January 13, 2023

How Long Do GoFundMe Campaigns Last?

How Long Do GoFundMe Campaigns Last?

GoFundMe is a crowdfunding platform that lets people raise money for various private causes such as health care bills, educational expenses, and charity projects. If you have wondered how to make my GoFundMe go viral? Or Do you have to pay taxes on GoFundMe? If you are someone looking for tips about the same, we bring you a helpful guide that will teach you everything about GoFundMe charges and GoFundMe campaigns.

How Long Do GoFundMe Campaigns Last?

How Long Do GoFundMe Campaigns Last?

You will get to know how long GoFundMe campaigns last further in this article. Keep reading to learn more about it in detail.

What is GoFundMe Fees?

GoFundMe fees are the charges that GoFundMe charges on each donation made to a campaign posted on its website. The total fees consist of two components:

  • A processing fee
  • A platform fee

The processing fee covers the cost of credit card processing, fraud protection, and other expenses related to processing donations, while the GoFundMe platform’s operating expenses are covered by the platform charge.

GoFundMe website

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Is GoFundMe Money Taxable?

Yes. In general, the Internal Revenue Service or IRS of the United States treats funds donated through GoFundMe as taxable income. This means that you may need to report the money you receive from GoFundMe as income on your tax return and pay taxes on it. But there are some expectations to this rule, like if you use these collected funds to cover medical expenses, then the funds collected are not taxable.

Do You Have to Pay Taxes on GoFundMe?

Yes, you have to pay taxes on GoFundMe because according to the Internal Revenue Service in the United States, you have to pay taxes on the money you have received as a donation through GoFundMe.

How Much Does GoFundMe Retain?

GoFundMe retains some amount of money that was donated to a GoFundMe campaign by donors worldwide. They charge you 2.2% for charitable causes and 2.9% for others.

How Much Does GoFundMe Charge?

GoFundMe is not a charitable company; it is a business that earns profit from its platform. GoFundMe doesn’t charge you any platform fee so anyone can create their GoFundMe campaign without paying any charges.

GoFundMe earns most of its profits by charging transaction or processing fees:

  • GoFundMe charges a 2.9% payment processing fee and 30 cents for each donation made during fundraisers for people.
  • But for a charity cause, GoFundMe charges 2.2% processing fees and 30 cents per donation.

Can GoFundMe Money be Returned?

Yes, you can ask for a refund for the money donated to GoFundMe. You just have to contact Customer Support of GoFundMe and they will return your money after asking a few questions from you.


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Do GoFundMe Campaigns Expire?

No. GoFundMe campaigns don’t expire because they don’t have any expiry date. A Campaign remains active on GoFundMe until it is either ended by the organizer of the campaign or taken down by GoFundMe.

How Long Does a GoFundMe Go for?

There is no fixed expiry date or duration for which GoFundMe campaigns can last. Different campaigns last for various durations some last for a few days but some last for months or even more, it depends upon the organizers of that campaign how long they want to run their campaign and how long it takes to collect the desired amount of funds. GoFundMe Campaigns which have a clear aim, clear purpose, and active social media purpose last only a few days on the platform.

How Long Do GoFundMe Campaigns Last?

GoFundMe campaigns can last for various durations, some campaigns last for a few days but some last for months and even more. The duration of a campaign last on GoFundMe is decided by the organizers of that campaign because only they can end that campaign. Organizers can take down the fundraiser whenever they want it is completely up to them whether because they have raised enough money or for some other reason.

How Do I Make My GoFundMe Go Viral?

Everyone wants to get their fundraisers viral at GoFundMe because a viral fundraiser attracts a high volume of visitors to your fundraising event and the greater number of people visit your fundraiser, the more fund is going to be collected for your cause. If you are wondering how can I make my GoFundMe go viral, here is a simple guide you could try to make your fundraisers viral over the internet by just following these simple tricks.

Step I: Create an Emotional Story

Any Content that evokes viewers’ emotions always goes viral. So, in order to make a fundraiser go viral at GoFundMe the ability to arouse emotion is crucial. The emotion could be both upsetting and heartwarming to get the maximum amount of funds. Also, you have to get to know your determined audience prior and then create a powerful message that inspires them to support your cause.

Step II: Add Extensive Yet Simple Content

While creating your fundraiser on GoFundMe keep in mind that the maximum details you include the more trustful your post becomes and people will only support the cause they trust. Also, give it a simple and catchy title which should make it obvious what the purpose of your fundraising is. Creating a memorable hashtag to include at the end of your title is a beautiful strategy.

Step III: Make Your Fundraiser Sharable

A GoFundMe campaigns or fundraisers go viral if people who have seen it share it with their friends and family, this makes your post goes viral at an exponential rate. So, you have to add a shareable link to share fundraising on social media. Also, the content needs to be engaging while also being simple for readers to consume. Only worthwhile posts get shared, so make sure yours is one of them.

Step IV: Add Relevant Content

While creating a successful GoFundMe fundraiser it is important to include relevant details in the description. In the description, you should explain why you are raising money, who it is for, and how it will be used, and if possible attach photos and proofs to back your provided information. So that when someone visits your fundraiser, they will read the description to have a better understanding of the situation and will donate to your cause.

Step V: Include Images and Videos

Any Content that evokes viewers’ emotions always goes viral. So, in order to make a fundraiser go viral at GoFundMe the ability to arouse emotion is crucial. The emotion could be both upsetting and heartwarming to get the maximum amount of funds. A good way to trigger someone’s emotions is to upload a high-quality video that elicits strong emotional reactions that can be utilized to promote your campaign, You can upload photos if you are not able to create a video. Get creative and come up with photo concepts that will impress potential donors. People will be tempted to stop scrolling through their page with an intriguing photo or video in order to learn more about your fundraising which will surely benefit your fundraiser.

Step VI: Ask for Small Amounts

Even after your GoFundMe fundraisers viral, it is important that people viewing your fundraisers should donate some money but if you ask for a large amount of money, then the chances are high that most viewers would not contribute or donate funds. So, make your requests brief and specific if you’re attempting to launch a successful viral fundraising campaign.

You can ask like: One family can eat for one day for $5.

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What Happens If a GoFundMe Page Doesn’t Reach Its Goal?

If your GoFundMe page doesn’t reach the goal that you wanted, you will receive the amount collected on that campaign or you can choose to return the donated funds to donors.

Why Was My GoFundMe Deleted?

If your campaign violates the GoFundMe Community Guidelines, GoFundMe has the right to remove or delete your campaign from its platform without notifying you.

Community Guidelines


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