May 22, 2020

13 Professional Photography apps for OnePlus 7 Pro


The OnePlus 7 Pro, without a doubt, is one of the best smartphones. What makes it classy is the 48-megapixel camera. Yes! The OnePlus Triple camera feature is unbeatable. But when we take performance into account, OnePlus 7 Pro is still a bit behind the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

The OnePlus 7 Pro has the high-performance camera hardware. But in processing, the performance of the device’s camera application is a bit weak. A third-party camera app will fix this issue. Also, it would optimize the performance of the camera to a greater level. Are you confused about which camera application to choose? Need not Worry! We are here to help you out. Do read our suggestions on high-performance camera applications for your smartphone.

Want to shoot mind-blowing photographs in no time? Want your photos to be professional? We are always there at your service. Our recommended camera applications would definitely help you out. We have listed some apps useful to you. Sounds interesting? Read further to know all the apps.

13 Professional Photography apps for OnePlus 7 Pro

Google Camera or The GCam

google camera

Gcam Mod can tackle the camera issue of your Oneplus 7 Pro. GCam Mod is one of the best camera applications developed by Google Inc. The Artificial Intelligence feature makes this camera close to perfection, and the Machine Learning algorithms used in this app make it stunning.

Using GCam Mod in your Oneplus 7 Pro would give the best processing results. Besides, GCam Mod offers a variety of features. Some of them are Night Sight, Photobooth, etc. for better optimization. What else? Unquestionably, GCam Mod is the best camera application for your device. Install GCam now and start capturing your moments!

Download Google Camera

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HedgeCam 2


Are you excited to explore more applications? The HedgeCam 2 is yet another application that comes with some extra features. This app offers a simple, user-friendly interface that enables you to shoot pictures with perfection. One of the great things about HedgeCam 2 is customization. The features like ISO, white balance, exposure, and focal mode are easily customizable.

It makes the app better than the Stock Camera app of Oneplus 7 Pro. HedgeCam 2 contains a lot of in-built photo filters and powerful features. Some of them are focal change, subject locking, and control over shutter speed. 

This application shows the battery percentage and some other useful information. It is yet another advantage of HedgeCam 2. Besides, the color modes seem to be true to life. Thus, this app is versatile, and it is a good one to shoot photos on your OnePlus 7 Pro. So, HedgeCam 2 is yet another great replacement for the camera application in your device.

Download HedgeCam 2

Adobe Lightroom

adobe lightroom

It is one of the Professional Photography apps for OnePlus 7 Pro. And when it comes to photography, the applications offered by Adobe are some of the most helpful ones. Such an app is the Lightroom by Adobe. Lightroom, also known as Adobe Lightroom, has a powerful in-built camera. Though the app is basically an editing app, the camera features are interesting. This camera can get rid of the difficulties you face with the OnePlus Camera application.

Lightroom has two modes- Automatic and Professional to enhance the quality of the photos you take. The control of the white balance, shutter speed, and exposure quality are really amazing. The application of live filters is possible in Adobe Lightroom. Also, the editing features of the application are incredible and matchless. Lightroom offers a wide variety of filters and editing modes to choose from.

All these incredible features make Adobe Lightroom a great camera application for your Oneplus 7 Pro smartphone.

Download Adobe Lightroom

Open Camera

open camera

Want more features? The Open camera is one of the completely free applications that are great in shooting images. It is one of the most advanced apps to replace the camera application of your Oneplus 7 Pro smartphone.

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It contains various popular features such as focal modes, face detection, and a lot more. You can command the application with your voice as this Voice Command makes the application easier to handle. The color effects and scene modes of Open Camera are much appreciated by its users worldwide. Thus, Open Camera is another best alternative you can choose for your Oneplus 7 Pro.

Download Open Camera

footage camera

Curious to know more? Here is the Footej Camera 2. It is another application that is a boon to OnePlus 7 Pro users. This is one of the great apps which help you capture brilliant shots on your OnePlus 7 Pro smartphone. Footej Camera 2 offers video effects such as slow-motion and timelapse, and the high frame rate recording of Footej Camera 2 is another incredible feature.

Footej Camera 2 has a lot more features for you to experience. Try it out now!

Download Footej Camera

Other Great Camera Applications

Besides the above-mentioned apps, there is a list of other camera apps that are worth installing. 


camera 360

Camera 360 is one of the best apps to capture perfect photos. Besides, camera 360 has real-time camera filters and much more amazing effects.

It has an extra real-time makeup camera to assist you in creating a flawless selfie. Also, several filters and effects help you smoothly capture your moments.

Download Camera 360


camera fv-5

FV5 is best used for professional photography in smartphones. Camera FV5 offers manual adjustments that are DSLR- like.

Download Camera FV5


youcam perfect

Youcam Perfect is yet another camera app with real-time effects and photo editing tools. This makes your photos good looking and compatible to share on social media. The app offers a flawless editing experience, which makes it worth trying.

Download Youcam Perfect


Z camera

Z Camera has exciting features that allow you to capture the perfect moments with your loved ones. Live selfie stickers are a special feature of Z Camera. Though Z Camera is free, some filters and effects belong to the premium category.

Download Z Camera


camera mx

Camera MX allows you to envision new levels of photo editing and smartphone photography. It is well known for its high-quality image resolution and features. 

The app offers various cool features like GIF-making and lots of filters and effects.

Download Camera MX


sweet selfie

Being one of the most trusted apps, Sweet Selfie is a great option for a selfie. Its filters are really cool and trendy.

Download Sweet Selfie


candy camera

Blessed with a simple interface, Candy Camera is another excellent camera application. Candy Camera has something special to deal with selfies. Try it out now!

Download Candy Camera


cymera camera

Cymera is another good alternative for your OnePlus 7 Pro device with professional beauty tools. The latest version contains a lot more exciting filters and effects which you would not want to miss.

Download Cymera

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We hope you try out the above applications and get the most out of your OnePlus 7 Pro camera. Have any difficulties? Contact us.

Have any valuable suggestions or feedback? We would be happy to know. Kindly share them in the comments.

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