November 15, 2022

Fix TDSSKiller Won’t Run in Windows 10/11

Fix TDSSKiller Won

Keeping a system safe from malware and other notorious tools is extremely crucial. Not only can they damage the system, but they can also easily gain control of the system in an unauthorized manner. While there are many tools to stop malware from attacking your system, there are other software’s that help to remove rootkits that can hide their presence and still attack a system. Using TDSKiller to avoid such attacks is the best thing to do. However, if you are facing issues with this security tool and are unable to run it properly on your system then we have a perfect guide for you. In our today’s doc, we will learn about ways that can fix if TDSSKiller won’t run in windows 10 11. Also, we will know about what is TDSKiller and how to use TDSSKiller. So, if you have been wondering about these questions, it is time to know their answers and fix your system to use this great tool efficiently.

Fix TDSSKiller Won't Run in Windows 10/11

How to Fix TDSSKiller Won’t Run in Windows 10/11

Here we have shown the ways to solve TDSSKiller not running on Windows 10/11 problem.

What is Rootkit?

Before you know what is TDSSKiller, it is important to know about the culprit for which the tool is used. The culprit that we are talking about is a Rootkit.

  • A Rootkit is a computer program that is designed to gain unauthorized access to a computer while it actively hides its presence.
  • Earlier, a Rootkit was a tool that enabled administrator-level access to a system.
  • The word Rootkit is an amalgamation of two words, root and kit.
  • It helps a person maintain control of a computer without the owner of the system knowing about it.
  • The Rootkit controller can easily execute files remotely and also change system configurations.
  • It can also access log files and spy on the owner’s usage.
  • This harmful use of Rootkit is what makes using TDSSKiller a must to avoid information leakage.

What is TDSSKiller?

  • TDSSKiller is a security application created by Kaspersky Labs that has been designed to do scans and remove rootkits.
  • These rootkits are known to steal data from a computer through low-level API interception.
  • TDSSKiller is available for Windows PC.
  • This anti-rootkit software is genuine and reliable.
  • It is suggested to Windows users to not remove TDSSKiller from their systems unless it is absolutely required.
  • TDSSKiller is a portable software and should be run as an administrator to use it efficiently.

How to Use TDSSKiller

TDSSKiller is downloaded as a stand-alone ZIP file or executable file. Once downloaded, you can follow the steps given below to use TDSSKiller:

1. Launch TDSSKiller to open the welcome screen.

2. Now, click on the Change Parameters option.

TDSSKiller change parameters

3. Check the boxes for Verify driver digital signatures and Detect TDLFS file system.

4. Then click on OK.

5. Next, click on the Start scan button and wait for it to finish.

6. Once finished, you will get a report with threats or No threats found.

TDSSKiller no threats found. Fix TDSSKiller Won’t Run in Windows 10/11

7. If any malicious objects are detected on your computer, TDSSKiller will automatically take an action against them.

8. Once TDSSKiller has done its job, reboot your system immediately.

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Ways to Fix TDSSKiller Won’t Run in Windows 10/11

While some users find TDSSKiller a great protector for their PCs, others have been unable to use this security tool for some reason. If you are one of them, then you can try various fixes that have been given below to resolve the issue.

Method 1: Perform Clean Boot

One of the methods that you can opt for the issue of TDSSKiller won’t run in windows 10 11 is to clean boot in Windows. Performing a clean boot troubleshoots your PC issues that might be occurring due to corrupted drivers or program files. You can learn about how to Perform Clean Boot in Windows 10 with the help of our guide and then run TDSSKiller on your system after a fresh start.

Clean Boot Windows

Method 2: Run TDSSKiller as an Administrator

The first commonly opted method to fix the issue of TDSSKiller not working is to run the application as an administrator on the system. Read more about how you can run this software as an admin from the steps below:

1. Hit the Windows + E keys simultaneously to launch File Explorer.

2. Now, open the TDSSKiller folder.

3. Next, right-click on TDSSKiller.exe to open its menu.

4. Finally, select Run as administrator from the menu.

Select Run as administrator. Fix TDSSKiller Won’t Run in Windows 10/11

Method 3: Run Malware Scan

The next method that you can use if TDSSKiller won’t run in windows 10 11 is to run a malware scan. It is highly possible that the tool is not working due to an issue caused by malware infection. If so, it is suggested to run a full PC scan and remove malicious threats from your system. You can easily do so using the in-build Windows Defender on your Windows PC. You can also try using a third-party antivirus tool already installed on your system. If you want to know about the details of using an anti-malware tool, you can check our guide on How to use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to remove Malware.

 Run Malware Scan. Fix TDSSKiller Won’t Run in Windows 10/11

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Method 4: Disable Third-Party Antivirus Temporarily (If Applicable)

Even though third-party antivirus tools are extremely important in keeping a system safe from unknown threats and attacks, they can also prohibit the use of TDSSKiller software and hinder it’s working. If so, you can disable this third-party antivirus tool on your PC for some time and run the TDSSKiller security tool efficiently. You can read all about How to Disable Antivirus Temporarily on Windows 10 from our guide and implement it on your PC.

 Disable Third party Antivirus Utilities

Method 5: Run TDSSKiller in Safe Mode

If you still have not been able to resolve the issue of TDSSKiller won’t run in windows 10 11 then you can try running the software in safe mode. Safe mode helps in running the security tool without any issues or hindrance. You can learn to use TDSSKiller in safe mode with the help of our thorough guide on How to Boot to Safe Mode in Windows 10.

Run TDSSKiller in Safe Mode

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Method 6: Reinstall TDSSKiller

One of the last options that are left for you if TDSSKiller is still not responding on your PC is to reinstall the software altogether. Reinstalling the tool helps in resolving the issue of broken files of the software and to install missing files if any. So, try the reinstallation method using the steps below:

1. Launch the Run dialog box by pressing Windows + R keys together.

Launch the Run window

2. Now, type appwiz.cpl in the box and hit Enter key to open Programs and Features window.

Type appwiz.cpl

3. In the Programs and Features window, select TDSSKiller and click on the Uninstall button.

Select TDSSKiller and click on Uninstall. Fix TDSSKiller Won’t Run in Windows 10/11

4. Delete the remaining TDSSKiller files from File Explorer as well.

5. Now, restart the PC.

6. Download TDSSKiller again from Kaspersky support page and launch it to use the application without disturbance.

Download TDSSKiller

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is TDSSKiller exe?

Ans. TDSSKiller exe is the TDSSKiller files that are present on your system after you have downloaded the tool.

Q2. Is Rootkit a virus?

Ans. A Rootkit is generally related to malware like Trojans, viruses, and worms. Rootkit conceals its existence and actions from users and other system processes just like malware.

Q3. Can hackers use Rootkit?

Ans. Yes, hackers can use Rootkit to hack your computer and alter your operating system.

Q4. What does a Rootkit do?

Ans. A Rootkit is malicious software that can access your computer in an unauthorized manner and get hold of your system, files, and configurations without getting detected.

Q5. Can Rootkit infect BIOS?

Ans. Yes, Rootkit is a kind of malware that can easily infect your computer’s hard drive and system BIOS.


We hope that our guide on how to fix TDSSKiller won’t run in Windows 10 or 11 was successful in answering all your doubts regarding TDSSKiller, how to use it, and ways to fix this security tool. If our guide was helpful enough for you or if you have any queries or suggestions, you can contact us by leaving your comments below.