December 3, 2022

How to Delete Suspended Twitter Account

Twitter can be extremely addictive, and like any other social media platform, it also indulges in negativity. Getting suspended on Twitter can be very unchallenging, and many of your posted tweets and retweets could result in your suspension. Twitter is committed to creating a safe and secure place for everyone on its platform. They have their Twitter rules set, and violating them could cause the suspension of your account. If you got your account suspended and have been wanting to delete that account and start a new one or might want to recover suspended Twitter account, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will learn how to delete suspended Twitter accounts and many more things that will make it easier for you to handle not just yours but any suspended Twitter accounts.

How to Delete Suspended Twitter Account

How to Delete Suspended Twitter Account

Continue reading to know stop suspension evasion on Twitter or recover suspended Twitter account and also the ways to delete suspended Twitter account in detail.

Is a Suspended Twitter Account Gone Forever?

No, a suspended account can be retained after a few hours. It depends on the type of violation but usually, it can take up to 48 hours to 7 days.

Can Suspended Twitter Accounts be Recovered?

Yes, you can recover suspended Twitter accounts very easily. For that, you may need to file a Twitter suspension appeal in order to unsuspend your account. Twitter comes with a set of rules that you can find in the Twitter rules. Go through it to know what can cause the suspension of your account.

Twitter Rules

Can you Delete a Permanently Suspended Twitter Account?

Yes, you can delete a permanently suspended Twitter account. If Twitter notices any suspicious activities or violations of Twitter’s terms and conditions that you agreed to at the beginning when you opened an account. This social platform has the right to suspend your account.

What Happens When Your Account is Suspended on Twitter?

A Twitter account can get suspended for a couple of different reasons. Each suspended account can depend on the type of violation. If it is your first time, Twitter might temporarily make your account read-only. If your account has been suspended for some serious violations, then Twitter might limit your tweets, retweets, and other activities. When your account is suspended, other people will still be able to engage with your profile.

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What Happens to Permanently Suspended Twitter Accounts?

Severely offensive acts can lead to a permanent suspension of your Twitter account, which will further remove it from public view and will also not let the user create new accounts, hereafter.

Why did my Twitter Account Get Permanently Suspended for No Reason?

Elon Musk has said that accounts engaging in impersonation without clearly specifying parody will be permanently suspended. With that, Twitter has already cracked down on well-known Twitter handles that changed their user name to Musk’s.

We have listed down some potential reasons, why your account is permanently suspended.

  • Spam or Fake accounts: One of the most common causes of Twitter account suspension is a spammy or fake account. Using these accounts with malicious intentions keeps other Twitter users at a security risk. In some cases, a real account might also be suspended due to some misunderstanding, but this can be resolved soon.
  • Abusive Tweets: In case of abusive tweets, harmful behavior, or threats, Twitter might temporarily or even at times permanently suspend your account.
  • Account security is at risk: For the better safety of the platform and its users, Twitter keeps track of hacked accounts.

How Long Does a Suspended Twitter Account Last

A Twitter account suspension can last for 12 hours to 7 days. It solely relies on the nature of the violation carried out.

How Long Does a Twitter Account Stay Suspended For

It purely depends on the type of violation made to get your account suspended.

  • It usually takes around 48 hours in case of a minor violation of Twitter policies.
  • However, if your suspended account is a more serious violation of Twitter policies, then it might take around 12 hours to 7 days to respond.
  • Generally, it takes time for Twitter to review your account, the provided email address, and phone number, hence, the course of time taken is different for different suspended accounts.
  • Twitter can permanently suspend your account if you are found with more serious violations. The more serious the violation is, the longer time will be.

What Happens to Permanently Suspended Accounts?

Permanently suspended accounts are the most severe enforcement action. Permanently suspending an account will remove it from public view, and the violator will not be allowed to create new accounts anymore. When Twitter permanently suspends an account, they notify the person that they have been suspended for violations of Twitter policies and explain which policy or policies have been violated.

Violators can appeal a Twitter suspension appeal if they believe that Twitter made an error. They can do this by filing a report. Upon appeal, if Twitter finds that the suspension is valid or invalid, a response to the appeal with information on the policy will be sent to the suspended accounts.

How Long Does A Twitter Suspension Appeal Take

The process of an appeal against a Twitter suspension can take 2-4 months. In some cases, responses are sent to approved appeals within 2 weeks.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Suspended Twitter Account Back

The criteria to get your suspended Twitter account back can solely depend on the nature of the violation. On average, the Twitter suspension lasts for about 48 hours, and in the meantime, Twitter reviews all the necessary details you provided for verification.

How Do I Know If My Twitter Account is Permanently Suspended

Users get notified when an account gets suspended permanently. They are notified regarding the grounds of their account’s suspension explaining which of their policies were in violation.

How Can I See Tweets from a Suspended Account

Viewing tweets from a suspended Twitter account can be difficult, but not impossible. We have listed two ways that you need to follow in order to see tweets from a suspended Twitter account.

Method 1: Using a Bookmarklet

1. Tap the bookmarklet.

2. Enter your username.

Note: Use only lowercase letters without including the @ sign.

enter Twitter handle in Twitter bookmarklet. How to Delete Suspended Twitter Account

It will only allow you to view the content.

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Method 2: Using Online Services

There are several online tools that are built to make you view suspended Twitter accounts. And, there, you have access to your suspended Twitter account, allowing you to view tweets.

How Do I Delete My Suspended Twitter Account

We have provided the steps to delete suspended Twitter account. Keep reading to find out how to delete suspended Twitter account.

