November 19, 2022

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What is ethical hacking

Ethical hacking is defined as any form of hacking in which there is an authorized attempt to gain unauthorized access to data, applications, or computer systems. It is authorized by the owner of the system that is targeted. It includes duplicating the methods, perspectives, and strategies of malevolent attackers. This is the process in which security measures are taken pro-actively to prevent the systems from hackers with malevolent or malicious purposes for data privacy. Besides addressing the question of what is Ethical Hacking, we would also discuss is ethical hacking legal, the advantages and disadvantages of hacking, and the scope of ethical hacking.

What is ethical hacking

What is Ethical Hacking?

Now that you have a basic understanding of what is ethical hacking, let’s discuss it in detail. Ethical hacking is planned, legal, and approved since it helps to withstand attacks or divert them. This practice helps recognize the security dangers which can be sorted and resolved before a malevolent attacker has had the chance to exploit them. The organizations that own the network or system give permission to Cyber Security engineers to perform such activities in order to test the system’s defenses and develop solutions to avoid data breaches.

The main objective of ethical hackers is to investigate the network or system for weak points that spiteful hackers can exploit. Ethical hackers can help enhance the security of applications, and systems by collecting and analyzing information to resist attacks or to divert them.

Talking about Ethical Hacking examples, it generally entails a form of penetration testing. This is an attempt to breach a system, server, network, program, or device. Penetration testing may include the following:

  • In External testing, vulnerabilities or risks are tested as if an outsider is trying to get into a system. External testing finds problems with firewalls potentially being misconfigured, weaknesses in email servers, issues with third-party applications and more.
  • Internal testing finds problems within an organization; it is generally related to human error. Human error is a common cybersecurity threat to organizations. This can be due to failure to update systems, weak passwords, social engineering scams, risk of phishing and more. Ethical hackers will look for potential security risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Web application testing is a type of ethical hacking that finds issues with applications and websites. This can root out potential security breaches with websites and applications before they are deployed.

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Is Ethical Hacking Legal?

Yes, ethical hacking is legal as long as it is authorized by the owner to find the flaws and vulnerabilities of the system and provide solutions to improve it. It prevents the system from more damage which otherwise can be caused by hackers. People who are in this profession infiltrate the system as malevolent attackers, but instead of stealing information or causing damage, they report the system’s vulnerabilities and risks and develop solutions to avoid data breaches. When you have your digital system ethically hacked, it gives you insights into the strength of your passwords, firewalls, protocols, and more.

JAN23 What is Ethical Hacking?

What are Advantages and Disadvantages of Ethical Hacking?

While the aim of certified ethical hackers is to protect companies from cyber-attacks, both advantages and disadvantages are involved in it. After learning what is ethical hacking & is ethical hacking legal, read about the advantages and disadvantages of ethical hacking below.


  • This allows us to take preventive action against hackers by providing continuous assessments.
  • Besides that, it helps withstand security breaches by providing solutions for vulnerabilities.
  • Moreover, it helps to build a system that avoids and resists any kind of attacks and penetration by hackers.
  • Ethical hacking helps to figure out and close open holes in a system or network.
  • It helps determine the weak points of a system or network that can be easily investigated and resolved by penetration testing.
  • Moreover, it helps customers and investors to trust your organization if the security of the data and the system is well maintained.


  • By hiring professionals who know how to hack, the company’s costs will increase.
  • This technique, if fall into wrong hands, can jeopardize someone’s privacy.
  • Moreover, it also disturbs system operations.
  • It has the capacity to corrupt an organization’s data or files.
  • Professionals indulged in hacking might use the important data and information they have gained and gathered for malevolent purposes.

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What is the Difference Between Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security?

JAN23 What is Ethical Hacking?

  • Cyber Security is a broad term that encompasses various security techniques, on the other hand, Ethical Hacking is a part of Cyber Security.
  • In cyber security, the main focus is on how to protect the network or the system whereas in ethical hacking the attention is on how to attack the system or the network.
  • Cyber security basically deals with withstanding malicious activities by resolving security problems to protect data and the system, whereas Ethical Hacking is looking for the flaws and vulnerabilities of the system and reporting it to the owner.
  • In cyber security, regular maintenance is done to make sure that the security system is updated, on the other hand in ethical hacking regular testing is done on the system to find out flaws and vulnerabilities present in it so that the issues can be resolved.
  • Cyber security provides professionals such as SOC Engineers, cyber security analysts, CISOs, and more. The major ethical hacking roles include Penetration testers and Security Managers.
  • Cyber Security is on the defensive side, but Ethical Hacking is on the offensive side.
  • Cyber security finds out problems and protects the system or the network from security violations, Ethical hacking performs investigation into the network or system for weak points that spiteful hackers can exploit.

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Why Ethical Hacking is Essential in Cybersecurity?

Ethical hacking plays an important role when it comes to recognizing the security dangers which can be sorted and resolved before a malevolent attacker has the chance to exploit them. Therefore, its importance in cybersecurity is essential. Its testing strategies and techniques represent a proactive strategic approach to controlling, managing, and avoiding cyber-attacks and risks. On the whole, it helps organizations to become victims and to face destructive consequences.

What is the Scope of Ethical Hacking?

Ethical Hacking is an essential component of risk assessment, counter fraud, and more. It is used as penetration testing to find the risks and vulnerabilities and it highlights the holes in systems or networks so that preventive actions are taken against attacks.

  • The scope of ethical hacking has amazing careers with varied opportunities. It is an important aspect of every organization’s security method as traditional cybersecurity methods are not enough for every company nowadays.
  • Ethical hackers are employed by organizations to find any vulnerabilities or risks that might exist in a network and to find solutions to fix them. They can also become part of government organizations as well as private firms as cyber-security experts.
  • It has also been seen that many Ethical hackers have been employed by companies like Airtel, HCL, Reliance, Mahindra, TCS & IBM.
  • Besides that, Ethical hackers have also been in high demand amongst the National Security Agency and the Federal Bureau of Information.
  • Furthermore, there are many organizations that hire them to audit their systems and security testers.


Ethical hackers act as the corporate messiah who protects the organization with an ethical hacking weapon. It is and more so, will be essential in protecting against digital threats in a few years. Because of this many institutions have started beginning cybersecurity courses. Besides the question of what is ethical hacking, now you have probably figured out the scope of ethical hacking and the importance of this career which will definitely grow in the future. I hope you have enjoyed reading our article. Keep checking our page for more such information and drop your suggestions and queries below.