.
  • Readers of Goodreads can ask questions on the platform as well.
  • You can ask a meaningful question on the page of a similar book on the site that you are trying to find.
  • You can even ask readers to recommend you a book or remind others about the book you are looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How can you find a book without knowing its name?

Ans. The easiest way to find a book without knowing its name is by doing a Google search.

Q2. Are there any apps to find or identify books?

Ans. Yes, there are a number of apps to find or identify books on the internet. There are apps for Android and iOS users as well.

Q3. What is a book called that has no plot?

Ans. A book with no plot is known as a slice-of-life book. Such books do not have a story arc.

Q4. Which is the rarest book to find?

Ans. The rarest book to find is The Codex Leicester. It is a rare book to find because it only has one copy.

Q5. Can I scan books with my phone?

Ans. Yes, you can scan books with your phone with various apps.


We hope that our guide on find a book using a vague description was informative and helped you find your favorite book with the various methods that are provided above. You can let us know about your queries and suggestions by leaving your comments below.