November 23, 2022

How Do I Increase Storage On My Samsung Smart Tv?

How Do I Increase Storage On My Samsung Smart Tv?

Samsung TVs are one of the most amazing android TVs at home. They’re popular amongst many people. However, the only issue that most people face is that they need to learn how they can expand the storage on their Samsung TVs.

If you are also wondering how can I expand the storage on my Samsung Smart TV, then this article might help you get the answer. You may utilize a memory card or external hard drive.

The first step in expanding the storage capacity of your Samsung TV is locating the limit. The app’s page should reveal this restriction. It’s at the screen’s bottom left corner.

As an alternative, you may access it via the configuration panel. Typically, it will be labelled “About,” “Information,” or “Properties.”

External USB storage is viable if your Smart TV has run out of internal storage space.

If your TV has a USB port, you may quickly transfer files from the USB memory to your TV. Then, to add more space, go to the “Storage and Restore” section of the settings and select “Manage Memory.”

After you’ve freed up space on your device’s internal memory, you can copy any downloaded files to the external storage. There will be plenty of room to keep all your television programs and films.

How Do I Add Storage to My Samsung TV?

How Do I Increase Storage On My Samsung Smart Tv

If you are having trouble adding storage to your Samsung TV, then don’t worry. Follow these simple steps to increase the space available for your films, photos, and music.

Even though the amount of data stored on your TV is restricted, you can always purchase more.

Consider these several possibilities: using an HDMI cable to link a DVR. You can access and manage files with this device’s built-in browser.

You may save up space on your Smart TV by removing unneeded applications.

The process is simple. You can access this function through the Samsung TV’s Apps menu. After deleting old programs, you can transfer the data to the new drive.

External memory may store more videos with the internal storage expansion. Just plug your USB memory stick into the TV’s USB port and power up the system.

If you connect the device to your TV, it will be seen as internal memory, and you’ll have access to its files.

Does The Samsung Smart TV Support External Hard Drives?

How Do I Increase Storage On My Samsung Smart Tv

Your Samsung Smart TV may receive media from a computer or external hard drive.

You need to be cautious every time you plug in an external hard disk. Because it can absorb more juice than a typical USB device, you need to format it appropriately.

If you want to play content from a hard drive, check to see if your smart TV supports the file format you intend to use. You need to re-partition an external hard disk before using it.

You can then utilize the entire disk.

However, use caution should you irreparably harm your hard drive.

If you want to access your files more quickly, try plugging them in via the HDMI cord. However, keep in mind that if you plug a USB stick into the TV, it won’t work.

Does Samsung Smart TV Support Any External Storage?

Present-day smart TVs are fantastic, but they only offer a little space for media. A USB memory stick or external hard drive can increase the storage available on your TV.

The Samsung Smart TV will only recognize drives with a file system compatible with its features.

Most devices, thankfully, are upgradable to allow for compatibility with standard file formats. Keep reading to get the lowdown on the most common forms and the best methods for transferring content to your new TV.

You may see the TV’s internal memory via the Settings menu. Go to the “Apps” menu. Please put it in the bottom left corner. The Settings menu is where you’ll be able to see how much space you currently have available.

Access the ‘Help’ menu by clicking there. Selecting Information, About, or Properties will bring up the same results. Under the ‘Capacity’ heading, you’ll often find the total amount of accessible space.

Samsung TV: How Do I Get To The Internal Storage?

How Do I Increase Storage On My Samsung Smart Tv

Your Samsung TV has several different options for getting to its internal memory. Finding your device’s storage capacity is the first step.

You may access the settings by clicking the “System” menu item. Select “Properties” under “About” and then scroll down.

Usually, the data you’re seeking will fall under one of these three categories. An external storage disk is not required to access the internal storage. Plug in the drive and let it do its thing while you do something else.

You can also access the Samsung TV’s internal storage using an external device. It’s as simple as plugging in the external hard drive and waiting for it to finish.

You can erase all your downloaded data and move them to the new storage if you need a faster access to the TV’s internal memory.

Can I Plug A Hard Drive Into My TV?

The connection between a hard drive and a television can take several forms. The first choice is to hook up a hard drive to your TV from the outside.

Both external and internal hard drives are available, with the former being the more convenient option. Connecting your hard drive to your TV makes it simple to sync the two devices.

When you plug in an external device, the hard drive becomes available for storing your data. When you plug in an external device, the hard drive becomes available for storing your data.

You may connect a hard drive to a TV through USB, the most popular method. You can connect most modern devices to a computer through a USB cable.

A USB port is available with external storage devices such as flash drives and hard drives.  

After you’ve hooked up your device to the TV, you may use the TV’s built-in file explorer to browse your stored data. Many TVs, however, have strict requirements for the type of file format used.

For more specifics, refer to your owner’s handbook. Connecting a hard drive to a TV via USB is another option.

Some modern television sets feature USB ports, allowing you to attach a portable hard drive or flash drive. Only externally powered drives will function in the USB port.


By reading this article, you should now have the answer to your question, how do I increase storage on my Samsung Smart TV. I hope this article was of help to you. Here, I conclude my article. For more information, stay tuned!

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