April 24, 2024

What is Shadow Ban on TikTok? 5 Ways to Get Unshadowbanned


TikTok can sometimes be a tricky social media to navigate through. This short-form, content-based app is known to make many users popular overnight. With different types of content, from cooking to comedy or both, you can quickly go viral on TikTok, but the opposite is also possible and true. Shadow Ban TikTok is a nightmare that many TikTok users dread. This article will help you learn what is TikTok shadowban, how long does a shadowban last on TikTok, and how to get unshadowbanned on TikTok. So, keep reading to learn more!

What is Shadow Ban on TikTok? 5 Ways to Get Unshadowbanned

Shadow Banning on TikTok: The Silent Treatment

A shadowban on TikTok is like being muted without being notified. Here’s what you need to know:

  • What it is: When your account is shadowbanned, your content is restricted. It won’t appear on the “For You” page (FYP) or in hashtag searches, significantly limiting your reach and engagement.
  • What it’s not: Unlike a regular ban, you won’t receive any notification from TikTok. You might just notice a sudden and significant drop in views, likes, and comments.

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Why Might You Be Shadowbanned?

There are several reasons why your account might be shadowbanned by TikTok’s algorithm. Here are some common causes:

  • Posting inappropriate content: This includes anything that violates TikTok’s Community Guidelines, such as hate speech, bullying, nudity, or violence.
  • Spammy behavior: Posting excessive content in a short amount of time, using irrelevant hashtags, or repeatedly asking for followers can be flagged.
  • Copyright infringement: Using copyrighted music or videos without permission can trigger a shadowban.
  • Technical glitches: While less common, there might be occasional glitches with the algorithm that can lead to temporary shadowbans.

How to Know if You’re Shadowbanned: (There’s no surefire way, but here are some signs)

  • Low engagement: A sudden and significant drop in views, likes, and comments on your videos.
  • No FYP appearances: Your videos aren’t showing up on the FYP, even if you use relevant hashtags.
  • Limited reach in hashtag searches: Your videos don’t appear in search results, even for hashtags you’ve used.

5 Ways to Get Unshadowbanned (if it happens):

  • Take a break: Stop posting for a few days and allow TikTok’s algorithm to potentially reset.
  • Review your content: Look for any past videos that might have violated community guidelines and delete them.
  • Avoid spammy behavior: Focus on creating high-quality content, using relevant hashtags strategically, and engaging with your audience authentically.
  • Appeal to TikTok Support: While there’s no guaranteed way to appeal a shadowban, you can try contacting TikTok support to explain your situation. https://support.tiktok.com/en/using-tiktok/report-a-problem
  • Create a new account (last resort): If all else fails, consider creating a new account and following best practices to avoid future shadowbans. However, this means starting from scratch.

Remember: Consistency, quality content, and following community guidelines are key to avoiding shadowbans and growing your TikTok account organically.

What is Shadow Ban on TikTok? 5 Ways to Get Unshadowbanned

TikTok is renowned for being an addictive social media platform. The likes and comments that one receives on their videos can be an instant source of happiness. So a shadow ban can lead to a drastic decrease in the number of people who view, like, and comment. To know more about shadow ban TikTok, read the article until the end.

What is TikTok Shadowban?

A shadowban is similar to a ban but unlike it. It is an unofficial ban where TikTok temporarily reduces the visibility of your content. TikTok isn’t obliged to tell you about this ban, which differentiates it from an actual ban, thus the shadow in its name. So, what is TikTok shadowban? It is when:

  • Your videos stop appearing on the For You Page as frequently as they used to.
  • The videos you post no longer occur in the hashtags section of TikTok.
  • They receive fewer likes and comments than they usually would.

While an official statement has not been made by TikTok about the shadow ban, the app is known to ban accounts that break their community guidelines on a regular basis and to permanently or temporarily ban accounts that do so.

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How Do You Get Shadowbanned on TikTok?

Prevention is always better than cure, so knowing how your account can get shadowbanned is the best way to stay unshadowbanned. Breaking these rules can lead to a temporary shadow ban, and a regular violation of these can lead to a total ban from the platform, so remember and follow the rules mentioned below if you stay on TikTok:

Reason #1: Violated TikTok’s Community Guidelines

The most obvious answer to how do you get shadowbanned is violating the TikTok community guidelines. TikTok has a low-tolerance policy regarding its community guidelines.

  • They do give a warning if you post objectionable content, but if you keep doing, so it would first lead to a shadow ban to prevent your content from reaching more people.
  • And then a total ban is implemented if you continue your objectionable behavior on the app.

Did You Violate TikTok’s Community Guidelines?

