August 27, 2022

Can Geek Squad Repair Your PS4?

Geek Squad is a subsidiary of American and Canadian multinational companies which offers repair and installation services for your electronic accessories like phones, tablets, PCs, PlayStation, and other household appliances. Geek Squad provides in-home, in-store, online, and remote/telephonic services. If your PS4 is broken or not working properly, you can contact the Geek Squad repair service for further assistance. But are you not sure how to avail of the service or have any doubts regarding the service? This article will solve all the doubts a customer usually has, like how does the Geek Squad PS4 repair works, do they offer any warranty on PS4, is Geek Squad expensive, or does someone else got their PS4 fixed at Geek Squad. So, let’s begin!

Can Geek Squad Repair Your PS4?

Can Geek Squad Repair Your PS4?

Geek Squad also provides a warranty on repaired products like Play Stations, Smartphones, etc. They also sell new and second-hand products and buy used products. If you live in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, you can avail yourself of the repair service for your products and get the earliest solutions from their 24×7 telephonic service. Read this article till the end to learn the steps demonstrating how to clean PS4 and contact Geek Squad in a detailed manner using the pictures for a better understanding.

How Long is the Warranty on a PS4?

The warranty on PS4 lasts only one year for a newly purchased one. The warranty includes your PlayStation and its controllers. If your PS4 or the controller ever deteriorates, you can visit the store from where you’ve purchased your PS4. If you’ve purchased your PS4 online, you can contact Sony PlayStation customer support for further assistance. If your PS4 broke after the warranty period, you can contact Geek Squad PS4 repair service. Keep reading further to see how you can do it.

How Do You Clean the Inside of a PS4?

To clean the inside of a PS4, follow these steps:

Note: Make sure you remove the inserted disk from your PS4, if any.

1. Disconnect your PS4.

2. Wipe out the dirt on the surface.

3. Unscrew your PS4 to open it.

4. Clean off the internal dust using compressed air or the blower.

5. Unscrew your graphics card, battery, and hard drive.

6. Clean the internal parts individually.

7. Screw all the internal parts and screw the outer cover of your PS4.

Your PS4 is fully cleaned from the inside as well as from the outside.

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Can Geek Squad Fix a PlayStation?

Yes, Geek Squad can fix a PlayStation. If you ever broke your PlayStation, you can visit the Geek Squad offline store or contact the Geek Squad Contact Us page for the solution. Geek Squad can repair your PlayStation even after the expiration of the warranty period. When Geek Squad repair PS4, you will get the default workmanship warranty of 90 days. After the end of this warranty period, you can buy other warranty plans offered by the Geek Squad repair service.

Geek Squad Contact Us page

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Does Geek Squad Work on Consoles?

Yes, Geek Squad works on consoles. You can buy a new console, request an installation on the already purchased one, or repair your broken one no matter where you have bought it, whether it is under the warranty period or not. Geek Squad will repair all types of consoles, and if you have any issues with your console, you can visit the Geek Squad Contact Us page for further assistance.

How Much Do Geeks to You Charge Per Hour?

Geeks Squad can charge around $20–$1500/hour, depending on your chosen service.

  • If you want to fix your broken electronic gadget in the store, it will cost you around $40–$1400, depending on the service and the repair your product needs.
  • You can book an appointment at Geek Squad for in-home service, which will cost you around $80–$200, depending on the service.
  • Geek Squad’s remote service is the cheapest, which can cost you around $35–$150 and can also vary depending on the service your system requires.

Is the Geek Squad Expensive?

No, Geek Squad is not that expensive as compared to the official repair service offered by the brands of your appliances or gadgets. The repair cost will solely depend upon the product’s condition, whether the product is repairable or not. The severely damaged product can cost $1000 or more, which won’t be worth spending if you can buy the new one at the same price.

How Can You Get Your PS4 Fixed at Geek Squad?

To get your PS4 fixed at Geek Squad, you can do it via offline mode with the help of the steps mentioned below.

1. Contact 1-866-BESTBUY (1-866-237-8289) and book an appointment for the in-store service.

2. Take your PS4 to the store.

3. The Geek Squad team will examine and evaluate your PS4.

4. Once done examining, the Geek Squad team will test and resolve the issue.

5. Finally, pay for the repair and take it to your home.

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Can You Trust Geek Squad Refurbished?

Yes, you can trust Geek Squad refurbished products. All the refurbished products go through standard testing and receive the Geek Squad Certificate. All the refurbished products available at Geek Squad are fully tested and Geek Squad Certified. If any product fails to qualify for the testing, the product is sent to recycling.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a PS4 at Geek Squad?

Geek Squad PS4 repair can cost, on average, $180. Depending on the severity of the issue with your PS4, the repair cost can vary. Sometimes just resetting the PS4 will solve the issue. If not, the damage can be on the internal parts of your PS4, which will cost you some or more money.

Can GameStop Clean Your PS4?

Yes, GameStop can clean your PS4. GameStop offers a repair service for your consoles and controllers. They will also clean your console and controller. If you go to GameStop, they will clean your PS4 for free and charge you only for the repair. If you want to clean your PS4, you can ask the worker of GameStop to clean your PS4. They might or won’t charge you for it.

Does GameStop Repair Consoles?

Yes, GameStop repairs consoles. GameStop offers repair services for your deteriorated consoles and controllers. You have to take your console to your nearest GameStop store and explain your issue. They will examine your PS4 and fix it as soon as possible. If your PS4 is out of warranty, GameStop will charge you depending on the severity of the issue.

How Much Does GameStop Pay for a Broken PS4?

GameStop can pay around $100–$200 for your broken PS4. However, it depends on the condition of your PS4. You can also sell the internal parts of your PS4 like your Solid-State Drive, Graphics Card, and controller if it works perfectly fine.


We hope this article helped you solve all your doubts regarding the cleaning and repairing costs of Geek Squad and GameStop and also educated you about the services offered by GameStop and Geek Squad and about Geek Squad PS4 repair. Please share your valuable experience reading this article. If you have any queries or suggestions, drop them in the comment section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn next.