December 1, 2022

Which is Better Between Samsung vs iPhone?

Which is Better Between Samsung vs iPhone?

Samsung vs iPhone

When it comes to purchasing a good phone, the question arises about which phone to buy. This question becomes a bit complicated when you have to decide between Samsung and iPhone. The complication arises as both the phone have advanced features and give competition to each other.

But you do not have to worry because we value your hard-earned money and will ensure that every penny you have earned is invested well. So, in this guide, we have given features that will help you decide Samsung vs iPhone which is better. You will also get to know the differences between iPhone vs Samsung camera, iPhone vs Samsung battery life, iPhone and Samsung which is more expensive, etc. So, let’s get started!

Which is Better Between Samsung vs iPhone?

Which is Better Between Samsung vs iPhone?

If you want to know which is a better option between an iPhone and Samsung phone, you will have to compare the prices and its features. Keep reading to know more.

Note: We have done this comparison for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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What are the Differences between iPhone vs Samsung Camera?

JAN23 Which is Better Between Samsung vs iPhone?

You must have asked your friends about camera quality before you purchase a phone. But it becomes difficult for your friend when you ask your friend about the difference between the iPhone’s camera quality and Samsung’s. Don’t worry, we will help you in this regard. It will also help you answer Samsung vs iPhone which is better:

 Features iPhone 13 Pro Max Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
Daytime Photography Photos clicked from its camera look more realistic. The iPhone 13 Pro Max features a little faster shutter speed and less lens flare. The S22 Ultra offers nearly faultless edge recognition and can distinguish individual hair strands from the background for images that resemble those from a DSLR. Photos on the latter are somewhat edited to increase contrast and make your photos suitable for Instagram.
Low-light photography If you are someone who likes more realistic photos then iPhone 13 pro max is best suited for you as it maintains the essence of nighttime. But the photos clicked in this low light may not properly depict other elements in the background. If you are someone who wants a bright image even in low light then this phone is more suitable for you. Also, you do not have to edit the photo to make it look instagrammable as your phone has already done the job for you. But you can get disappointed at times because there are things that look better in the way they are and need not be brightened.
Zoom photography This phone has a digital zoom of up to 15x and 3x optical zoom in. When it comes to zoom photography the rear camera of it has a digital zoom of up to 100x and optical zoom of 3x and 10x. So, you can use this phone to capture objects that are far from you. Also, if you are a bird lover, this phone is suitable for you.
Videos If you are someone who loves to make quality videos then you are going to enjoy the iPhone 13 Pro Max phone. Some of the key features are stereo recording, playback zoom, slo-mo video support, cinematic video stabilization, and quicktake video. The S22 Ultra boasts slower slow-motion video. A fascinating choice for vloggers and content producers, its software feature Director’s View enables you to simultaneously view the video outputs from all cameras.

In terms of features and the quality it produces in photos and videos, iPhone can be considered a winner. But as your choice is unique, it would be difficult for us to tell which is better for you. We hope that we have empowered you enough, and now you can choose for yourself iPhone vs Samsung camera which is better.

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What is the Difference between iPhone vs Samsung Prices?

Both iPhone and Samsung are quite expensive. We have listed the price for both:

A. iPhone Price

Price of various models are listed here:

Phone Models Price in Rupees Price in Dollars
iPhone SE 49,900 614.77
iPhone 13 64,900 799.57
iPhone 13 Pro Max(128GB) 1,19,900 1477.17
iPhone 14(128 GB) 79,900 984.37
iPhone 14 Pro 1,29,900 1600.37

B. Samsung Price

Price of various models are listed here:

Phone Models Price in Rupees Price in Dollars
Galaxy S21 FE 5G 48999 603.67
Galaxy S22 57999 714.55
Galaxy Z Flip4 89999 1108.79
Galaxy Z Fold4 144999 1786.39

So, there is little price variation, but Samsung and iPhones are similar in price. If you want to decide which one to purchase, you will have to look for other features also that we have provided in this article.

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What is the iPhone vs Samsung Battery Life Comparison?

We have done the iPhone vs Samsung battery life comparison for iPhone 13 Pro Max and S22 Ultra. Keep reading to know about its detail.

A. Samsung S22 Ultra Battery

The battery capacity of Samsung S22 Ultra is 5000 mAh. To understand its battery life in other terms, we have depicted a table for you:

In terms of Time in Hours
Internet Usage Time (LTE) Up to 20
Internet Usage Time (Wi-Fi) Up to 21
Video Playback Time Up to 20
Audio Playback Time Up to 81
Talk Time Up to 40

B. iPhone 13 Pro Max Battery

It can charge 50 percent of the phone battery in just 30 minutes. But for this, you need a 20W adapter. To understand the battery life better, we have presented a table below:

In terms of Time in hours
Video playback Up to 28
Video playback(streamed) Up to 25
Audio playback Up to 95

Still, in terms of battery, Samsung is preferred because of its long-lasting battery.

iPhone and Samsung, Which is More Expensive?

Both the companies’ phones are expensive. But when it comes to Samsung, there are various models, so the price also varies. And you can get a cheap Samsung phone too. But if the features of the Samsung phone are similar to iPhone, Samsung phones are also equally expensive.


We hope that this article helped you in resolving your query about Samsung vs iPhone which is better. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn about next.

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