November 16, 2022

How to Send Anonymous Email for Free

To send anonymous emails, strong encryption is not enough and the email service providers can still keep records of your IP address, name, location, and recipient information. Therefore, you need a trusted anonymous email provider who will not reveal your true identity. An anonymous email hides your true identity and the same cannot be traced back to you. Your emails are encrypted by anonymous email service providers which means nobody can see the content of such encrypted emails. Vulnerability increases when our emails travel from one server to another and thus encryption plays an important role by making the emails unreadable to the unintended receiver. In this article we will learn how to send anonymous email via Gmail. If you want to send anonymous email free read out our article completely to know how.

How to Send Anonymous Email for Free

How to Send Anonymous Email for Free

Continue reading to send anonymous email via Gmail in detail.

What is an Anonymous Email Account?

Anonymous email account is an email service in which the sender’s information cannot be viewed by the recipient. In such types of emails, the recipient is completely unaware of the sender’s identity. These anonymous services are usually used for unethical reasons. Hackers use and send anonymous emails to obtain the personal information of their targets. Personal information can be bank account PINs, social media passwords, online shopping passwords, etc.

Benefits and Reasons for Using Anonymous Emails

  • With anonymous emails, you can express your opinion on various issues without getting in trouble.
  • If you’re on a public network there are chances that your personal data and identity may be at risk of getting stolen and here anonymous email services can help by protecting you against such attacks.
  • The anonymous email services do not require you to enter your personal information and this feature helps you to keep your personal data safe.
  • Anonymous emails are sent for sharing confidential data which cannot be shared otherwise.
  • Confidential data can be anything and anonymous emails are the most perfect way for transferring such data across digital platforms without revealing the identity of the parties involved in the transfer.
  • You can also use anonymous emails for pranking your family and friends.
  • Anonymous emails are generally used for unethical practices but if you are someone who knows how to use a feature in a positive manner then you’re safe.

How to Send Anonymous Email via Gmail

  • You can even use Gmail to create an anonymous email account and send anonymous email free of cost but it totally depends on Gmail and how much information it requests from you.
  • Make sure to use a VPN while creating an anonymous account on Gmail as it will help you to hide your location.
  • You can use a fake name that sounds real.
  • While choosing your email address don’t include any personal information or don’t try to use any username you’ve already used somewhere else.
  • Gmail asks for a phone number while signing up so make sure you don’t enter your real phone number, use the Text+ app, and pick a phone number from that.
  • When Gmail asks for your birthdate don’t enter your real birthdate instead enter a fake birthdate to be less traceable.
  • Gmail always asks for a recovery email be smart and don’t enter your real email address.
  • Last but not least always remember to turn on the VPN while signing in to this anonymous Gmail account because if you don’t do it, you’ll reveal your true IP address to Gmail.

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How to Send Anonymous Email with Attachment Online Free

When we talk about disposal email providers, Guerrilla Mail is the most famous temporary email service which lets you send and receive anonymous emails. You can attach various types of files in your emails as attachments. Follow the mentioned steps below to send anonymous email free of cost with attachments online:

1. First, go to the Guerrilla Mail Website.

Homepage of GuerrillaMail

2. Click on COMPOSE from the four tabs available

Click on Compose. How to Send Anonymous Email for Free

3. Type the receiver’s email address in the To: textbox

Receiver's email address in To: textbox

4. Type the motive to send the email in the Subject: textbox

Motive to send the email in Subject: textbox. How to Send Anonymous Email for Free

5. Type the content of your email in the white box given below the Subject: textbox

Content of the email in the whitebox

6. For attaching files with your email click on the Choose File tab

Click on the Choose file tab to attach files. How to Send Anonymous Email for Free

7. Select the files you want to attach to the email.

Note: You can view the attached file below the Choose file tab.

Pop up window to select the files to be attached

8. Check the file that you uploaded.

view of the attached file

9. Lastly, click on the Send tab to send the email

Click on the Send tab. How to Send Anonymous Email for Free


We hope that you’re now aware of how to send anonymous email free of cost. The article also tells you about how to send anonymous emails through Gmail. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comment section below and let us know what you want to learn and read about next.