December 30, 2022

How to Get More Matches on Tinder

When it comes to dating apps, the most popular and successful app is Tinder with over 75 million active users monthly. But sometimes it is difficult to get matches on Tinder and to help you find and increase the number of matches we bring you this article on how to get more matches on Tinder. No more searching for ways to get more matches because this article will also provide you with Tinder tricks to get matches. So, continue reading the article till the end!

How to Get More Matches on Tinder

How to Get More Matches on Tinder

Keep reading further to find the steps explaining how to get more matches on Tinder in detail with useful illustrations for better understanding.

How to Get More Matches on Tinder?

It can be frustrating at times when you don’t get any quality matches on Tinder, but thankfully after going through this article getting those right swipes will not be difficult anymore. By following the tips below, you can increase your Tinder profile’s appeal, which will eventually get you more matches.

Tip #1: Write a simple bio

While writing your Tinder bio you should keep in mind that no one wants to read a whole paragraph of your likes and dislikes. Keep your bio short with only the relevant details about yourself, that you think might generate some interest in your potential match. Don’t simply write your likes and dislikes, be creative while writing about your hobbies and interests. Also, try not to write anything sexual and vulgar in your bio in case of guys. As that won’t help you in getting more matches and will reduce the possibility to get the right swipe.

Tip #2: Upload good and clear pictures

Your Tinder profile needs some of your best pictures, try to upload at least 3 photos of the best quality and resolution. Choose pictures where you represent your personality and lifestyle. Make sure you pop in the pictures and do not fade into the surroundings. And one more important thing is not to upload a picture where you are with your opposite gender, as it will only generate misconceptions in the mind of your potential match. Therefore, avoid group photos or photos with your opposite gender.

Tip #3: Set a wider area for matches

When searching for matches on Tinder, you need to set the distance starting from your location, from where Tinder will show you profiles within that set range of area. You can increase this area and set it to a wider range so you can get more profiles and increase your chances of getting more matches.

Tip #4: Increase the age range

You can select your preferred age range and Tinder will show you profiles within your set age range. Increase your preferred age range, and you will get more profiles to search for a quality match.

Tip #5: Use the super-like option

Using the super like option gives you an upper hand over anyone who simply right-swiped a profile. Instead of swiping right, you must swipe up to use the super like or just tap on the blue star icon at the bottom of the screen. The thing is, you only get one super like per day, but if you have a Tinder Plus subscription, you get 5 super likes a day. Using a super like on a profile increases the chance of noticing by three times and getting a match sooner compared to a normal right swipe.

super-like option - blue star icon

Tip #6: Highlight your best features

Whether in your bio or pictures, highlight or mention your best features. If you have a great body don’t hide it in your pictures, but also don’t make it obvious either. If you have an interesting profession like if you’re a chef, or working for NASA, or any interesting profession, it is worth mentioning in your bio.

Tip #7: Use Tinder Boost

Tinder Boost is a feature, through which you can boost your profile to appear on top of the swipe list. But you must pay a certain fee to use this feature. Your profile will get more views and it will increase the number of matches you get.

Tip #8: Sign-up for Tinder Gold

A Tinder Gold subscription offers you a whole lot of features, such as more super likes, and more Tinder boosts, and you get notifications immediately when someone right swipes your profile. Tinder Gold can surely increase the number of matches you get since you get notified as soon as someone right swiped your profile so you can match with them quickly before your potential match loses any interest.

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What are the Tinder Tricks to Get Matches?

So, now let’s look at some more Tinder tricks to get matches.

  • Post photos where you showcase your skills and hobbies.
  • Be honest and original while writing your bio.
  • If you have a pet, post a picture of yourself with your pet.
  • Never over-edit your pictures, keep them as original as possible.
  • Set a good trending anthem for your profile, it will generate interest in your potential match.

These are some of the tricks or ways you can note down if you want to increase the number of matches and make your profile more appealing.

How to Get More Matches on Tinder for Guys?

We have discussed how to get more matches earlier in this article and the points that you need to follow to get more matches are also mentioned in the previous sections. Adding more to that on how to get more matches on Tinder for guys,

  • Try to be humble and original in your bio. Also, try to be creative while mentioning your best interests and hobbies.
  • Never write anything about hooking up and too many sexual things on the bio, as it can be a huge turn-off for your potential match and will only decrease your match chances.
  • Never leave your bio blank.
  • Showcase your interests and hobbies in pictures and bio.
  • Set a good closeup picture of your face as the first picture on your profile.
  • Use humor, as girls tend to like guys with a good sense of humor.
  • Don’t upload any picture with your opposite gender, as it will only lead to misconceptions in the mind of your potential match.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can you secretly be on Tinder?

Ans. No, Tinder does not allow anyone to make an anonymous account. To make an account on Tinder you must provide your details and information, therefore, there is no possibility of anonymously using Tinder.

Q2. How many swipes a day do you get on Tinder?

Ans. You get 100 right swipes every day. Read from the start to learn how to get more matches on Tinder.

Q3. How do I unmatch someone on the Tinder Android app?

Ans. To unmatch someone on the Tinder Android app, follow these simple steps:

1. Open the Tinder app on your phone.

2. Open your chat of the person you want to unmatch.

clear the searches in the search bar and scroll through the page to find the particular match.

3. Tap the ellipses icon at the top right corner.

4. Now, Tap on Unmatch.

Q4. Can Tinder be used on a PC or laptop?

Ans. Yes, you can use Tinder even on your PC and laptop. All you need to do is open your web browser and visit the Tinder sign up page and sign into your account and enjoy the dating platform and find yourself a match.

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After going through this article, we hope you have learned how to get more matches on Tinder and Tinder tricks to get matches. So, getting more matches is not a dream anymore, just follow the tricks mentioned in this article and wait for the number of matches you will get. Also, if you have any queries or suggestions leave them in the comment section down below.