December 8, 2022

What is Transferring Cash in Acorns?

What is Transferring Cash in Acorns?

Acorns offer micro-investment services via its web and mobile applications. Jeff Cruttenden, Mark Dru, and Walter Cruttenden established the company in 2012. The three primary services offered by Acorns are Acorns Core, Acorns Later, and Acorns Spend. Acorns Core users can put $5 or their spare change into a portfolio of exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Users of Acorns Later can automate their retirement account investments (IRA). In contrast to the first two, Acorns Spend focuses on enabling customers to spend money by creating an Acorns checking account and utilizing the debit cards that have been supplied to them. You may have many questions about Acorns, like how to create an Acorns invest account. Some can be doubts about transferring cash in Acorns, or if Acorns stole my money without warning, how to deposit cash into my Acorns account. If you are someone looking for tips about the same, we bring you a helpful guide that will teach you what is transferring cash in acorns.

What is Transferring Cash in Acorns?

What is Transferring Cash in Acorns?

Read this article till the end to learn what is transferring cash in Acorns in a detailed manner.

Is Acorns Considered a Brokerage Account?

Yes, core Acorns accounts are considered brokerage accounts. A brokerage is a kind of bank account that lets you purchase and sell assets across several types of investments. Stocks, mutual funds, treasuries, REITs, and marketplace funds can be among them (known as ETFs). You can use the money you deposit to form an account and then define the investment transactions you want to make. You can increase your commitment at any time by adding finances, or you can stick with the initial deposit and investment.

Acorns website | create Acorns invest account

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Is Acorns a Pyramid Scheme?

No. A pyramid scheme is one in which the incentive is to recruit people, have those people recruit people, and so on. It allows the people above you to profit from you in the future. To put it simply, Acorns is a brokerage account linked to a registered brokerage firm that serves as a middleman between you and the business from whom you are purchasing the investment. In other words, the brokerage company will acquire the stock on your behalf instead of you contacting Company X directly if you wish to buy it from them.

Can You Cash Out Acorns?

Yes, of course, you can. Acorns lets you invest your money into a checking account, and the share value changes with the market. Once you feel like cashing out your investments, you can do it easily on the app or the Acorns website.

Note: The withdrawal amount is not sent to your checking account immediately. It usually takes 3 to 6 business days.

Can You Get Rich from Acorns?

Yes. Once you create Acorns invest account, Acorns will offer you three options which are namely Invest, Later, and Early. One of the primary incentives offered by Acorns is to provide you with an IRA-approved plan that fits your needs and long-term objectives. You can receive additional possible tax benefits while making future investments. There is no certainty based on how the market will fare when it comes to stocks and investing, but with patience and meticulous planning, you can certainly get rich from Acorns.

Does Acorns have a Monthly Fee?

Yes, the paid subscription programs for Acorns are as follows:

  • Personal at $3 per month: Allows you an Investment and Retirement account, along with an operational Banking system, with Acorns Visa Debit Card that you can use to make transactions. You will also get access to Bonus investments.
  • Family at $5 per month: Allows you to secure your children’s future by investing in an account for your kids, also known as Acorns Early. This also includes all the perks of the Personal program too.

Acorns Pricing page

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Did Acorns Stole My Money?

No, Acorns can’t steal your money. While their monthly subscription programs might be a difficult model for people who are just starting with low investments, there are a few important things to take note of before you invest in Acorns.

What is Transferring Cash in Acorns? What does Transferring Cash Mean on Acorns?

Transferring cash in Acorns can be done by moving money from your Acorns account in the form of cash through ATM. Any ATM where a Visa Debit card is accepted will be eligible for transferring cash through Acorns. You can use your Acorns Debit card, or you can transfer money to your checking account and then indirectly take it out in the form of cash. With no overdraft fees and access to over 50,000+ royalty-free ATMs all over the world, you can easily transfer money and even deposit cash into my Acorns.

Why are Acorns Charging $5 a Month?

