August 19, 2022

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TextNow is an online and wireless phone service that was launched in the year 2009. Although the service is quite stable and cheap, you might be wondering is TextNow anonymous or is it easy to get a TextNow phone number traced. We are bringing you this helpful and effective guide to answer these queries along with the commonly asked question of how to get a TextNow private number.

Is TextNow Anonymous?

Is TextNow Anonymous?

The company’s motive is to cut short the phone bills of its users by offering free unlimited phone calls and messages using a Wi-Fi connection. Keep reading further to find out is TextNow anonymous or not in detail.

Note: The service is available only for United States & Canadian residents.

Why Do People Use TextNow App?

In this modern era where everything is driven by money, it is surprising to find services or products offered for free. The TextNow app does exactly that by providing its users with a phone number that can be used to make free phone calls and send free-of-cost texts over Wi-Fi. This is a major reason why people use TextNow. Other advantages of using TextNow are listed below:

  • Free of cost phone calls and messages
  • Complimentary phone number provided on the successful installation of the app
  • Offers data services but requires a paid subscription, which starts as low as $8.99

It only requires a stable Wi-Fi connection for availing services.

Is TextNow Safe?

No, TextNow is not entirely safe to use as it is a common target of cyber predators who are always looking to steal data. Most notably, TextNow is marked as potentially dangerous on SmartSocial Red Zone list. Anything that sells for free nowadays is sure to raise questions about its security and legitimacy. The service has access to your area code and contacts, which can be used against you if they get within reach of a hacker.

Carry out thorough research before using TextNow, and beware of what permissions you give to the app. If you want to know is TextNow anonymous, keep reading further to know more.

How Can You Find Out Who’s Texting You from TextNow?

If you are fed up with getting spammed by unknown TextNow numbers and wish to know who owns these numbers but don’t know how to, there are various methods to find out about the identity of the TextNow number owner. Take a look at the below-mentioned solutions which might help you unmask the identity of a scammer.

Option 1: Use TrueCaller

You can use the TruCaller platform to find out who is actually texting you.

1. Visit the TrueCaller website on any browser.

Visit TrueCaller website on any browser.

2. Enter the TextNow number in the search box and click on the search icon.

Enter the TextNow number in the search box

3. Sign In using either your Google or Microsoft account.

Sign In using either your Google or Microsoft account.

4. Once signed in, the name of the person who owns the TextNow number will appear on your screen. And it might even tell you the location of the user.

information about the number owner

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Option 2: Anonymous TextNow Number Lookup

Anonymous TextNow Number Lookup is another alternative for you to utilize to find out who is texting you.

1. Go to the Anonymous TextNow Number Lookup website on a browser.

Go to the Anonymous TextNow Number Lookup tool on a browser.

2. Enter the TextNow number you want to find out about in the search box.

Enter the TextNow number you want to find out about in the search box.


Click on Start TextNow Number Lookup.

4. Wait for 3–5 minutes as the tool prepares a user report for you.

5. When loaded, you can view the user report, which contains their name, address, and more information.

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How Can You Tell If It’s a TextNow Number?

If you are getting over 15 calls a day, determining which service provider owns the number can be daunting. We sympathise with you on that. That’s why we have eased the process of finding who owns the TextNow number for you.

Follow the steps below to know whether you received a call or message from a TextNow number or other service providers:

1. Open the Anonymous TextNow Number Lookup tool on your browser.

Note: You can also use the website to perform this method.

2. Enter TextNow number and click on START TEXTNOW NUMBER LOOKUP.

Click on Start TextNow Number Lookup.

3. After 3–5 minutes, you will view the user’s information, such as their name, address, and more.

Note: Be careful not to misuse the information provided by them.

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Does TextNow Show Your Name?

No. If you are wondering is TextNow anonymous, yes, it is highly anonymous in its conduct. It won’t show your name to the person you call or send messages to. The app collects your personal information such as IP address, contacts, phone specifications, messages, call log, and much more, but does not reveal your name while calling.

Does TextNow Show Your Email?

No, your email address is not revealed to other users. TextNow stores your information like your contacts, phone logs, IP address, messages, etc. However, it keeps your information away from any third party to protect your privacy and deliver a safe and healthy experience to you. I hope this answered your question is TextNow anonymous.

How Can You Make Your Number Private on TextNow?

You can’t make your number private on TextNow. When users register an account on the TextNow app, they are given a free phone number to make calls and send messages. As it is not your real number, you can use it without revealing your real number on TextNow. So, here is your answer about TextNow private number.

Can TextFree Phone Number Be Traced?

Yes, many tools available on the Internet can easily help you get your TextFree phone number traced. One of the prominent tools to track a TextFree phone number is TrueCaller. All you have to do to trace a TextFree number is visit the TrueCaller website and search for the number in the field. If it belongs to a TextFree user, their details will pop up on your screen.

Can TextNow Steal Your Information?

Yes and no. Although the messages and calls on the app are end-to-end encrypted, meaning any third party or TextNow themselves cannot access them. The TextNow support team states that the information collected from you is perfectly safe with them and is not shared with any third party. But, there are chances of security breaches always, which could lead to potential data theft.


We hope that this guide was helpful and you were able to get the answer to is TextNow anonymous question. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Let us know what topic you want to learn about in our next article.