How To Delete Suspended Twitter Account

You can permanently delete suspended Twitter account, but first, you need to unsuspend your account before deleting it. To unsuspend your account, you may file a Twitter suspension appeal. Based on why your account was suspended, following the proper steps can help you get your account back and ultimately delete it.

Method 1: Unsuspend Twitter Account to Delete

You need to unsuspend your Twitter account. You can unsuspend an account by verification. Here are some steps that will help you:

1. Log in to your Twitter account using an Android or iOS device or the official Twitter website

Twitter login page

2. Select More on the left corner of the home page.

Select More on the left corner of the home page. How to Delete Suspended Twitter Account

3. Select Settings and Support.

Select Settings and Support

4. Navigate to Settings and Privacy.

Navigate to Settings and Privacy. How to Delete Suspended Twitter Account

5. Next, find the Your account tab.

find the Your account tab

6. Locate and click on Deactivate your account.

Locate and click on Deactivate your account. How to Delete Suspended Twitter Account

7. Then, Click on Deactivate.

Click on Deactivate

8. Enter your password and click on Deactivate Account.

Enter your password and click on Deactivate Account. How to Delete Suspended Twitter Account

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Method 2: Send a Request to Twitter Support Team

Twitter gives you the option of requesting to deactivate your suspended account which can be of great help. To apply this method, follow the given steps.

1. Go to Twitter Help Center.

Twitter help center. How to Delete Suspended Twitter Account

2. Select I’d like to deactivate or close my account.

3. Finally, complete the account access form and click Submit.

Note: Twitter will send you an email with more information about your request and your resolution within a few days.

How To Recover Permanently Suspended Twitter Account

Once an account is permanently suspended, you won’t be able to recover it. However, you can file an appeal or create a new account using a different email.

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How To Recover Suspended Twitter Account

Are you looking for a way to recover suspended Twitter account? Twitter may suspend or temporarily limit your account if Twitter suspects you to be using fake information, spamming, impersonating other accounts, or running a bot. We bring you the proper methods to recover your suspended Twitter account. Following the given methods to stop suspension evasion on Twitter.

Method 1: Verify Locked or Limited Accounts

Following are the steps that will help you verify your limited accounts and hence help recover the accounts.

1. Log in to Twitter.

Note: If at all your account was hacked then visit this Account access Twitter help page to fill the form.

Twitter account access help page

2. Click on Start on the page that says Your account has been locked, Please verify your account, or Your account has been locked for security.

3. Next, enter your Phone Number.

Note: If you are not able to verify through phone number then click on Send email.

find your twitter account

4. Then, enter the confirmation code and click on Submit or Verify.

5. Finally, Change Your Password as soon as the account is unlocked.

To change your password follow the steps below:

1. Click the three dots on the bottom left panel if you’re using a computer, or tap the navigation menu at the top-left on an Android or iOS device.

2. Then, tap on Settings & Support.

3. Next, tap on Settings and privacy.

tap on Settings and privacy. How to Delete Suspended Twitter Account

4. Now select Your account.

select Your account

5. Tap on Change your password.

Tap on Change your password. How to Delete Suspended Twitter Account

6. Enter your current password, followed by your new password. The same also needs to be entered in Confirm password field.

Enter your current password followed by your new password

7. Tap Update password and you are done.

Tap Update password and you are done. How to Delete Suspended Twitter Account

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Method 2: Appealing Suspended Account

If the suspension of your Twitter account is permanent and you believe in your innocence, then you can file an appeal. To file an appeal, follow the given steps.

1. First, log in to Twitter.

2. If available, click on Continue to Twitter.

3. Undo retweets if possible.

4. Go to the Twitter Help Center in a web browser.

Twitter help center in web browser. How to Delete Suspended Twitter Account

5. Explain your problem in the Account Access form.

Twitter help center description of your problem

6. Enter your personal information.

Add personal information in Twitter Help center page

7. Upload identification if required.

8. Click on Continue.

Click on Continue.

This is how you can stop suspension evasion on Twitter.

How To Avoid Permanent Suspension of Twitter Account

Simply follow the guidelines provided by Twitter before you delete suspended Twitter account. Following are some ways to avoid permanent suspension of your Twitter account:

  • Don’t post repeating content: Twitter sees repeating content as spam, therefore try to avoid that.
  • Avoid phishing: Avoid posting links to malicious content on Twitter.
  • Be active on your account: Twitter keeps an eye on accounts that remain stagnant for 6 months straight therefore, try using Twitter from time to time.
  • Watch followers to the following ratio: Twitter has the right to suspend your account if you follow 10,000 accounts in a day.
  • Don’t send automatic DMs: Sending automatic DMs can be counted as spam so avoid that.

How Do I Stop Suspension Evasion on Twitter

Twitter has several rules set to discourage spammy, or otherwise unethical behavior online. You can stop suspension evasion Twitter just by following the Twitter rules and some given steps.

  • Don’t create multiple accounts.
  • Don’t abuse trending topics.
  • Don’t post hateful content.
  • Don’t encourage self-harm.
  • Don’t post other people’s private info.
  • Don’t share non-consensual nudity or such contents.
  • Don’t impersonate other accounts.

Hence, these are the points you can follow to stop suspension evasion on Twitter.


Twitter’s guidelines are constantly changing, the daintiest action can cause your account to get suspended. We encourage our readers to consider backing up their accounts and always read the Twitter guideline beforehand. We hope that you learned how to delete suspended Twitter account. Feel free to ask your doubts and add suggestions to the comment section below.