May 19, 2020

How to Stop Your Wallpaper from Moving on Your iPhone Screen

How to Stop Your Wallpaper from Moving on Your iPhone Screen

The iPhone (and iPad as well) has a nifty little feature that allows it to “feel” when you move your device and as a result it can move your wallpaper as well to go with the flow.

However, this feature is annoying to some users and even nauseating to others and you might just want to turn it off. Fortunately, that’s not a difficult thing to do!

And this is why we’re here today: to share with you a complete (and extremely easy to follow) guide on how to disable your Wallpaper from moving on your iPhone’s screen – or your iPad’s – whenever you move your device.

It doesn’t even matter if you want to do it because you don’t like it, because it’s nauseating or simply because you want to see if you like the wallpaper not to move: the choice is yours and we’re here to tell you how to do it.

Fortunately, as I said before, it’s an extremely easy process to do. All you will have to do will be to turn off an iOS feature called Perspective Zoom.

Here’s how to do it and stop your wallpaper from moving on your device’s display:

1. First of all, head over to your Settings app by tapping its icon which is usually located on the home screen or on the bottom bar:

2. Next, scroll down in the options list to the left and tap the Wallpaper button there when you see it.

3. Now tap one of the wallpapers to the right (the one you want to prevent from moving when you move your device).

4. After tapping it, you will be taken into a preview mode where you can set how it will look like on your device.

There you have a few options to customize it further, by swiping your finger over the image itself to center it as you feel is best.

That’s where you have the Perspective Zoom icon right in the middle of the screen, at the bottom. Simply turn it off by tapping it, then tap “Set”:

Remember that you can do this for both the lock screen and the general wallpaper – or just one of them. And the best part? It’s really easy to do so!

And this is! This is everything that you have to do to stop your wallpaper from moving on your iPhone’s or iPad’s screen whenever you move your device. Good riddance in my opinion!

Now you have solved your problem and hopefully it won’t bother you again. But if it happens and you forget what has to be done – worry not as we’ll be here and you can go through this easy step-by-step tutorial again.

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