August 15, 2022

How to Download Seeking Arrangements App

Seeking Arrangements (now known as Seeking) is one of the most popular sugar daddy apps out there, facilitating sexual transactions among consenting adults on a platform that is secure and hospitable. The popularity of this app has enjoyed variations over the years but has been availed enough to sustain its relevance through its tumultuous ordeals. As promising and enticing as it sounds, it would be a disservice to not acknowledge its appeal. In line with everything, we bring to you a guide on how to download Seeking Arrangements app. You will also learn about best Sugar Baby app and if the Seeking Arrangement legal or not. Let’s begin!

How to Download Seeking Arrangements App

How to Download Seeking Arrangements App

Seeking Arrangements has renounced its previous doctrine of allowing men and women to sexually solicit each other and embraced its new identity as a dating site. Extant throughout the world with innumerable daily users using its services to gratify their needs, Seeking Arrangements offers a throng of services that are enough to tempt future patrons and stimulate current users. Keep reading further to find out how to download the Seeking Arrangements app on Android and iOS devices.

Does Seeking Arrangements Still Exist?

Yes, Seeking Arrangements has been rebranded as Seeking and is still enjoying a very prosperous existence in a multitude of countries around the world with a steadily growing dedicated userbase.

Seeking website homepage

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What is the Seeking Arrangement App Called?

The app is called Seeking. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Seeking app on Play Store

What is the Best Sugar Baby App?

Secret Benefits is denominated as the best Sugar Baby App.

Secret Benefits website homepage

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How to Download Seeking Arrangements App?

It is easily available on Google Play Store for Android devices. For iOS devices, you will have to use the Seeking Progressive Web App.

Seeking Progressive Web App | Seeking Arrangement legal

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Is Seeking Arrangement on App Store?

No, Seeking Arrangement is not available on the App Store for now. However, iOS users can use the Seeking Progressive Web App which can be accessed from the Seeking official website.

Why is Seeking Arrangement Not in App Store?

One of the reasons why the Seeking Arrangements (Seeking) app is not on the App Store is that Apple may not allow dating apps with adult content on their platform.

Why Can’t You Find the Seeking Arrangement App?

You can find the Seeking Android app on Play Store. But you won’t find the Seeking app on the App Store as this app is not available there for now. But you can use the Seeking Progressive Web App provided by Seeking for iOS users.

What Sugar Daddy Apps is Google Banning?

Google is banning all Sugar Daddy apps on Play Store as a concerted measure to mitigate sexual exploitation and profanity. Some notable apps that are getting the ax include SDM, Spoil, Sugar Daddy, and Suger Daddy.

Is Seeking Arrangement Legal?

Yes, Seeking Arrangement is legal and not liable to punishment. Although its operations may seem dubious, it does not indulge in or entertain any activity that can invite legal penalization. Besides, in recent years it has moved away from its policy of letting men and women engage in sexual transactions and transformed into a genuine and legitimate dating site allowing men and women to seek parents whose demands are consistent.

Is Seeking Arrangements in Australia?

Yes, the Seeking Arrangements app enjoys a rather avid presence in Australia.

Is Seeking Arrangement Legal in India?

Yes, Seeking Arrangement is legal in India but it enjoys a very obscure presence with people unaware of its existence and usage. It enjoys a back seat compared to the other dating sites which enjoy primacy and preponderance.


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