November 29, 2022

How to Highlight Text in Google Slides

There is one thing that has not changed since school days is presentation. Just like you would do in the good old days, presentations are given now in front of work colleagues and seniors. Not to mention the presentation slides which would contain different highlighted points and lists. As was highlighting important back then, it is as crucial and convenient now. The only difference is the use of software then and now. For most professionals and working classes, Google Slides is a place where they do all the work and then present it to their team. If you are someone who shares their work through presentations, you might already be familiar with highlight in Google Slides. Our today’s doc is centered on using Highlighter in Google Slides. If you have been waiting to use this tool in your presentations, this is the place to know all about how to highlight text in Google Slides on different platforms. Along with that, we will also acquaint you with Google Slides highlight shortcut that you can use and how to animate highlight text in Google Slides. So, let us begin with our useful yet creative guide for today, and fill your work with colors right away.

How to Highlight Text in Google Slides

How to Highlight Text in Google Slides

Continue reading this article to know about the ways to highlight in Google Slides.

What is Highlighter in Google Slides?

The highlighting tool in Google Slides is used to draw attention to important information in a text. Highlighting is an effective technique as it involves the user picking out the important parts first and then giving a way to review that information later. Also, it helps users to skip all ads or calls to action to jump right to the relevant content that they are seeking.

Benefits of Highlight Text in Google Slides

The highlighting tool in Google Slides helps you to highlight words or sentences to emphasize their importance and to perform certain activities for a given sentence or word. Users can also share a set of personalized highlighters with others to help them be on the same page. Let us explore some common benefits that highlighting provides:

  • Offer feedback to enhance the work.
  • Categorize stated ideas or themes.
  • Help in the feedback process.
  • To share and collaborate easily.
  • To keep the interest of the presentation viewers intact.

Who Can Use Highlight in Google Slides?

The highlighting tool in Google Slides is used extensively by a number of people to share their important ideas and points. Let us look at the list of people below for whom a highlighter is an efficient tool in Google Slides:

  • Communication Specialists
  • Content Editors
  • Marketing Managers
  • Reviewers
  • Teachers
  • Students

How to Highlight in Google Slides on Desktop

Let us now look at the step-by-step instructions for using the highlighter tool in Google Slides on the desktop first:

1. Launch your Google Slides presentation on your PC.

2. Now, select the slide in which you want to highlight the text.

select a slide in Google Slide presentation

3. Now, click on the text box to make edits and select the part of the text that you want to highlight.

4. Next, navigate to the menu bar and click on the pencil-shaped icon.

click on pencil icon and choose a colour to highlight text

5. Now, from the menu of colors, you can choose your favorite shade.

6. Once you select the color of your choice, the text you selected will be highlighted.

highlighted text in Google Slides

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How to Use Highlighter in Google Slides on an Android or iOS Device

If you do not have a computer or laptop around you and want to edit your Google Slide, you can highlight your text using an Android or iOS phone too. The simple steps below will help you in doing so efficiently:

1. Launch the Google Slides presentation on your phone and open the slide that you want to edit.

2. Now, tap on the text box on your slide to select it.

tap on A icon to edit the text

3. Next, on the top of the screen, tap on the capital A letter icon.

4. Now, under the Text tab, navigate to Highlight Color and open it.

tap on Highlight color in Google Slides android app

5. Select the color of your choice and tap on the checkmark at the top-left corner of your screen to save the changes.

select a colour

6. Once done, your text will be highlighted as per your choice.

Google Slides Highlight Shortcut

While there is no dedicated shortcut available for highlighting text in Google Slides, there are a few keyboard shortcuts given below that you can use to select text:

  • Ctrl + A keys to select all text.
  • Shift + Left or Right arrow keys to extend the selection one character left or right.
  • Shift + Up or Down arrow keys to extend the selection one line up or down.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Left or Right arrow keys to extend the selection one word left or right.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Up or Down arrow keys to highlight everything at the beginning or to the end of the paragraph.

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How to Animate Highlight Text in Google Slides

Animation in Google Slides is an easy process. To add a simple animation, you can add a single effect to the text or an image. While to add more importance to a slide, you can add multiple animations to it. Let us look at the process of adding multiple animations to a slide:

1. Open the slide in which you want to highlight the text and select the text element.

2. Now, in the Animations pane, click on Add animation.

3. In case you don’t have the Animations pane displayed, click on Insert and select Animation.

click on Insert and select Animation

4. Now, in the Animation type list, select an animation.

Animation menu in Google Slides

5. Next, in the Start Condition list, select when the animation starts.

6. Now, select and drag the Duration slider to change the animation speed.

7. You can also add a second animation to the text by selecting Add animation.

8. Once done, click on Play to check how the animation works.

click on Stop to stop animation

9. Once finished, select Stop.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is there a pen available for highlighting in Google Slides?

Ans. Yes, the highlighter tool is available in the form of a pen icon which is available at the top bar. By selecting the pen icon, you can easily add highlights to the selected text.

Q2. How can I add a highlight transition in Google Slides?

Ans. You can add a highlight transition with the help of the Motion pane in Google Slides. Under Slide Transition, you can open the drop-down menu, and select a transition easily.

Q3. Can I highlight an image in Google Slides?

Ans. Yes, you can highlight an image.

Q4. What are the different ways of highlighting text?

Ans. You can highlight text in three different ways, the first one involves highlighting with paragraph rules under which if all the text is in a single-line paragraph, you can opt for a paragraph rule. The second one includes highlighting with paragraph shading, and the last one involves highlighting with character styles.

Q5. How can I color a text box in Google Slides?

Ans. In Google Slides, you can color a text box by adding a shade that fills the color behind the text. You can easily do it by selecting the object, selecting the Fill color button, and choosing the color of your choice. You can also select a color gradient to fill the text box.


We hope that our doc on highlight in Google Slides was helpful in guiding you about the highlighter tool, where it can be found, shortcuts to use it, how to use it on different platforms, and also about animating the highlighted text. Let us know which part of the doc helped you the most in making your presentation slide creative and colorful. If you have any other queries for us or want to give suggestions, please leave them in the comments section.