February 3, 2022

How to Turn Off Firestick

How to Turn Off Firestick


Turn Off Firestick

People love watching their favorite movies on the big screen. Amazon Firestick and Amazon Fire TV allow you to watch movies and TV shows from Amazon. After watching it for a while, you desire to turn it off but never know the steps to turn it off. Also, you may have a question that does Amazon Fire Stick turns off automatically. This article on how to turn off Firestick will help you with all your queries. So, continue reading!

How to Turn Off Firestick

How to Turn Off Firestick

Amazon Firestick offers various features such as

  • Controlling your smart home with Alexa functionality
  • Casting your mobile, Android or iPhone or Windows PC screens on Firestick
  • Downloading other streaming apps to watch movies

Recently, it has facilitated the user to organize the watchlist separately from kids to avoid overlapping of programs. You can create a personal profile to manage your playlist.

Does Amazon Fire Stick turn off automatically?

No, it does not turn off automatically until you turn off the TV or unplug the Firestick from your TV.

Below are the methods to turn off Amazon Firestick.

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Method 1: Unplug from Power Source

You can turn off Firestick by removing the plug from the socket or turning the plug switch off. It is always advised not to remove the plug when any movie is streaming. Go to the home page and then unplug the power source.

unplug from tv

Method 2: Use Bluetooth Keyboard

You can also connect a Bluetooth keyboard to your Amazon Firestick and turn it off. Ensure that the external keyboard has a power button. After connecting the keyboard, press the Power button to turn it off.

bluetooth keyboard. does Amazon Fire Stick turn off automatically

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Method 3: Through Remote

You can also power down the Firestick by pressing a combination of remote buttons. Press and hold the center and Pause/Play buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds. This will power down the Firestick.

amazon firestick remote

Method 4: Through Home Screen

Turning off Firestick from the Home menu is the easiest method. Follow the given instructions to put Firestick in sleep mode.

1. Go to Settings.

2. Select My Fire TV in the Settings menu.

select My Fire TV option in amazon firestick

3. Now, select Sleep in the MY FIRE TV menu.

select Sleep option

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Method 5: Through Settings

You can select the sleep option from the settings. Follow the steps below to turn off Firestick from settings.

1. Press the Home button on the remote.

press home button

2. Now, select the Sleep option.

select the sleep option in amazon firestick. Does Amazon Fire Stick turn off automatically

Method 6: Through Smartphone

You can also put it to sleep mode from your smartphone. Install the Amazon Fire TV app from Google Play Store or App Store. After installation, connect by signing into your Amazon account. Also, you need to enter the four-digit pin displayed on the screen to confirm signing in.

Note: Ensure that your Firestick and smartphone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

1. Open the Amazon Fire TV app on your device.

2. Tap the Settings icon in the top left corner of the screen.

3. Then, select the Sleep option.

select sleep

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is there any third-party tool to turn off Firestick?

Ans. adbLink is the best app to personalize the settings. You can easily reboot or backup your files using the adbLink app.

Q2. How do I turn off Alexa on Firestick?

Ans. You cannot turn off or disable Alexa on Firestick. But Alexa turns on if you press and hold the microphone button on the remote.

Q3. Will turning off Firestick affect the performance?

Ans. No, it will not affect the performance. Also, turning off Firestick will not delete the files and apps.


We hope that this article on how to turn off Firestick would have helped you. Let us know which of the methods mentioned above have helped you the best. You can send us your suggestions and feedback in the comment section below if any.

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