November 22, 2022

How to Get Google Maps Topography Lines

Maps are one of the most reliable forms of understanding the location of a region and its terrain. A map can very well know the routes of any region. Although numerous electronic gadgets are present today, a map is still better than all of them because a map can be used anywhere without any additional requirements. But the art of using a map lies in understanding it. One should know how to read it for better usage. So, this article is going to talk about this important knowledge and how to go about it. You will also get to know the importance of Google Maps topography lines. And if you do not know what the numbers on contour lines represent and how to read contour lines on Google maps and want to learn them, this article is surely for you! You will also learn how to show elevation contours on Google Earth.

How to Get Google Maps Topography Lines

How to Get Google Maps Topography Lines

You will get to know how to get Google Maps topography lines further in this article. Keep reading to learn more about it in detail.

What Do the Lines Mean on a Topographic Map?

The lines on a topographic map are called contour lines. The points of equal elevation are marked by the contour lines. Contour lines explain the elevation profile of the terrain or the particular land formation. These lines are represented along with colors and shading to explain the elevation changes and the terrain’s shape. The lines are used to represent the three-dimensional landscapes of the earth using two-dimensional space and features. And they do not physically exist on the ground.

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How Do You Find Contour Lines on a Map?

Contour lines are the squiggly lines found on the map. They are drawn on a map that joins points of equal height above sea level. The points, which are joined by the contour lines, have equal and constant values. They represent the elevation and slopes of a particular region. They help us in knowing the topography of the land and the shape of the land surface. The closer contour lines represent a steeper slope in the area, whereas distanced lines mean a gradual slope. The number on contour lines also serves an important purpose, which is going to get covered in the coming pointer.

What Do the Numbers on Contour Lines Represent?

The numbers on contour lines represent two grid systems that can be used to find the exact location. This two-grid system represents the latitude and longitude. The elevation numbers also indicate the direction of elevation by pointing and reading uphill. The top of the number shown on the map is uphill, and the bottom one is downhill.

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How Do You Find the Topography of a Property?

The topography of a property can be found using the topographical map of that region. The map will have all the topographical elements and would help you know the terrain and properties of that region, giving you the necessary information.

How to Get Google Maps Topography Lines?

To get the Google Maps topography lines, you need to follow these steps. Google Maps provides the option to see the topographic lines of the region of your choice. You can see these lines:

1. Visit Google Maps and search for the desired location.

2. Click on the Layers box at the bottom of the map. You will get various options once you open it.

Layers box on Google Maps - How to Get Google Maps Topography Lines? 3

3. You need to select the Terrain layer from these options to get the topography lines. This option provides contour lines for every region on the planet. Make sure the toggle is kept on.

Select Terrain Layer -| show elevation contours on Google Earth

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How Do You Read Contour Lines on Google Maps?

You have already known about Google Maps topography lines. So, this pointer is going to tell you how to read contour lines on Google maps. Contour lines can be read easily when you have the knowledge. You need to have knowledge of the following things while reading contour lines on Google maps.

  • When contour lines are close and spaced together, they represent a steeper slope. It indicated that the region has steep terrain. The lines that are spaced apart, indicate a gentler slope and terrain.
  • The thickest contour lines are the index lines. They are mainly labeled with a number along the line at one point. This represents the elevation above sea level.
  • The thinner and more clear lines are the intermediate lines. These are present between the index lines. They do not have number labels. The index lines appear after every five intermediate lines. You need to have knowledge of contour intervals to determine the elevation for reading the intermediate lines. Contour intervals tell the change in elevation between two contour lines. These are present in the map keys below the scale of the map.
  • The next type of line is the supplementary line. It is the dotted line present in the topographic map. These lines indicate a flatter terrain.

How Far Apart are Contour Lines on Google Maps?

Google Maps provide both Google Maps topography lines and contour lines. The distance between the contour lines on Google Maps varies according to the region and the size of the map. The contour lines on Google Maps are usually 40 feet apart for the 7.5 min quadrangle map. The larger maps of 15 min have a distance of 80 feet between the contour lines.

Can You Get Contour Lines on Google Earth?

No, you cannot get contour lines on Google Earth in its basic version. You can get contour lines in the Google Earth Pro version. The next pointer will tell you how to show elevation contours on Google Earth.

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How Do You Show Elevation Contours on Google Earth?

How do you show elevation contours on Google Earth? Let’s answer this question here. You can get contours on Google Earth Pro version of the software. Here are a few steps to follow to get them:

1. First, download and launch the Google Earth Pro software on your PC.

Download Google Earth Pro - How to Get Google Maps Topography Lines? 7

2. Then, download a topographical map overlap in the KML or KMZ format.

3. Open Google Earth Pro on your PC.

4. After opening, go to the File menu and click on Open.

Go to File menu and then click on Open -

5. Open the downloaded map file.

Open the downloaded file | show elevation contours on Google Earth

6. In the file, zoom in to the location that you want to look at by double-clicking on that location.

Once you have zoomed in, you can see the contour lines in the region.

Is Google Earth Pro Still Free?

Yes, Google Earth Pro is free for users with advanced feature needs. You can easily install it in your system and use it.


We hope that you learned about how to get Google Maps topography lines and what are the numbers on contour lines. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what topic you want to learn about in our next article.