January 13, 2023

How to Get WiFi Without Internet Provider

The first thought that comes across anybody’s mind while planning to get a Wi-Fi connection, is to look for an Internet Service Provider (ISP) nearby. There can be situations where you might require Wi-Fi but cannot find an ISP in your surroundings. What if we tell you that you do not need an Internet Provider for a Wi-Fi connection? You must be wondering how that is even possible. If you are willing to know the methods that answer your question about how to get wifi without internet provider, you must read this article. Apart from this, you will also be learning about the cheapest way to get WiFi at home and how to get free WiFi at home without internet.

How to Get WiFi Without Internet Provider

How to Get WiFi Without Internet Provider

In this article, we have listed down 9 methods that you can use to get Wi-Fi without Internet Providers. All the methods listed below are safe and legal to use. They may not provide you with the best speed, but they will come to the rescue in case of need or emergency. Continue reading to know more about how to get free WiFi at home without Internet.

Method 1: Use Mobile Hotspot

This is a simple method to use Wi-Fi without the need to contact an Internet Provider. This method requires you to have an optimal Internet pack, to make the most of this method. Using a mobile hotspot can be opted for in two ways. We have discussed it in brief below.

  • Through smartphone: There can be barely anyone who does not have a smartphone these days. All smartphones and tablets (if it supports a SIM card) can create a Wi-Fi signal as soon as you turn on the mobile hotspot option on your device. You can further connect with other devices like smartphones and laptops using this method.
  • Through self-stand hotspot device: Using a self-stand hotspot device makes your work easier. Similar to a smartphone, this device also uses cellular data. This device comes in a variety of price ranges. Therefore you can pick one according to your budget. This hotspot device can be used to connect smartphones as well as laptops.

Since this method uses cellular data, you should be cautious if you are not using an unlimited data pack. Especially while using laptops, as they exhaust data very quickly. Although using mobile hotspots turns out a great help while being outdoors or in case of urgency. Let’s proceed further to see other methods.

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Method 2: Use USB Tethering

This method is similar to the above-mentioned method. This method can be applied using a smartphone. It also uses cellular data, but the only difference lies in the connection of the devices. This method can be applied to a laptop or PC. All you need to do is connect the smartphone to the PC using a USB cable and turn on the tethering mode. Your system will be connected to the PC and you can easily browse the internet. This method turns beneficial as it does not drain much battery as compared to using a hotspot. However, you should be careful as laptops and PC use triple time more data than smartphones. Using this method also has limitations as it can only be used to connect Laptops and PC.

USB tethering android setting

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Method 3: Share Neighbor’s or Friend’s Internet

As we have been taught since childhood, sharing is caring. This can be an example of how to get free internet at home without paying. If you find neighbors and friends who have Wi-Fi connections, you can always request them to share their Wi-Fi password may be for free if they are generous enough. You can provide them with something that they might require as an exchange. You can probably share the expenses of the Wi-Fi bill. Therefore, it turns out that it is an easy and simple way to get a cheap Wi-Fi connection. However, you must make sure to know the internet plan they are on and then use it accordingly.

Now we will have a look at the method that explains how to get free internet at home without paying. If you want to try your hands on hacking you can read our blog on how to hack WiFi Password where you can find different methods to hack a Wi-Fi connection.

select network in WPSApp. How to Hack WiFi Password

Method 4: Organization Offers

Most organizations like banks, schools, colleges, companies, and others provide their students or employees with free and unlimited internet connection respectively. This is one way how to get free wifi at home without internet. Therefore, it is important to make use of the services you get as perks from your schools or organizations. Make sure to check with the admin in case any such option is available. Moving on you will get to know about the cheapest way to get wifi at home.

Method 5: Use Portable Cellular Router

A portable cellular router is another answer to the question of how to get wifi without internet provider. This method is one of the cheapest ways to get wifi at home or when you are traveling. This is similar to the normal router but the only difference is that instead of connecting the internet with cable, you will have to insert a data-only SIM card in the given slot. Since this method also uses cellular data, you must be careful while selecting the data plan. This device works on a battery, therefore it needs to be charged accordingly. Next up is a method that you can use if you are wondering how to get free internet at home without paying.

router image

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Method 6: Use Free Trial Services

Using free trial services is an easy way to get access to the internet free of cost. It is one of the best ways to get free WiFi at home without internet. These are free trials provided by the ISPs in different regions according to the offers available. The best way to find out about these free trial services is to search for them on the internet. One or the other ISP always has offers going on to attract new customers. Therefore, you can pick up this method according to your convenience. A point to remember while signing up for this method is to ensure that you understand the terms and conditions of the ISP. In some cases, you will just be required to pay the security deposit which you will get back as and when you terminate the connection. Some ISPs require you to sign up for any of the paid plans to make use of the free services. Hence, you can pick your options accordingly.

Method 7: Use Public Wi-Fi

Using Public Wi-Fi is the best means for all of you asking how to get wifi without internet provider. Most cities offer free Wi-Fi at various public spots. Apart from that you also get public Wi-Fi at restaurants, cafes, banks, institutions, etc. However, these Wi-Fi connections may or may not be password protected. Some of these will require you to sign up with your e-mail, some may connect with just one tap or click, and others might ask for a password. Restaurants and cafes would want you to order something before providing the password. If you don’t know about the places where you can find free public Wi-Fi visit the below-mentioned websites:

WiFi Map website

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Method 8: Use Wi-Fi USB Dongle

Wi-Fi USB Dongle is a small USB device. It requires you to insert a data-only SIM to get you started with an internet connection. This method works similarly to the tethering method. The USB dongle needs to be inserted into the USB port of the Laptop or PC. These dongles are available in different brands and prices. As this method also works on cellular data, you should be careful while selecting the right data pack according to your usage.

Method 9: Subscribe to a VPN Service

VPN is also known as the Virtual Private Network which is used across the globe to unblock and watch geo-restricted content on the internet. Most VPN providers offer new users free internet for a limited period to try out their VPN services. Make sure to pick the right VPN provider as choosing the wrong one might put you at risk.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What are the advantages of free internet access?

Ans. The advantages of free internet access are listed down below:

  • Using free internet access is low cost as it either cuts down half of the expense or is available free of cost.
  • These methods can be set up easily and do not require any professional help.
  • It does not require to you be under the contract of an ISP and gives you the freedom to access the internet on your terms.

Q2. What are the points to remember while choosing free internet?

Ans. You can take into consideration the following points while choosing free internet:

  • Make sure to check if you are using a secured connection.
  • See whether the internet speed will be apt to your work requirements.
  • Keep in mind that the connection should be reliable as and when required.
  • Check upload and download of files is of the required speed.


This article is all about internet services that you can avail of without the support of internet providers. We hope that this guide was helpful and you were able to learn how to get free WiFi at home without Internet Provider. Let us know which method worked for you best. If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comments section below.