Reason #2: Posting Too Much Content

You can get shadowbanned for posting too much on TikTok. You behave like a bot you get treated like one. TikTok considers spamming content as bot behavior and restricts your account. Similarly, you can also get shadowbanned for following too many people at once. TikTok is working hard to shut down bot accounts on their platform, so just ask yourself if is it something a bot would do.

Reason #3: Mistake from TikTok

The reason why you constantly keep getting updates on your TikTok app is that it isn’t perfect. TikTok app can make mistakes, its bugs and algorithms can cause the app to make mistakes, and sometimes these mistakes could lead your account to get shadowbanned. The algorithm can sometimes wrongfully flag content as breaking community rules, but we can’t do anything about it except wait for the system to get better.

How Do You Know You Have Been Shadowbanned?

TikTok does not feel obliged to inform you when your account has been shadowbanned. So, how do you know you have been shadowbanned? You’ll have to look for these symptoms to find out:

  • Sudden Drop in Engagement: If you have been consistently receiving a good amount of likes and comments, and it suddenly goes down, it could be a sign that a shadow ban is coming. If the drop is gradual, it could be because your followers stopped resonating with your content, but if it’s sudden, it’s a shadow ban.
  • Uploads Under Review: Your account has been shadowbanned if whenever you post a TikTok it shows under-review or processing for longer than usual. But it can also be caused by a slow internet connection, so check your mobile data and Wi-Fi, if the problem continues with your account, it has been affected.
  • For You No Longer Yours: For You page is the best friend of everyone who uses TikTok. It is where your content appears when everything is going well, and if it doesn’t, you know what is wrong. Ask your friends whether they are able to see your content on their For You Page. If not, you have been shadowbanned.

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How to Get Unshadowbanned on TikTok?

If, for some unfortunate reason, you could not prevent your account from getting shadowbanned, then do not worry. Shadow ban TikTok does not last forever, so it will be over in some time. To speed up the process of getting unshadowbanned and to ensure it does not happen again, follow the methods mentioned below:

This one is obvious: following TikTok community guidelines is the best way to stay on the safe side of TikTok. If your account has previously violated community guidelines, make sure it doesn’t happen again.

A common way that people end up breaking community guidelines is when they edit their videos in a video editor and include songs that are not available on TikTok. Music available on TikTok can be used without the risk of copyright infringement but using original music without proper licensing can cause trouble.

Go through the Official TikTok Guidelines to make sure you do not violate them and enjoy TikTok to its fullest.

Copyright and trademark infringement - TikTok

Method 2: Remove Flagged Content

If TikTok has previously flagged your content, those photos and videos could be the reason for your shadow ban. Remove those videos and sooner or later the algorithm will lift the shadow ban from your account.

Remember, TikTok flags the videos that contain:

  • Fake News
  • Hate Speech
  • Violence
  • Drugs
  • Nudity
  • Copyrighted Music

If any of your videos contain the flags mentioned above, remove them immediately and do not post such content again.

Method 3: Do Not Over Post

Remember, if you behave like a bot, you get treated like one. For the algorithm to identify you as a human, reduce the frequency with which you post your TikToks. Soon your shadow ban will be lifted, even then remember to not spam too many videos at once.

Method 4: Check Analytics

Check your TikTok account analytics regularly. This is the best way to know whether your account is being shadowbanned. To protect your posts from getting shadowbanned and acting quickly when they do, keep an eye on the performance of your posts.

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Method 5: Reinstall App

If you have tried all the methods mentioned above, removed all the offensive posts, and properly followed community guidelines. The problem still continues then there could be a different problem. Maybe your account hasn’t been shadowbanned, it’s just that your device isn’t functioning properly. Try uninstalling and reinstalling your app.

1. Go to Google Play Store and search TikTok in the search bar.

2. Tap on Uninstall and wait for the device to finish the process.

3. Next, tap on Install and wait for a few seconds until the downloading and installing process is completed.

tap on install |

There is no definite cure to shadow ban. Your best bet on how to get unshadowbanned on TikTok is to follow these methods and wait for your shadow ban TikTok to get over.

How Long Does a Shadowban Last on TikTok?

If the question of how long does a shadowban last on TikTok eats your brain, it will ease your mind to know that the answer is: not forever. Unlike a total ban, a shadow ban is a lot more like a warning, reminding you that you need to watch out for what you are posting or how much you are posting. Some users have said that their shadow ban lasted just 24 hours, and others said that it took up to a month to get the same traction again as they used to. It is not known how long a shadow ban may last because officially it does not exist.

However, the average time comes out to be 2 weeks or 14 days.


So, we hope you have understood what is shadow ban TikTok and how to get unshadowbanned on TikTok. You can let us know any queries or suggestions about any other topic you want us to make an article on. Drop them in the comments section below for us to know.