April 15, 2022

How to Show Toolbar in Chrome

For many users, Google Chrome sets the standard for all browsers. It can be customized in various ways and it is kept in smooth working condition by frequent updates. But nothing is perfect and often users encounter some issues with Google Chrome as well. One such error is when users are unable to view or locate toolbar in Google Chrome. Chrome toolbar allows you to access bookmarks and extensions easily and search for webpages in address bar. This error can hamper productivity of users in many ways. However, there are some ways to show toolbar in Chrome. If you are also dealing with the same problem, you are at the right place. By adding Google toolbar to chrome you will be able to fix missing toolbar error and we bring to you a perfect guide that will teach you how to add toolbar to chrome.

How to Show Toolbar in Chrome

How to Show Toolbar in Chrome

Before learning how to show toolbar in Chrome, let us learn the possible reason which are causing toolbar to disappear. Here are some of them.

  • Incorrect Settings in Chrome
  • Glitches or Bugs in Chrome
  • Outdated Chrome version

Firstly, make sure you are out of Fullscreen mode in Chrome because that mode doesn’t show toolbar in Chrome. You can press F11 and enable or disable Fullscreen mode in Chrome. Check if disabling it brings back Chrome toolbar. If it doesn’t then follow methods given below.

Method 1: Restart Google Chrome

Restarting Chrome is a simple fix to many issues related to Chrome. It will fix minor bugs and glitches and may add toolbar to Chrome again. Follow these steps to restart Chrome.

1. Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Tab keys simultaneously.

Task Manager. How to Show Toolbar in Chrome

2. In the Processes tab, find Google Chrome process.

Google Chrome In Processes tab

3. Select End task after right-clicking on Google Chrome to end Google Chrome-related processes.

End task option. How to Show Toolbar in Chrome

4. Open Google Chrome after waiting for a few seconds.

Method 2: Update Google Chrome

If you haven’t updated Chrome in a long time then you might be using an outdated version of Google Chrome which can cause many issues. Chrome updates can resolve system issues like missing toolbar error and fix other bugs. Follow the steps given to update Chrome.

1. Press the Windows key, type chrome, and click on Open.

open google chrome from windows search

2. Open Chrome Settings by typing chrome://settings in the address bar and hit Enter key.

3. Click on the About Chrome option from the left pane.

About Chrome option

4. Chrome will begin checking for updates in next window and will start updating automatically, if there are new updates available.

5. Relaunch button will appear after Chrome has updated. Click on it restart Chrome and check if the issue is resolved.

6. There will be Chrome is up to date message after Step 3 in case you are using latest version of Chrome.

Chrome is up to date message. How to Show Toolbar in Chrome

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Method 3: Enable Bookmarks Bar

You can show toolbar in Chrome by making your Chrome bookmarks bar visible. It is a simple fix to this annoying issue and you can do that by following the steps below.

1. Follow Step 1 from Method 2.

2. Click on three vertical dots icon.

Three vertical dots icon

3. Hover over the Bookmarks option to expand it.

Bookmarks. How to Show Toolbar in Chrome

4. Select the Show bookmarks bar option.

Show bookmarks bar

5. Close Google Chrome and open it after a few seconds.

Check if you were able to add toolbar to Chrome.

Method 4: Enable Extensions

Google Chrome offers several extensions to improve user experience and they are located in Chrome toolbar by default. If they are disabled, they don’t appear in toolbar. Enabling them may trigger toolbar and allow you to show toolbar in Chrome. Follow these steps to do the same.

1. Follow Step 1 from Method 2.

2. Open Extensions page by typing chrome://extensions in address bar and hit Enter.

Address to reach Extensions in Goole Chrome

3. Toggle On any extension of your choice.

Extension options with toggle button highlighted

Check if doing this helped you adding google toolbar to chrome.

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Method 5: Reset Google Chrome

If the above methods have not worked for then this is the last option. Resetting Chrome will revert it to its default settings and will show toolbar in chrome again. You can do that by following these steps below.

1. Launch Google Chrome from Windows Search.

2. Go to Chrome Reset and clean up page by typing chrome://settings/reset in the address bar and hit Enter key.

Address to reach Reset in Goole Chrome. How to Show Toolbar in Chrome

3. Click on Restore settings to their original defaults option.

Restore settings to their original defaults option

4. Click on the Reset Settings button in the confirmation prompt.

Reset Settings button. How to Show Toolbar in Chrome


We hope that this guide was helpful and you were able to show toolbar in Chrome. Let us know which method worked for you the best. If you have any queries or suggestions then feel free to drop them in the comments section.