January 20, 2022

How to Fix Xbox One Keeps Signing Me Out

Xbox is a popular gaming console developed by Microsoft. Now, millions of users enjoy playing multiple games with this console. You may be annoyed that Xbox one keeps signing me out and you may not be able to play games or use other services due to it. You may face Xbox 360 keeps signing me out problem when you face network issues, your account gets hacked or cache memory in the console is corrupt. Regardless of the reason, you can easily tackle this problem by following the methods discussed below.

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How to Fix Xbox One/Xbox 360 Keeps Signing Me Out

This issue is reported in almost all devices of Xbox like Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox 360. In this article, we have shown some possible methods to fix this issue and keep your account more secure.

Method 1: Restart Your Xbox One/360 Console

All the temporary issues of the console will be resolved when you restart or power cycle your Xbox console. There are various ways of doing so such as, restarting from the power panel, from guide, physically from the console, and by reconnecting the power cables. The simplest way is demonstrated below:

1. Locate Xbox button in the center of its controller. Hold it for some time to open the Power Center.

xbox controller xbox button

2. Now, choose Restart console as depicted below.

Now, click on Restart console | Xbox one keeps signing me out

3. Finally, select Restart to start the process.

Method 2: Restart Your Router/Modem

If you have an unstable internet connection, you cannot sign into Xbox typically. Restarting the router will re-initiate the network connectivity, and few users have reported that all the changes marked in the configuration settings will be effective in action when you restart the router. Read What is the Difference Between a Router and a Modem? here.

Thereafter, follow the below-mentioned steps to restart your router:

1. Find the ON/OFF button at the back of your router.

2. Press the button once to turn it off.

Turn off your Router

3. Now, disconnect the power cable and wait until the power is entirely drained from the capacitors.

4. Wait for a minute before reconnecting the power cable & switching it on.

5. Wait until the network connection is re-established and try signing in again.

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Method 3: Reset Your Wi-Fi Router

If restarting the router does not fix Xbox One keeps signing me out issue, resetting it should.

Note 1: All the settings and setups like forwarded ports, black-listed connections, credentials, etc., will be erased. So, make sure to keep an account of these before proceeding to the instructions discussed below.

Note 2: After Reset, the router will switch back to its default settings and authentication password. So, use its default credentials to log-in after the reset.

1. Open the router settings using the default gateway IP address. Then, use your credentials to Login as shown.

 Type your username and password and click on the Login button.

2. Note down all the configuration settings. You will require them after resetting the router as you may lose your ISP credentials if you use a P2P protocol (Point-to-Point Protocol over the Internet)

3. Press and hold the Reset button on your router for 10-30 seconds.

Note: You have to use pointing devices like a pin, or toothpick to press the RESET button.

Reset Router Using Reset Button

4. The router will automatically turn off and turn back on. You can release the button when the lights begin to blink.

5. Re-enter configuration details for the router on the webpage.

Note: Make sure to set a strong password this time around to avoid Xbox One keeps signing me out issue.

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Method 4: Power Cycle Xbox One/360 Console

Restart and Power Cycle are two different processes. Restarting Xbox is turning off the console and turning it on again after a while. In contrast, the power cycle is pulling out power from the console and turning it on again. Many users have reported that Xbox One/360 keeps signing me out issue can be resolved by power cycling Xbox console as follows:

1. Locate Xbox button in the center of its controller. Hold it for some time to open the Power Center.

xbox controller xbox button

2. Here, select the Turn off console option as depicted.

select the Turn off console option. How to Fix Xbox One Keeps Signing Me Out

3. Now, wait for your console to be completely shut down. Remove all peripheral devices & cables connected to the console, including the power cable.

4. Then, reconnect all the cables and devices, including the power cable to the console.

5. Now, turn on your console and check if the issue is resolved.

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Method 5: Reset Xbox Password

When hackers intrude into your system, you will be signed out of your Xbox console randomly. In this case, take immediate action by resetting your password.

Note: You cannot directly reset your password from Xbox One and do so from the Microsoft account you have tied up with the Xbox console. You must know at least the password or mobile number & other login credentials associated with the Parent & Child account to reset the password in Xbox.

Here’s how to reset the Xbox password and fix Xbox One/360 keeps signing me out issue:

1. Navigate to the Sign-in menu in your Xbox console.

Navigate to the Sign in menu of your Xbox console

2. Type the email address or phone number for your Microsoft account.

3. Next, select I forgot my password option shown highlighted.

click on I forgot my password option

4. Here, verify the CAPTCHA text and select the Enter button on the on-screen keyboard.

verify the CAPTCHA text

5. Then, select the Next button to receive a verification code.

click on the Next button to receive a verification code | Xbox one keeps signing me out

6A. Enter security code that you have received.

