December 8, 2022

How to Turn Safe Mode On or Off on Moto X

How to Turn Safe Mode On or Off on Moto X

Safe mode allows your smartphone to start only with the basic apps and settings. The reason why you would turn on the safe mode is when you face any problems while starting your device. Safe mode is your best bet to fix most of your problems. In this guide, I will show you how to enter into moto x safe mode. Since some users also face issues turning off the safe mode so we also show you how to remove safe mode from Motorola phone. Let’s get started.

How to Turn Safe Mode On or Off on Moto X

How to Turn Safe Mode On or Off on Moto X

Here we have shown different methods to turn safe mode on or off on Moto X device.

Method 1: Turn on Safe Mode using Power Button

For some users, the volume down button might be problematic due to normal wear and tear which causes the users to not boot into safe mode.

1. Hold the Power button when your Moto X smartphone is on.

press power button of moto x smartphone

2. Tap and hold on to the Power off button

3. Now, tap and hold Power off. A dialog box will appear for confirmation to boot into Safe Mode.

4. Tap OK to boot into Safe Mode.

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Method 2: Turn on Safe Mode from Settings

Moto X Safe Mode is also available in the Settings menu, follow the steps below to find the safe mode in the Settings menu.

1. Swipe down from the notifications bar and tap on the cog icon to open the Settings menu.

tap on cog icon to open settings of Moto X phone

2. Scroll down the page and tap Advanced.

3. Now, tap on the Startup option.

4. Finally, tap on Safe Mode, you can choose it to be on or off.

This will allow to turn safe mode on moto x always

Method 3: Turn on Safe Mode using Volume Down Button

Note: When you enter safe mode only base features are enabled and some of the features are disabled.

1. First, turn off your Moto X smartphone.

2. You can do this by holding the Power button and tapping on Power off.

3. After your Moto X is turned off completely, you need to turn it back on again by pressing the power button.

4. When the phone starts and it shows you the Moto symbol, press and hold the volume button.

moto x smartphone volume down button

5. Keep pressing the volume-down button until the device starts.

6. If you do it correctly, then you may see the words Safe Mode appear in the lower-left corner of the screen, indicating that the safe mode is turned on.

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How to Remove Safe Mode from Motorola Phone

Some users also face difficulties in how to turn off the safe mode, after turning it back on the Moto X, follow the guide to turn moto x safe mode

Note: You should not choose the Reboot option when you try to power off, tap on the Power off button and hold the power button to turn the phone with safe mode disabled.

1. First, Press the Power button while the Moto X is switched on and is in safe mode.

2. After the device is turned off completely, turn it back on by pressing the Power button.

This will remove safe mode from Motorola phone and automatically starts the device in normal mode.

What do I need to do in Safe Mode?

The main purpose of safe mode is to troubleshoot the Android smartphone and determine which apps cause problems, since most apps are not started, you can troubleshoot by deleting unused apps. Moto x safe mode can be turned on by following the guide above.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why my Moto X is Stuck on Safe Mode?

Ans. Restart the device by tapping on Power off instead of tapping on Restart. Another cause is that some apps might cause problems with the phone, try uninstalling unused apps and restarting the phone to see if this fixes the issue.

Q2. Why is my Motorola phone on safe mode automatically?

Ans. There might be some reasons why your Moto phone is on safe mode without you activating it, such as a new app is causing problems or there might be something wrong with the operating system. You can try a Factory reset of your phone’s settings to see if it works.

Q3. Do I need to always turn on safe mode?

Ans. It is up to the individual who uses the phone to decide if they want safe mode on or not. Some users might also experience faster performance when turning on the safe mode, this is because most features are limited on safe mode. If you don’t want to turn on any limitations you are better off switching off the safe mode.

Q4. How do I know if safe mode is turned on or off?

Ans. For Moto X, if safe mode is enabled you will see a label named Safe Mode on the bottom left side of the screen if the safe mode is on, different devices have the placement of this label on different areas.

Q5. Does Safe Mode delete any data?

Ans. No, Safe Mode does not delete any data, it only halts some apps and features to run.


I hope that the above article on turn Moto X Safe Mode on or off was helpful to you and you were able to turn on Safe mode on your Moto X. Also, don’t forget to drop a comment if you have any suggestions and/or queries about the article.