December 2, 2022

How to Change WiFi Network Name

How to Change WiFi Network Name

Do you know it is easier for any hacker to hack your router when the name of the router is default? Sometimes, most people leave the name of their router to a default one. The first thing you should do after purchasing a new router is to change the WiFi name and password. You may also choose to change the WiFi name just, leaving the password alone. Some people find it helpful to rename their routers so they can easily identify them when they connect to them. If you are thinking about how to change WiFi network name, read more to find out, also we have mentioned about WiFi names generator, so you don’t have to think about a name. So, Let’s get started to know about how to change WiFi name on Android.

How to Change WiFi Network Name

How to Change WiFi Network Name

In this article, we have explained about how to change WiFi name on Android, iPhone, or PC in detail.

Do I Need to Rename the Router?

  • You may need to change the network name or SSID and password when you first receive your router for the first time.
  • The default name of the router usually includes the name of the manufacturer of the router.
  • For example, Netgear routers have NETGEAR name as SSID and TP-Link routers have the SSID as TP-Link_2 which the hackers can easily exploit.
  • Changing network SSID can also differentiate your network ID from your neighbor’s network ID, Which in turn can help you to connect to your network fast and easily.
  • Set a unique name so that, you can always pinpoint your device to connect, Sometimes names like Stephens WiFi, and Sofi WiFi can be confusing since other people might use that name, Keep reading to find out how to set a unique name, you can do that by using a Wi-Fi names generator.

How to Change WiFi Network Name on Web Browser

If you have a router, you can change your WiFi name through the web browser, follow the below steps to know how to change wifi network name from your web browser.

1. Open your web browser (e.g. Google Chrome) from the Desktop.

open a web browser from desktop

2. Now, enter your router’s IP address and hit the Enter key.

Note: Most of the routers use the same IP address such as, or

enter the router IP address and hit Enter. How to Change WiFi Network Name

3. If all of these do not work on your browser, then you can read our article on How to find my router’s IP address to know how to find your IP address.

Note 1: You need to be connected to your WiFi router network to change your WiFi name.

Note 2: When entering the IP address, sometimes you may get a warning such as the connection is not private, there should be no concern about this because most routers have security functions built-in and are on a local network.

4. Enter the router username and password and click on the Sign In button to sign in to your router.

Note: Your login credentials are not the same as your router WiFi router username and password to connect to it, you can find the router’s login credentials printed on the router itself or they may be printed on the manual.

Type the Ip address to access Router Settings and then provide username and password

5. After signing in got to an option called Wireless, which is usually present on the left side of the page.

6. Now, you can change your WiFi name through the given fields.

Note: Some routers also mention SSID (Service Set Identifier), this can be changed to change the WiFi name.

change wifi router name wireless network setting

7. Enter a new name in the fields and finally click on Apply to save the changes.

Note: After changing the WiFi username, you need to reconnect all the devices connected to it after you restart your router.

This method applies to users who would want to know how to change wifi network name on a PC.

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How to Change Wi-Fi Name on Android

People who would want to connect to a WiFi hotspot from another device may want to identify the hotspot name. You can change the hotspot name of your Android device so that it can be convenient to identify easily and connect to the said hotspot, follow the steps below to know how to change WiFi network name by knowing how to change WiFi name on android.

Note: Every smartphone is different and so ensure the correct settings before changing any, the following steps were tried on – Moto g(8) power lite – Stock Android 10

1. Swipe down on the Notification bar and tap on the cog icon to open the Settings menu.

swipe down on the notifications abar and tap on settings icon

2. Now, tap on Network & internet to open Network settings.

tap network and internet. How to Change WiFi Network Name

3. Now, tap on Hotspot & tethering to change your WiFi name.

tap on hotspot and tethering

4. Tap on the WiFi hotspot.

tap on wifi hotspot

5. Finally, tap on the Hotspot name option, here you can change the name of your hotspot which will reflect as your hotspot name.

tap on hotspot name. How to Change WiFi Network Name

6. Now enter a name and tap on OK to save the name.

enter a name and tap ok

Note: Some devices have the name of the hotspot name as SSID, you can tap on these to change the name of your hotspot.

This method applies to users who would want to know how to change wifi network name on Android devices.

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How to Change Wi-Fi Name on iPhone

Users may also wonder how to change WiFi name on iPhone, you can do that by performing the given simple steps.

1. Tap on the Settings app from your home screen.

tap on settings icon in iPhone

2. Go to the General tab by tapping on it.

Tap on General in Iphone settings. How to Change WiFi Network Name

3. Now, tap on About to see options about your iPhone.

select About option on iPhone General settings. How to Change WiFi Network Name

4. Finally, tap on Name and choose a name for your hotspot, keep the name unique so you can identify it easily.

5. Save the changes by tapping on Done.

After saving the changes, reconnect to your iPhone hotspot and you can see the new name of your iPhone hotspot.

