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May 16, 2024

Vivaldi 6.4 Takes Video Playback and Calendar to the Next Level

Vivaldi 6.4 Takes Video Playback and Calendar to the Next Level


The Vivaldi web browser is already popular and feature-packed.

While it has received several updates recently, the latest Vivaldi v6.4 release makes watching and controlling videos easier than ever on desktop (particularly in “pop-up” mode). It also delivers a better calendar experience, among other improvements.

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Earlier this year, the Vivaldi team upgraded several media playback features, and this update expands those even further. That’s on top of improvements to workspaces, the built-in email client from last year, and a continuous stream of bug fixes and patches. Today’s release primarily benefits desktop users, but you’ll also notice over 75 changes, fixes, or tweaks in the changelog.

The latest Vivaldi v6.4 web browser update is now available for download. You’ll first notice full volume controls in the picture-in-picture pop-up video player feature. Finally, being able to overlay anything you’re doing with a video is great, but going back to whatever tab the video came from to control the volume was frustrating. Now, it’s readily available right on the pop-up.

Vivaldi 6.4 Takes Video Playback and Calendar to the Next Level

Another significant change is the addition of calendar templates. You’ll find many useful templates to easily add to your Vivaldi Calendar, making it a more complete all-in-one solution. Users can create repeating events, add pre-sets, change the time and duration, and even add tasks to any calendar entry. It’s more of a full-featured calendar.

Overall, this is a reasonably light update regarding new features. That said, there are dozens of background tweaks and improvements, which are always welcomed. And when you combine everything today with upgrades over the last year or so, it’s easy to see Vivaldi is quickly becoming a do-it-all browser. You can browse the web, check your email, manage calendars and tasks, check out an RSS list, all while watching a video floating at the top of the screen.

In a blog post, the company said, “The latest version of Vivaldi on the desktop gets more powerful and personal and ensures secure data syncing across platforms including Android, iOS, and in cars.” Vivaldi is available as a free download for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. An Android app is also available, and Vivaldi finally launched on iOS in September.

Source: Vivaldi

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