November 16, 2022

How to Delete Prizegrab Account

How to Delete Prizegrab Account

You won a lottery of $100,000! Click on this link to claim your prize. Everyone knows that 99% of the time, anyone who gets this type of mail, texts, or even phone calls is a scam. But now, many websites or apps are giving you a chance to win a lottery by just entering the contest at no cost. One of the many websites is Prizegrab. Prizegrab offers you a chance to win prizes ranging from a $10 gift card to $25,000 in cash! It is a sweepstake website where you can enter any of the given contests and win various prizes like cash, gadgets, gift cards, and much more. The users are only contacted via e-mail and not otherwise. Prizegrab users can win different prizes including home appliances, tech devices, etc. Users must have a valid email address to enter into Prizegrab. In this blog, we are going to tell you about how to delete your Prizegrab account. Also, continue reading to know about Prizegrab app.

How to Delete Prizegrab Account

How to Delete Prizegrab Account

It can get frustrating and the constant emails can be a problem too. Many people understand this thing and they move on to their normal life instead of waiting on a website that gives out free money to anyone randomly. If you are looking for the answers of how to delete a Prizegrab account via its website or Prizegrab app, then you are at the right place. Keep reading to learn more about Prizegrab app and how to delete Prizegrab account further in this article.

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Anyone who wishes to delete their Prizegrab account permanently can send account deletion mail to Prizegrab customer support as explained below:

1. Visit your Gmail account or any other email account on your browser and click on Compose.

Once you have your Username, Visit the official Gmail website | How to Delete Prizegrab Account

2. Enter in the To field.

3. Fill out the Subject field as Request to delete Prizegrab account.

4. Write the body of the mail with the request to delete your account followed by the reason for the same.

5. After this, click on Send.

Note: You can also visit the headquarters of Prizegrab directly and ask them to delete your entire account and they will do it for you.

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Is Prizegrab Legitimate?

Yes, Prizegrab is 100% legit and has given winners every day since 2013. Till now more than 6,500 winners had been announced with over $2 million of collective prizes among them. You can check the winners list here. Anyone can enter into as many prizes contests as he/she wants, there is no limit to that. Also, you can participate more than once in a single contest to increase your chances of winning but there is a limited number of entries allowed per contest.

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How Prizegrab Works?

Users have to register themselves with Prizegrab either with a valid e-mail account or with Facebook account. Users just have to enter their basic details on the account creation page. After the registration process users can click on the Prizes option located at the top of the page. New prizes are added every week which include home appliances, tech devices, real cash, etc.

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Where is Prizegrab Located?

The exact address of the Prizegrab headquarters is 333 S. E. 2nd Ave., Suite 2000, Miami, FL 33131, USA. It is only accessible by the people living in the USA territory as legal residents. Living in places like Guam, The Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, or other USA territories gives you access to participate in the Prizegrab contests.

Is There any Prizegrab App?

No, there isn’t any Prizegrab app to download. You can only access Prizegrab through the official website. Keep reading to learn how to delete Prizegrab account.

What is the eligibility to play on Prizegrab?

The player must at least 18 years of age. They should be a legal resident of U.S. territories such as Guam, Puerto Rico, etc.

Can we win more than one prize on Prizegrab?

Prizegrab randomly selects the winners, so there are chances that the users can win more than one prize on Prizegrab.

What is the winning range on Prizegrab?

The users can win anything ranging from Gift cards to tangible items such as home appliances and tech devices. Cash prizes up to 20k can also be won by the users. The tangible items are sent via post while the gift cards and discount coupons are sent by e-mail. Prizegrab has a variety of prizes to offer.

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Do people really win on Prizegrab?

Prizegrab announces winners on daily basis on their winner’s page and through personalized emails. Every day 2 winners are announced. To get the announcement e-mail users have to subscribe to Prizegrab’s e-mail list. You can check winner’s list here.

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Who can claim the prizes and can we transfer the prizes on Prizegrab?

Only the actual winners can claim the prize. The winners cannot transfer their prizes to the other players at any cost.

Do we have to pay registration charges on Prizegrab?

So, what does it cost to enter the contests or to claim your prizes or the cost of getting it delivered to your house? The answer is not even a single penny. Prizegrab is completely free to use and it is one of the main reasons that the website attracts more than 2 million site visitors every month. It randomly selects winners every day since it was formed in 2013.

Prizegrab does not ask for registration charges from its users. This means that anyone can register with Prizegrab without paying a single penny. Registration on Prizegrab is totally free.

What happens if we do not claim our prizes on Prizegrab?

The unclaimed prizes are again offered in the upcoming sweepstakes. If a winner does not claim his/her prize then the other players get a second chance of winning.

How can we enter in a prize on Prizegrab?

Sign in to Prizegrab account from your device. Select your favorite prize or the prize of your interest and click on the enter now option. You’ll see a confirmation message of Processing entry. You can choose different prizes on Prizegrab of your choice. You can visit the prizes page to view the available prizes.

How to Win Prizegrab Prizes?

It can get frustrating or even too addictive that you just sit hopefully that one day you will hit that big lottery. Many people must have suffered this and thus brought you here to find the answers. So, below are some ways to help you increase your chances of actually winning it.

  • As any website wants the once-in-a-while visitor to turn into daily ones. So, start by being regular on the Prizegrab website, which will have more chances of winning it.
  • Keep checking your emails as they notify the winner through email. And sometimes, they give email exclusive prizes, which are not present on the official website of Prizegrab.
  • Enter multiple entries in one contest. More entries, more chance of winning.
  • Maintain an entry streak by submitting ten entries in a single day and continuing it like that. It gives you bonus entry opportunities by giving you points for entry streaks.
  • Check their social media as they post some unclaimed prizes there to notify the winner. And also, Prizegrab offers exclusive social media prizes that are posted only on their Facebook or Twitter.


Prizegrab is a good source to have fun and win prizes too. It’s easy to use and definitely real. But everything is random. If you enter into this with the hope of winning a big lottery and then go on a trip or spending that amount somewhere or on something you want, you will be disappointed and soon it will become frustrating, so invest your time but don’t create unreal expectations. Play it for the fun and thrill. Hopefully, you got an answer to the question about the Prizegrab app and how to delete Prizegrab account and if you find this article helpful, please let us know in the comments below or if you have any kind of feedback, we are all ears to that too.