May 22, 2020

10 Best Apps To Animate Your Photos


Do you love taking photos? What do you do with your perfect clicks? Do you post it on your social media platforms with trendy hashtags? Then here are 10 best apps to animate your photos.

What do you think we have for you? Filters? Filters are brilliant, but the animations are really cool. Check this out! Now you can animate your photographs. Animated photographs do sound cool, right? Come on! Let’s see what we can do with our photos.

Making your photo an animated one is a very easy task. Many apps in google play do that. Confused which one to select? That is where we extend our hands to help you out. We are listing below the top 10 apps to animate your photographs and look really cool. Read the article fully and enjoy animating the moments you capture.

If you are on Social Media platforms, then these apps are really going to be helpful. Especially if you are an Android user, we have a list of apps for you. These apps are in the Google Play Store of your device. We have listed some of the great, tested apps for your use. You can use the following applications to create video stories and visual effects from still images. Use the recommended apps and get the maximum benefit.




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Pixaloop brings your pictures to life in a few seconds. Pixaloop has powerful tools that help you edit moving photos. Yes! Pixaloop can turn your still photos to create animations. Pixaloop offers a variety of filters and effects. Besides, it allows its users to freeze some parts of the image.

Download Pixaloop



If you love creating GIFs with your pictures, then Imgplay is surely for you. Imgplay is the easiest way in which you can create GIFs. You can use your photos and videos to create the GIFs. It provides a variety of powerful tools to convert your photos and videos to GIF format. You can also use filters and effects in this app. Imgplay also offers options to change the frame rate and instantly share your GIFs in Social Media. But the only drawback is the Imgplay watermark that sticks itself to your GIFs automatically. You can remove the watermark only if you buy the Imgplay premium version (In-app purchase). 

Download Imgplay



Movepic is one of the best apps to animate your photos.  You can almost animate anything by drawing an animation path. You can bring a fun mood to your photos by using this amazing app. It has many effects to make clouds float, water flow, etc. Movepic could be your excellent photo editor and animator. You can share your edits instantly on your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc.

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In Movepic, you can apply filters even after creating your animated photo or video. Similar to the previous app, this, too, comes with a watermark. Unless you buy the premium version, the watermark will exist.

Download Movepic

StoryZ Photo Video Maker & Loop video Animation

StoryZ photo video maker

StoryZ Photo Video Maker & Loop Video Animation will be a useful app for creating your visual stories. In StoryZ Photo Video Maker & Loop Video Animation, you can add moving effects to your photographs. StoryZ comes with a lot of overlay effects that make your pictures look cool. You can even make digital arts and videos with music. It does come with simple, user-friendly editing tools. Like the previous apps, this, too, offers some in-app purchases.

Download StoryZ

PixaMotion Loop


Pixamotion Loop is a great app to animate your pictures. You can use this app to make live photos, moving backgrounds, and even live wallpapers. You can also create amazing short videos using the features of this app. You can use this app to create and share your visual stories on Social Media. This app comes with eye-catching animations and easy editing tools. You can use Pixamotion Loop Animator to create stunning animations on the go.

Download Pixamotion

Zoetropic – Photo in motion


If you love making awesome motion graphics, Zoetropic is for you. Zoetropic is a great app with powerful features and potential. You can give life to your pictures using Zoetropic and make great visual effects. The app is easy to use, but the free version has limited tools. The PRO version or the paid version offers quality tools that are useful in professional editing.

Download Zoetropic

VIMAGE Cinemagraph


VIMAGE Cinemagraph is one of the best apps to animate your photos. You can use this app to add lots of moving photo effects and filters. The app uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) based techniques for animating objects such as the sky. You can create great live pictures and excellent GIFs using VIMAGE. With VIMAGE, you can animate your photo or video. Besides, you can also add your own sounds to your pictures or videos. Like the previous apps, you need to purchase the premium version to remove the VIMAGE watermark.

Download VIMAGE Cinemagraph



Lumyer offers realistic filters created to enhance your live photos. You can make your artistic photographs come to life using Lumyer. You can turn your photos into works of art using the number of filters and effects offered by Lumyer. You can also add video effects in this app. Lumyer is easy to use, and you can also create GIFs in this app.

Download Lumyer



If you really love animating your photos, PixAnimator is one of the best apps for you. PixAnimator adds new loops every day for you. Pixanimator offers many loops for free. More than 150 loops in PixAnimator are free of cost. Some loops come with a purchase of the premium version. 

Download PixAnimator

Photo Animator & Loop Animation

photo animator

Photo Animator & Loop Animation is another great app on the Google Play Store. You can easily change your photographs into beautiful, live animations using this app. It offers a variety of effects and overlays, and you can use this app to create cinematic animations. This app comes with a tutorial for an easy understanding of the app.

Download Photo Animator & Loop Animation

We hope you use the above apps and transform your moments into more live ones. What are you waiting for? Start animating your pictures now!

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Know a better app? Kindly let us know. 

So that’s it for our article 10 Best Apps To Animate Your Photos. If you have any queries or suggestions, hesitate not to contact us. Leave us your comments in the comments box. We will answer your queries as soon as possible. 

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