December 3, 2022

What Happened to Suggest a Friend Option in Facebook?

What Happened to Suggest a Friend Option in Facebook?

Facebook is one of the oldest social media and networking applications. It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and is owned by meta platforms, an American company. It was the first social media application that allowed users to upload photos, and videos, share content and post daily updates or statuses on it. Hence, Facebook has stated some community guidelines and policies for the safety of the users. If any feature or user does not obey the guidelines that specific account or feature will be banned from Facebook. The most famous feature of Facebook, the friend suggestion feature, was removed from the platform recently as this function was not working properly. This function used a tracking mechanism to get the data, such as tracking your contacts, interests, etc., and helps you improve your network. Hence, if you are a Facebook user and you are wondering what happened to the suggest a friend option in Facebook, you should go through this article to clear your doubts and get solutions to all your questions, like what does friend suggestion means on Facebook. We will also show you why Facebook remove suggest friends and how to get Facebook friend suggestion.

What Happened to Suggest a Friend Option in Facebook?

What Happened to Suggest a Friend Option in Facebook?

You will get to know what happened to suggest a friend option in Facebook further in this article. Keep reading to learn more about it in detail.

What Does Friend Suggestion Mean on Facebook?

Facebook provides a lot of features to improve your network with people and lets you connect with more and more people. It has a feature known as friend suggestion which shows you a list of people whom you may know and would like to connect them on Facebook. It decides your friend suggestion list based on your contacts and the number of mutual friends that you may have.

If you have saved someone’s phone number and that person is available on the Facebook platform, their Facebook accounts will be displayed on your friend suggestions list if you have not yet added them to your friend list by sending them a friend request. Facebook friend suggestion goes both ways which means the people who are there on your list might also have your Facebook account on their suggestion list.

Does Facebook Suggest Friends Who have Searched for You?

Yes. Facebook suggests friends who have searched for you. They also display the Facebook accounts of several people who might be related to you in some way. You both might have a lot of mutual friends on your accounts and might be sharing similar interests, and contents, and is based on many other factors. Mutual friends imply the common friends present on both user accounts of Facebook.

It also shows the Facebook accounts of people who might have searched or viewed your profile. The first account that springs upon the Facebook suggestion list might be the person who was searching for your account, or you might have searched for their Facebook account. It is not the case always; you can get a user’s suggestion if they have recently saved your phone number though you have not saved their phone number.

Why Do I Get Facebook Friend Suggestions from Strangers?

You may get Facebook friend suggestions for the people that you might know as well as from people whom you may not know. Facebook uses technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning to improve your suggestion list. It browses through all your data, contents, search history, contacts, and all kinds of information related to you to update your friend suggestions list. Hence, as it handles, maintains, and analyses so much data, it might get wrong while suggesting you a Facebook account that you might not know. And this results in suggestions from strangers, but you need not worry.

Facebook provides an alternative option of removing friend suggestions if you don’t know a person. It happens sometimes though you might not have the common friends as the other account. Both of you might be a part of the same network, such as both of you may have the same page, have the same employment status, or both of you searching for the same person. The reasons determine these issues are endless.

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Where did the Suggest a Friend Option Go in Facebook? What Happened to Suggest a Friend Option in Facebook?

Recently there was a bug in the suggest a friend feature of Facebook which resulted in the incorrect loading of that feature. It made Facebook remove suggest friend option from the pages of the users. This feature was removed from Facebook as it did not follow the community standards of the Facebook application.

Though this feature is removed from Facebook, it can be enabled by some methods.

Why did Facebook Remove Suggest Friends?

Facebook is a social networking site that encourages people to connect with new users having similar interests, backgrounds, employment status, common friends, etc. The suggest friends function enabled people to expand their connections. But this function recently got removed from the Facebook site as it did not follow the privacy policies and community guidelines stated by Facebook. It did not load the proper information on the pages of Facebook users. Hence, to avoid any troubles, Facebook removed this feature permanently, according to recent news.

How Do I Get Friend Suggestion Back on Facebook?

Though Facebook has removed the friend suggestion from its platform, you can use some methods to suggest a friend option in Facebook. If you are someone who is wondering how to get Facebook friend suggestions back on your feed, then here are some ways for you.

These methods will help you enable Facebook friend suggestion:

Method 1: Find Friend Suggestions on Facebook App

1. Open the Facebook app on your iOS or Android device.

2. Go to the Friends tab.

Go to the Friends tab

3. Tap on Suggestions.

Tap on Suggestions | | What Happened to Suggest a Friend Option in Facebook?

These are some few steps that you should follow to get your friends suggestion list on Facebook.

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Method 2: Import Contacts

If your suggestion list gives you improper information, you can follow the steps below to get the proper friend list.

1. Tap on the Import option in the suggestions section on the Facebook app.

Tap on Import option

2. Then, tap on Get started in the Find Friends section.

tap on Get started in find friend section

3. Return to the Suggestions screen to see the suggested friends list from your contact list.

Go back to suggestions | What Happened to Suggest a Friend Option in Facebook?

You can follow these steps to get a proper friend list on Facebook.


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