December 3, 2022

What is SMS Signature on Android?

What is SMS Signature on Android?

SMS Signature on Android

SMS signatures on your mobile phones are similar to your email signatures. It is a way of signing off on a text, so the receiver or your contact knows who is texting them. Just like an email signature, a business signature on your mobile phone includes the basic information about you, such as your name, the name of your business, and your position. You can also include small greetings and wishes for the receivers. Many users also like to add their personal touches to the signatures, such as emojis, quotes, or verses. There can be various styles of including a signature for text messages on Android.

For example, in some cases, a business may want its employees to use only a single SMS signature for the entire department. In such a case, this one style of signing off text messages becomes standard for all employees. It can be regarded as a less personalized and more formal text signature.

On the other hand, for personal use, a person may want to add a more personal signature by adding different characters and quotes. In this guide, we will explain What is SMS signature? We will also look into various methods to set up SMS signatures, such as a Google voice text signature. So, if you are looking for how to add a signature to text messages on Samsung Galaxy S9, this is the guide for you.

What is SMS Signature on Android?

What is SMS Signature on Android?

It is similar to email signatures. It is a sign-off that is used for people to know whom they are texting on their device. Continue reading to know about importance of SMS signature, Google Voice text signature, how to add signature to text messages on Samsung Galaxy S9 in detail.

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Why SMS Signatures are Important?

We should understand why SMS signatures are important. They are essential tools for many businesses. This feature allows a business to legitimize itself. It also allows them to reach out to a large group of people and spread the word about their company. They can help you get leads and make trusted clients. Business SMS also allows people to verify if the sender is a bot or a human.

When a client sees a text message with the personal signature of the sender, they are more likely to respond and interact with the company. A particular style of the signature can help your client understand the brand. For example, a more formal signature for text messages on Android suggests that the company is more likely to be a corporate business. On the other hand, a more creative signature signals a millennial-oriented brand.

Can I Set up SMS Signature on Android?

Yes, you can set up SMS Signature on Android. The SMS signature, although essential to a business, has become a thing of the past in recent years. Many new Android devices do not include an SMS signature option in the Message application. This is mostly because, in new versions of Android, the Message application is synced with the email account of the user, and they can use their email signature for all the interactions.

  • However, there are various other ways to add your personal touch to your text messages instead of using a text signature or Google Voice text signature.
  • If you are using your email to send messages from the text messaging application, you can use your email signature to add signature to text messages on Samsung Galaxy S9.
  • Email signatures work exactly the same, and you can customize them in the email settings.

How to Set up SMS Signature on Android

If you don’t know what is SMS signature? and where to find it on your Android phone, the SMS signature feature is no longer available in recent Android phone versions. Android started removing this feature in 2015. Samsung discontinued the feature in their new phones beginning in 2016.

This drastic shift was due to people being able to access other messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Line, and Telegram. Also, the new Android versions allow users to use their email signatures to interact with contacts. Although you cannot use the SMS signature for text messages on Android phones anymore, you can still send a text message with a personalized signature on Android with the help of various third-party applications.

How to Set up SMS Signature with Handcent Next SMS messenger

Handcent Next SMS Messenger is one of the most trusted third-party messaging apps for Android. Many users who can’t set up SMS signatures on their smartphones use Handcent Next SMS to add signatures. You can use the following steps to set up your signature with this application:

1. Open Handcent Next SMS messenger on your device.

2. Tap on the Inbox drop-down from the top-left side of the screen and select More.

tap on Inbox in Handcent Next SMS messenger

3. Here, select Settings and navigate to the All tab.

tap on Settings in Handcent Next SMS messenger

4. Locate and tap on Send message settings.

5. Now tap on Signature, insert your signatures in the text box, and tap confirm.

tap on Confirm button

This is an effective method to use the SMS signature feature instead of Google Voice text signature. Therefore, use this app to add signature to text messages on Samsung Galaxy S9 devices.

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How to Set up SMS Signature on iPhone

On iPhones, you cannot create an auto-signature. However, you can use tricks to create shortcuts for the same. If you are an iPhone user, you can set it up on your iPhone by creating a shortcut for your signatures.

1. Tap on the Settings iconfrom your iPhone’s home screen.

settings option

2. Here, select General settings.

Tap on General in Iphone settings. What is SMS Signature on Android?

3. Now, locate and click on the Keyboard.

4. Here, tap on Text Replacement.

5. From the upper right side of the screen tap on the icon.

6. Here in the Phrase section, type your signature.

7. Give your phrase a suitable Shortcut and tap on Save to make changes.

Now, whenever you write a text and want to attach a signature, you can simply enter your shortcut to add the signature at the end of the text.

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Effective SMS Signature Ideas

Now, that we know what is SMS signature and how to set it up, we should see some effective examples of using signatures in texts. The following are some of the most effective and useful SMS signature for text messages on Android for various businesses.

  • SMS Signatures for Office Hours and Contact Information: Adding information about the operating hours of your facility or business is a good idea. This lets the customer know when they should reach out to you. Examples of such signatures can be Thanks and regards, Josh, MRF Tires Mon-Sat 9 am-7 pm.
  • SMS Signatures with Contact Information: It is a great idea to attach your contact information when you add signature to text messages on Samsung Galaxy S9. This makes it easier to reach out to your business when you can’t use a Google Voice text signature. Examples of such a signature are: wishing you the best, Emily, HR Representative, J&J Corp. Ltd., Mail:, Cont. 999-999-999
  • SMS Signature to Book a Meeting: You can use an SMS signature to book a meeting with your client. For example: Thank you for reaching out! Kyle, Evergreen Constructions, Please schedule a meeting with me.
  • SMS Signature with Tagline: Many businesses prefer to add their company tagline to their messages. This helps companies spread the word about their services. For example, check out our latest products, Taylor Sales Executive, Everything Store- Everything in One Place.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What are SMS signatures?

Ans. They are personalized statements or signatures that can be attached to a text message. Once configured, an SMS signature is generated automatically whenever you text someone.

Q2. Why can’t I create an SMS signature on my Android phone?

Ans. Most Android phone manufacturers have stopped providing the SMS signature option on mobile phones. Therefore, if you can’t find an option to set up a signature, it is because it has been discontinued.

Q3. How do I set up an SMS signature on my Samsung phone?

Ans. You can use a third-party application to set up a signature on your Samsung phone.

Q4. Where are SMS signatures used? 

Ans. Many businesses find it an important tool to reach out to more clients and promote their business.

Q5. Can I promote my business with SMS signatures?

Ans. Yes, you can enter important information in your text signature to help clients understand more about your company.


We hope this guide was helpful to you and you were able to understand what is SMS signature and how to set it up for your device. Let us know which method worked for you. If you have any suggestions or queries for us, please let us know in the comment section.

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