Note: If you have signed in using a mobile number, you will receive a code via an SMS, and if you have signed in using email, you will receive a code via email.

6B. If you did not receive a code, click on I didn’t get the code option to try a different method for receiving the same.

Type the Security code in its box

7. Pick a new password, and now, you can sign in to Xbox One with this new password.

Pick a new password

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Method 6: Re-download Xbox Profile

If none of the above-mentioned methods have helped you, then try re-downloading the Xbox profile by following the below-mentioned steps:

1. Navigate to Settings in your Xbox console and select the System option, as depicted below.

Navigate to Settings in your Xbox console and select the System option. How to Fix Xbox One Keeps Signing Me Out

2. Now, select Storage as shown.

click on Storage

Note: If you have not connected any external storage devices to your console, select Hard Drive, else select All Devices.

3. Here, select Profiles and choose the profile you want to delete.

click on Profiles. How to Fix Xbox One Keeps Signing Me Out

4. Then, select the Delete option.

5. Next, choose any one of the following options:

  • Delete Profile Only: only your Xbox profile will be deleted.
  • Delete Profile and Items: all the saved games and achievements will be deleted along with the profile.

Delete Profile Only | Xbox one keeps signing me out

6. Then, select the Guide button on the controller.

xbox controller xbox button

7. Now, select Download Profile.

Note: In this step, if you do not see the Download Profile option, it means you have signed into another profile. In this case,

  • Click on the X button on the controller
  • Sign out of the account and sign in with the correct profile
  • Then, click Download Profile

8. Again, choose the Download Profile at the bottom of the screen.

9. Enter the login credentials of your Microsoft account.

Note: Here, if you use an external storage device on your console, choose the storage device where you intend to save your Xbox profile. If you do not use an external storage device, your profile will begin downloading on its own.

10. Once your profile is downloaded, you can choose to Remember the Password or not, as needed.

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Pro Tip: Enable Two-Factor Authentication for Added Security

To avoid hacking attempts and avoid Xbox one or 360 keeps signing me out problems, you are advised to enable 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) for your Xbox console to avail following advantages:

  • In case hackers come to know of your password, they cannot access your console since you will receive an alert message or security code for further access.
  • Furthermore, the Xbox console can be accessed only if the access code is typed in. Hence, you can avoid Xbox sign-in issues too.

Here’s how you can do so:

1. Log in to Xbox Live by using your Microsoft Account Credentials.

Login to your Xbox Live

2. Click on the Profile logo and select My Microsoft account as illustrated below.

click on the Profile logo and select My Microsoft Account in Xbox live home page. How to Fix Xbox One Keeps Signing Me Out

3. Switch to the Security tab.

Click on the Security tab on My Microsoft Account homepage

4. Next, select the Two-Step Verification option.

click on Two step verification option in Microsoft Account Settings page

5. Then, select the Manage option for Two-step verification for your Microsoft Account shown highlighted.

Click on Manage Two Step Verification in Microsoft Account Settings Page

6. Here, select Next to Set up two-step verification.

Click on Next button to Set up two step verification

7. Select any one option for Verify my identity with: section.

Note: We have selected the Microsoft Authenticator app option for two-step verification as an example.

select verify my identity with option and click on Get it now to set up two step verification for Microsoft Account

8. Finally, select the Get it now button to set up two-step verification.

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How to Fix Other Associated Problems

You may also face some other problems while using the Xbox console. Yet, you can use the methods discussed in this article to solve these  related issues as well:

  • Xbox One Keeps Signing Me Out And Disconnecting: When you face this problem, reset the password of your Xbox console, also enable two-factor authentication for additional security and privacy. Still, if you face the problem, power cycle your device to resolve it.
  • Xbox Randomly Signing Me Out: When you face this issue, there are more chances that hackers may intrude into your PC and keep you signing out randomly. In this case, reset your password or try creating a new account with different login credentials. Also, check if your network is stable or not.
  • Xbox Keeps Signing Me Out Of YouTube: When you face this issue, reinstall YouTube on your console. Check if your app is updated to the latest version; if not, update it accordingly.
  • Xbox Keeps Turning Off By Itself: Check your power cables if they are damaged. Ventilate your Xbox console with enough air circulation. Ensure that the power supply unit is working well.
  • Xbox Keeps Disconnecting From Wi-Fi: Check your router and restart/reset it if necessary. Still, if you face any issues, contact your Internet Service Provider for further support. Also, check if the frequency and bandwidth of the network are up to the mark.
  • Xbox Keeps Crashing: When your Xbox crashes, power-cycle your console multiple times and remove the Xbox cache to avoid the issues. 


We hope that this guide was helpful, and you could solve Xbox One/360 keeps signing me out problem. Let us know which method worked for you. Drop your queries & suggestions in the comments section.