August 2, 2021

How to Enable Always On Display Android

How to Enable Always On Display Android

Always On Display Android

Android devices keep coming with new features that we never thought were needed until they were released. Continuing this tradition, Android introduced the Always-on feature. Although, it was initially released for Samsung devices but has now made its way to most Android smartphones. This feature allows you to keep your screen on at all times to view time and other important notifications. The Always On Screen has a black background and is really dim thus, minimizes battery consumption. Read our short guide and learn how to enable Always on display Android.

How to Enable Always On Display Android

How to Enable Always On Display Android

Just like most users, you must also feel that the Always On feature and is a convenient and handy feature. Therefore, follow the methods explained in this article to Enable Always on Display on Android devices.

Method 1: Use in-built Always On Display feature

While the feature is not available on all Android devices, you should be able to enable the Always on display feature on your device with Android version 8 or higher. Simply, follow these steps:

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1. Open device Settings and tap the Display option, as shown.

Select the ‘Display’ option to continue

3. Tap on Advanced to view all display settings.

Tap on Advanced.

4. Scroll down and tap the option titled Lock screen, as highlighted below.

Scroll down and select the option titled Lock Screen

5. In the When to show section, tap on Advanced settings.

Tap on Advanced Settings. How to Enable Always On Display Android

6. Turn the toggle ON for the Ambient display feature.

Note: On other Android devices like Samsung and LG, the ambient display feature is visible as Always on display.

Turn on Ambient display. How to Enable Always On Display Android

If you are unable to view the Always-on feature, then enable all the toggle switches on the Ambient display screen. Next, flip the phone around a few times to enable Always on display.

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Method 2: Use third-party Always On Display App

The inbuilt Always On feature on Android although effective, is not really customizable. Moreover, the feature is not available on many Android devices. Thus, users have no choice but to opt for third-party applications. Always on AMOLED app, however, is more than just an Always On Display application. It offers several customization options for Always on display while the AMOLED display helps save a ton of battery life. Here’s how to enable Always On Display Android using this app:

1. Open Google Play Store and download Always On AMOLED.

From the Google Play store, download the ‘Always On AMOLED’

2. Click on Open to run Always on Display APK file.

3. Grant Permissions that are required for the app to function at optimal capacity.

Grant the required permissions. How to Enable Always On Display App

4.  Next, adjust the options to alter the brightness, the style of the clock, the duration of the ambient display, the parameters for activation, etc. to customize your Always on Display Android screen.

5. Now, tap on the Play Button displayed at the bottom of the screen to preview the ambient display.

tap on the Play Button. How to Enable Always On Display App


We hope you were able to understand how to enable Always on display Android as well as utilize the Always On Display app. Let us know which method worked for you. Have any queries or suggestions? Drop them in the comment section below.

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