Acorns offer monthly subscription programs to help you control everything your money will be involved in through the app or the website. There are two programs (previously they had 3; Lite users at $1/month were offered the move to Personal), as mentioned before. They are Personal at $3 per month and Family at $5 every month.

The benefits of having a Family subscription to Acorns are:

  • You will get perks on Personal, like Invest, Early, Banking, and the Acorns Visa Debit Card for transactions.
  • On top of all this, you will also get access to Acorns Early, which will help secure the financial future of your children.
  • Like the personal plan, you will also get Bonus Investments.

Why Acorns is a Bad Idea?

The business Acorns offers micro-investment solutions via its web and mobile applications. The firm’s goal is to protect the financial interests of the young and promising, starting with the empowering act of micro-investing.

However, there can be reasons why you might not find Acorns useful. Some of the reasons are discussed below:

  • Some of the Acorns’ programs aren’t best suited for long-term investing. This is because you can find better solutions in some of the other options available in the market. A Roth IRA account for investing in the future can be beneficial as they do not exercise penalties for early withdrawals.
  • While the reason mentioned above might prompt you to believe that Acorns must surely be a good investment in the short term? Well, a lot of beginner investors cannot make a steady profit as the subscription system isn’t suited to help you out in the short term either. A personal subscription, which is the lowest-priced plan, will cost you $36 extra every year.
  • There are, clearly, better alternatives available in the market too. Some of the other apps like Acorns also provide similar benefits but don’t charge a monthly subscription fee, which sometimes might make you feel like Acorns stole your money.

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Can I Deposit Cash into My Acorns Account?

No, Unfortunately, you cannot deposit cash into your Acorns account directly. What you can do instead is transfer the cash deposit to your primary bank account, which is also linked to your Acorns account, and then make the subsequent transfer from there. It is the only way of transferring cash in Acorns.

How Long does It Take to Transfer Money into Acorns?

An ACH (Automated Clearing House) transaction is when money moves in and out of Acorns Checking to your connected checking account. ACH transfers, whether made to or from your Acorns Checking account, take place in 1 to 3 business days. In your Acorns Checking account’s Recent Activity area, you may keep tabs on the progress of the transaction.

Your one-time and regular ACH transfers into Acorns accounts may take 3-5 business days to process for the first 60 days after the account is opened. The processing period will be shortened to 1-3 trading days after 60 days have elapsed.

How to Transfer Money from Acorns to Bank Account?

By following the instructions below, you can easily utilize the app to transfer money from your Acorns investment account to your bank account:

Note: To access your account, you must use the iOS or Android version.

1. Open the Acorns app on your phone.

Note:  Make sure you are logged into your Acorns account.

2. Tap on Invest.

Tap on Invest | What is Transferring Cash in Acorns?

3. Then, tap on Withdraw > Continue to withdraw.

tap on Withdraw - Continue to withdraw | create Acorns invest account

4. Tap on the $0 amount from the top to enter the desired amount.

5. Enter the desired amount and tap on Got it!

6. Now, tap on Withdraw.

tap on Withdraw

7. Tap on Continue from the popup to confirm the action.

Tap on Continue from the popup to confirm the action | What is Transferring Cash in Acorns?

Read this article from the start to learn what is transferring cash in Acorns.

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How to Create Acorns Invest Account?

An Acorns investment account is necessary for making transactions and withdrawals through Acorns. You can easily create an Acorns invest account by following the steps provided below:

1. Visit the Acorns Sign Up page on your browser.

2. Enter your email address in the box and click on Next.

add your email

3. Click on Looks Good from the popup to verify your email.

verify your email | create Acorns invest account

4. On the next page, enter your password and select the agreement checkbox before proceeding further.

5. Click on Create Account to create Acorns invest account.

choose new password | What is Transferring Cash in Acorns?

You can now access Acorns Invest. You will be asked to enter and confirm a few more requirements like your Bank details, personal information (most importantly, your Social Security Number), and mobile verification code.


We hope that this guide was helpful and you were able to learn what is transferring cash in Acorns and can I deposit cash into my Acorns. You can let us know any queries or suggestions about any other topic you want us to make an article on. Drop them in the comments section below for us to know.