This method applies to users who would want to know how to change wifi network name on iPhone devices.

Steps to Set a Recommended Name for WiFi

  • You may want to use a unique SSID to find your network name among a plethora of other networks in your area.
  • Pick a name that is long and contains both letters and numbers.
  • Avoid using your name, address, or any other personal details.
  • It is recommended to change the WiFi SSID once every three months, you can also change the name once per 6 months if the former is not favorable.

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List of Wi-Fi Names Generator

When we are using the internet for the first time, we might have no idea what name to assign to our router, Android or iPhone. Most names you use might not be very identifiable by you since they cannot be unique, don’t feel confused you can just use a Wi-Fi names generator website free of cost and get great and unique suggestions, read more to get started on some great Wi-Fi names generator websites.

1. Namesnerd

Namesnerd suggests hundreds of ideas concerning the name of a WiFi, you can generate many unique names.

1. To get started, you can visit the website and choose your favorite category for a name.

tap on any category to choose a unique WiFi name of that category. How to Change WiFi Network Name

2. After that, just click on the Generate names button.

click on generate names. How to Change WiFi Network Name

3. The website will show you a unique name based on your category selection.

4. You also can save the name of the WiFi which you can use later.

5 . The main part of the website is there are different types of categories for getting unique names, you can get many creative names for your WiFi.


WiFinames is a classic WiFi name generator website that provides you with unique names when you don’t have an idea of how to set a name.

1. Just click on Click Here to Generate Names to generate a random WiFi name.

click on click here to generate names

2. The website is a simple UI but provides an instant name for your WiFi.

3. ZiplyFiber

If you are a fan of superheroes, you don’t need to search more than the ZiplyFiber website. It is one of popular WiFi names generator tool.

1. You may need to answer the question the website asks you to provide a simple and suitable superhero WiFi name.

2. Click Submit after entering an answer to generate the name for your WiFi.

enter an answer and click submit. How to Change WiFi Network Name

3. Click Generate Another WiFi Name if you are satisfied with the current one.

click generate another wifi name

4. Funny WiFi

If you are a fan of humor and would like your Wifi names generated through funny names, Funny WiFi Names is your destination. It is another useful WiFi names generator tool. There are also plenty of funny WiFi names already given as a list on the website that you can use.

Funnywifinames homepage. How to Change WiFi Network Name

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5. Geek Dashboard

Geek Dashboard has a WiFi names generator tool that you can use.

1. Just click on Generate WiFi Name button and new funny names will be generated which are random.

Geek Dashboard webpage

2. There are multiple random words that you can generate, if you prefer a list, there is also a list of WiFi names on the website

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q1 How can I change network name for a Comcast router?

Ans. Xfinity tool is usually used to configure Comcast, you can go to the Xfinity tool at this address and log in to your Comcast account. Go to Gateway, then click on connections, and finally Wi-Fi, now go to private WiFi network, here you can see your SSID. Click edit to edit the name. Save your changes.

Q2. How to change the Spectrum router network name?

Ans. Log in to your account using the router ID and password on a web browser, Go to advanced, There will be a WiFi panel called 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. Finally, select basic, and enter a new SSID, Click Apply to save all the changes.

Q3. How can I change the name of the network if I have an AT&T router connection?

Ans. You may need to go to the AT&T Smart Home Manager app and log in, Next select My Wi-Fi and then click on Edit which is present next to your network name, clear the name and enter a new name and finally click on Save to save changes. Restart the router to see if the changes have taken effect.

Q4. What is SSID and how do I change it?

Ans. SSID (Service Set Identifier) is your network name whether it is from your smartphone or router. Read the above article to know more about how to change the network name of your Wi-Fi.

Q5. When I change my network name only, do I still need to restart the router and reconnect all devices?

Ans. When you change the name of your router, the router will be refreshed itself and the old network name will not be valid, you still cannot connect to your network yet since the old network will not work, you need to restart your router and then reconnect all your devices to the router connection to get the new WiFi name and use it.

Q6. Can I change my password as well as my WiFi name?

Ans. Yes, most routers and phones allow changing passwords along with the WiFi in the steps mentioned in the article above to change the WiFi name.


We hope the above article on how to change WiFi network name was helpful to you and you were able to set a new name for your WiFi, please let us know which method you liked and used to change the name of your WiFi network, also don’t forget to drop a comment about what you think about the article, Thanks!