December 31, 2022

How to Get Invited to Amazon Vine

Are you interested in getting involved with Amazon vine? With the growing popularity of products in the market, it has become essential for customers to know how exactly the products are before they could buy them. Providing exclusive reviews on the products is a sure-shot way of enabling more traffic towards the same. This is exactly where the use of the Amazon vine comes into light. In this article, we are going to find out more about what it is and how to get invited to Amazon vine. Read along to understand What Amazon Vine program is and if is amazon vine worth it.

How to Get Invited to Amazon Vine

How to Get Invited to Amazon Vine

If you are an active Amazon user, you know how important reviews can be when it comes to purchasing goods from Amazon. Once you find a good review, you feel safe and trust the unknown reviewer, hoping the product is worth the money. Amazon Vine allows you to become a helpful reviewer for someone else. Keep reading to learn how to get invited to Amazon Vine?

What Amazon Vine Program?

Amazon Vine

What Amazon Vine program is where some insightful reviewers are given a special invitation to put up reviews on Amazon so that the buyers can actually make an informed decision. It is an invite-only review group. In this program, the invited reviewers are eligible to get free goods, test them, and write reviews on them. Their honest and insightful reviews help people be well-informed about the product in advance so that it becomes easier for them to decide whether or not to buy it.

Anyone who becomes a member of the Vine program will earn a badge on all the reviews they leave on Amazon and will be distinguished as a Vine Voice. Although that doesn’t mean every single review is the result of a freebie, any item received as part of the program will be labeled as Vine Customer Review of Free Product.

How to Join Amazon Vine Program

Now that you have an idea about what Amazon vine program is, you must be curious about how to get invited to Amazon Vine? Or might be confused about its authenticity or how many amazon vine reviewers are there. As Amazon Vine is an invite-only program, you need to have a good reputation as a reviewer.

Amazon will reach out to you if they feel you are a good fit for the program. And how do you become a good fit for the program? Have a look at the Amazon Vine Program.

  • Demonstrated expertise in one or more specific product categories.
  • Your review must provide honesty more than positivity.
  • More weight is given to recent reviews with more helpful marks.
  • Having an interest in products similar to those enrolled in the Vine program.
  • The number of reviews should be a priority rather than the quality of reviews.

Amazon focuses on the number of reviews, rather than the quality. But it is also important to realize that leaving one-word reviews is no good.

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Is Amazon Vine Worth it?

Yes, well mostly. There are a lot of Amazon vine reviewers who claim to be trustworthy, and this inclines the question, is Amazon Vine worth it? Even though almost everyone gives an honest and unbiased review of the products, there still can be room for cautiousness. But for the most part, Amazon Vine is worth it as you do get free products to review and get the chance to read honest reviews of products. If the product isn’t the best quality, a good Amazon vine reviewer will be vocal about it so you can trust it.

How Do You Become a Vine Member?

To become a member of the Amazon vine program, sellers need to be registered, sell new products, and have fewer than 30 reviews on the listing. It is a very good way to get one’s products promoted, especially if it’s a slow product or a new one. 

Since this program is an invite-only program, the authorities check for the best and most authentic reviews. Customers who write profound reviews are most likely to be invited to join this program. Once selected, they are expected to share honest, and unbiased reviews. The companies that list their products on the vine have to pay a fee in order to get reviews from the vine members known as vine voices.

Vine members are reviewers who get invitations based on their reviewer rank which is a scale to measure their reviews’ authenticity. With reviews under the new or slow-growing products, customers can make a good decision regarding their purchase. 

Is Amazon Vine Legit?

Yes, it is. To answer your question is Amazon Vine legit, it is legit. This world is home to millions of reviewers. Each of them has its own unique way of describing their experiences with particular products. The evidence would be the fact that Amazon itself chooses its members to review products. Besides, Amazon ensures there is no contact between the seller and the reviewer. This maintains the authenticity of a review on a very high level.

A review can be positive, negative, or neutral. Since the selection of the voices is done by Amazon itself, no member would risk taking extra money from the seller to write an extremely sugar-coated review. Moreover, if Amazon finds out about any such illegal activity going on with the seller, their products could get banned, and therefore this regard, no member, both seller or reviewer would risk it with some filthy deal. This should sum up to your doubt, is Amazon Vine legit?

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Do You Have to Pay for Amazon Vine?

Yes, although initially, Amazon Vine was free, it started charging for the service on October 12th, 2021. Now Amazon Vine costs $200 per ASIN or Amazon Standard Identification Number, to enroll in the program. The good news is child ASINs are absolutely free of cost and you will not be billed for the service until your first review is published. So now that you know how to get invited to Amazon Vine? You can go ahead and apply the knowledge to gain a good reputation in the program.

How Many Amazon Vine Reviewers are There?

It is not possible to number the exact number of reviewers on Amazon Vine but exactly how many Amazon Vine reviewers are there? It is possible that there are around 250 million, out of which 82% of reviewers are adults.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Do Amazon Vine reviewers get paid?

Ans. No, Shoppers in Amazon Vine are not paid in the program, though they are provided with monthly newsletters and freebies for which the reviewer has to give an honest and unbiased review.

Q2. Can Amazon ban you from reviewing?

Ans. Yes, like any other ethical organization, Amazon is committed to preventing bad reviews from misleading customers. This is why they have introduced their guidelines which, if violated, the person could be banned on the right to review.

Q3. Are there a lot of fake reviews on Amazon?

Ans. Yes, whenever you go online shopping, there is a high chance to face fake reviews. Though the majority are positive, short 5-star reviews are more likely to play the system by boosting a product’s ranking and visibility.


We hope that you now understand that is amazon vine legit and enjoyed learning about how to get invited to Amazon Vine Getting invited to such a program can open endless possibilities. Feel free to ask your doubts and don’t forget to add your suggestions in the comment section below.