August 12, 2022

How to Decode iPhone Analytics Data

When you talk about smartphone innovation, iPhone will be in the top 5 brands in the world. iPhone has always stood top with its amazing iOS operating system along with the best hardware. iPhone indeed provides top-class built-in security and protection. Furthermore, iPhones generate less heat and do not consist of bloatware when compared to other phones. Also, iPhone analytics can be simple and understandable for everyone, which again makes it the best phone to use. iPhone analytics include hardware and software like data, specifications, and performance of your device. Here your personal data is not shown as per privacy guidelines. So, if you have any doubts about how to read iPhone analytics data, keep reading further. This article will provide you answer to this query with the procedures for how to decode iPhone analytics data.

How to Decode iPhone Analytics Data

How to Decode iPhone Analytics Data

You can read and decode iPhone analytics data on the Analytics & Improvements menu from iPhone settings. Read this article till the end to learn the steps demonstrating the same in detailed manner using the pictures for better understanding.

What is Phone Analytics on iPhone?

Phone analytics on iPhone include the details about hardware and software system, performance specifications, statistics, and data. So, basically it indicates how you use your iPhone device.

Can iPhone Analytics Data be Erased?

Yes, iPhone Analytics data can be erased by syncing iTunes with your phone.

What is a Watchdog on iPhone Analytics?

In iPhones, the operating system uses a watchdog to keep track of the performance and overloading or overheating issues with apps. When an app is overheating or using excess memory on your iPhone device, the Watchdog Termination occurs, and it terminates or kills the app.

What is Jetsam in iPhone Analytics?

Jetsam event in iPhone occurs when there’s a lot of data flushing onto your device i.e. when your memory processor is full. To control the flow, Jetsam asks users to delete data from the phone. This process usually occurs when your device is overloaded with browser cookies or ads or any app that downloads too much data.

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What are Aggregated Diskwrites on iPhone?

Aggregated Diskwrites means the abstraction of two or more logical volumes or hard disks into a single logical disk. This slows up the device as it cannot write simultaneously from multiple sources.

What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is an app for iOS and Android devices with which you can get constant updates to your content and courses. Also, it allows your to take assignments and tests and see the grades for the same.

Blackboard app for Android on Play Store

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What is Microstackshots?

Microstackshots is a command aggregate or method that captures a stock shot of an executing process.

What are Stacks Routined on iPhone?

Stacks basically allow relocating the apps on the mobile. iPhones which are jailbroken or hacked will have add-ons like stacks.

How Do I Read iPhone Data on Analytics? How Do I Read Analytics Data?

You can check the analytics of your iPhone by following the given steps.

1. Open Settings on your iPhone.

Open Settings on your iPhone

2. Tap on the Privacy option from the list.

Privacy option iPhone Settings

3. Tap on Analytics & Improvements

Tap on Analytics & Improvements

4. Tap on Analytics Data.

Tap on Analytics Data

5. Here, you can read your iPhone data analytics consisting of the information about the performance statistics with the hardware and software specifications.

iPhone data analytics

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How to Decode iPhone Analytics Data?

You can decode iPhone Analytics data on your phone by following these steps:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Then, tap on Privacy.

Privacy option iPhone Settings

3. Again, swipe down and tap on Analytics & Improvements > Analytics Data.

Tap on Analytics Data

4. The analytics data is divided into two different parts: XML file and JSON file. This collected information is sent to analyze the various performance issues of your iPhone.

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The hidden menu on iPhones is basically a combination of numerical and special character codes which are used to call some actions. There are a number of codes or shortcuts to use this, for example:

  • A field text menu that enables to display of information regarding the phone, like network connections, IP address of mobile, etc. The code used for that is *3001#12345#*
  • For a call like presentation, dial *30# 
  • To know IMEI, an abbreviated version of International Mobile Equipment Identity Number, dial  *#06#
  • Similarly, for call forwarding, dial *21#, and hide caller ID, dial *31#.

How Do I Trigger Sysdiagnose on My iPhone?

Sysdiagnose is a facility in iPhone with which you can find system diagnoses. It includes information about logging from different services and reports on the state of systems. You can view sysdiagnose on your iPhone by following these steps:

1. Press and hold the Power + Volume up + Volume down buttons together for half a second.

2. Now, wait for a few minutes and then launch the iPhone Settings.

3. Tap on Privacy > Analytics & Improvements.

Tap on Analytics & Improvements

4. Then, tap on Analytics Data.

5. Swipe down to locate and tap on the sysdiagnose log file.

Swipe down to locate and tap on the sysdiagnose log file


We hope that you learned about how to decode iPhone analytics data. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Let us know what topic you want to learn about in our next article.