May 7, 2024

How to Check Gap Order Status

How to Check Gap Order Status

Gap Order Status

Although Gap operates Gap Factory outlets where it offers lower-priced merchandise, in strictly legal terms, Gap Factory is not an outlet. You can track the location of your order as it travels to your door as soon as you place it. You might have to wait for the entire shipping window for your order to arrive. If your order is listed as in the process, it implies that they are getting it ready to ship.

They will change the shipping method used to guarantee that your order reaches you by the due date. They will also email you the tracking information as soon as your order ships. To view your recent order history, sign into your account. Alternatively, you can search for a specific order by providing the order number and your email address. If you are wondering how to check your Gap order status and how to cancel Gap order, read more to know. You will also learn how to contact and check Gap factory order status.

How to Check Gap Order Status

How to Check Gap Order Status

This article will let you know how to check Gap order status further. Keep reading to learn more about it in detail.

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How Long Do Gap Orders Take to Ship?

Standard orders are completed following authorization and verification of credit cards. For Gap orders going to the United States, US Territories, and P.O. Boxes, regular delivery normally takes four to seven working days (Monday through Friday, except holidays). Companies occasionally run out of specific items due to great demand. They send you an email immediately if they don’t have an item you requested. They cancel the order for an out-of-stock item when it is doubtful that it will be returned to stock. In this instance, they don’t charge you for the item, any associated taxes, or shipping costs.

Gap website

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Can I Track Gap Order Status?

Yes. You can track your Gap order status from the Orders & Returns section of the Gap website.

Can I Check Gap Order Status?

Yes. You can check the order status and the details of your package.

How Do I Track My Gap Package?

You can track your Gap packages with the help of the two methods mentioned below:

Method 1: From Gap Orders & Returns Page

After placing an order, you can check the progress of your Gap order from the Orders & Returns page. You will have to SIGN IN first to start tracking your orders. Gap enables order number tracking following package dispatch. From their account section, you may check the status of your last six months of orders.

Note: You should also make use of the order tracking widget, though. Order ID and email address are required.

Gap Orders & Returns page

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Method 2: Using Other Tracking Tools

This tracking app supports all significant courier and shipping firms;

1. Visit the Trackmycourier website on your browser.

2. Find your tracking number from the Gap site and enter it in the input box.

3. Click on the TRACK option to get all the information regarding your package.

tracking number input box - TRACK

How to Check Gap Order Status?

For gap order status tracking:

1. Visit the Gap website on your browser.

2. Click on the Sign In > Orders & Returns option.

3. Click on LOOK UP AN ORDER.

Click on LOOK UP AN ORDER | How to Check Gap Order Status

4. Then, enter your Email Address and Order Number and click on LOOK UP AN ORDER.

enter your Email Address and Order Number and click on LOOK UP AN ORDER

You can view the order details and shipment summary for each order. Each package’s tracking number is included in the shipment details, and you may use it to check its status.

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How to Check Gap Factory Order Status?

To see the factory order status, try the methods mentioned above to see the factory order status.

How to Cancel Gap Order?

Within 45 minutes of placing your order, log into your online account and visit Order Details to cancel the order. Orders are processed very soon.

But if you’ve passed that time, you can visit the Gap Contact Us page on your browser and Chat or Call Toll-free to place the request for order cancellation. Then, the chatbot routes your message to a customer support agent. Call and speak to a Gap customer service agent as soon as you realize you need to cancel an online order. They will make every effort to have your order removed and canceled from the system.

Gap Contact Us page

How to Contact Gap Customer Service?

You can try contacting Gap customer service at this number 00 1 614-744-3907 or try mailing them to


We hope that you learned about how to check Gap order status. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what topic you want to learn about in our next article.


There are two ways you can check the status of your Gap order:

1. Using Your Gap Account:

  • Sign in to your Gap account on their website (
  • Once logged in, navigate to “My Account” or “Order History” (the specific menu option might vary slightly depending on the website layout).
  • You should see a list of your recent orders, including your Gap order.
  • Each order will have details like the order number, items purchased, estimated delivery date, and current status (e.g., “Processing,” “Shipped,” “Delivered”).

2. Using the Order Number and Email:

  • If you’re not signed into your account or don’t have one, you can still track your order using the order number and your email address.
  • Locate your order confirmation email from Gap. This email will contain your order number.
  • Visit the Gap order tracking page (
  • Enter your order number and the email address associated with the order in the designated fields.
  • Click “Track” and you should see the current status of your Gap order.


  • Gap might also offer SMS notifications about your order status. Double-check your phone for any updates from Gap.

By following these steps, you should be able to easily check the status of your Gap order using either your account information or the order number and email address.